1. C

    OBS 20.1.0 Server Connection Error on macOS 10.10

    Hey there: I'm facing an issue with OBS 20.1.0 on macOS 10.10, encountering a "failed to connect to server" error while trying to connect to Facebook Live. I've confirmed that the stream key and server URL are correct. My Mac only supports up to OBS version 20.1.10, and my firewall is disabled...
  2. lontage

    OBS not starting on M1 Max / Sonoma 14

    Hello together, I loved using OBS for many years now, but sadly, since I switched to my new M1 Max MacBook Pro, OBS is not starting. It's just jumping in the dock and it says "Application not responding". I tried clearing the library folders and reinstalling the whole application, but nothing...
  3. A

    Color Correcting OBS

    My OBS is showing the colors of my drawing much differently than what I am seeing on my secondary display (drawing tablet). It is coming off much more yellow/green than I want. Both monitors are set to SRGB, so they should be showing the same thing. Any suggestions on how I can fix/color...
  4. M

    OBS saturating the CPU and thus creating lag on camera and computer

    Hello OBS gurus, I'm turning out to you because I have gone through Google and the forums and I didn't find anything which solved my issue. I'm DJing and I use OBS to record videos. My configuration when I do this is: - RekordBox (DJing software opened) - OBS with 2 scenes containing each a...
  5. G

    macOS Double Sound Problem!

    Hy There! I hope you can help me. Situation: stream from two machines, PC (games) and MacBook (OBS). I connect them to an Elgato HD60 X. Everything is perfect, nice picture, good game sound. But! I made myself a desktop audio channel in obs with Blackhole Audio 2ch or 16ch, but this makes the...
  6. S

    FPS drops (M1 / OBS 29.3)

    Colleagues, hello! I have problems with OBS and M1 Macbook in general when streaming from it. Set: OBS (29.3) / M1 (8gb) / Avermedia Live Gamer Mini / Fifine AM 8 / Iphone 11 (cam) / H265 (stream) Attached screenshots of the settings / log file. Problem: During the stream, the FPS drops on...
  7. N

    Getting 'OBS quit unexpectedly' every time I attempt to run it on my MacBook Pro 2019

    I will attach the 'Problem report for OBS' with this post to help anyone who can help me solve this one. My knowledge of Unix/Linux is basic and I can only do some basic tasks within the Terminal window. Saying that I have learnt a load more while attempting to reinstall OBS about 3-4 times now...
  8. 1

    OBS on macOS cant reconnect a SRT stream to a windows OBS

    Hey there, i have a SRT caller on my OBS on my macbook, and a SRT Listener on my Windows PC back at home. The general idea is that i can stream whatever on the go over cellular connection over SRT and H265 and then to have the PC at home to stream it to YouTube. When the connection is lost for...
  9. YuaBeVibin

    Lost all GDI+ on scene collection via transfer to OBS on Mac (Mac OS El Capitan)

    I've lost all my text upon transferring scene collection to my iMac (from a Windows 10 machine), I didn't realise the Mac version only supports FreeType 2. There's also fundamental features that are only on GDI+ that I need. What's the fastest way to convert my text to FreeType or a compatible...
  10. A

    OBS Studio video having unstable frame rate on video playback

    I was wondering if there's a reason why the frame rate is unstable, even when OBS Studio states that it hasn't dropped frames, encountered high encoding issues, capped at 30fps as I always have it in 60fps, or any other issues that affect frame rate or performance. I did set up everything with...
  11. S

    Looking for scripting help

    Hello! I am looking for a scripting expert to help me with a project. I use OBS to produce shopping livestreams for local brands/businesses, and I'm constantly re-building my scenes/sources based on the photos that I receive from those brands. It’s a lot of repetitive tasks, and I’m hoping...
  12. S

    OBS application on problem

    I used to be able to see my OBS video source (app capture) on my live stream session, but not anymore. All I see is my webcam as an option. When I check on Zoom, I see both. It doesn't show up as a video source in Quicktime Player, but this is not as important. Any ideas to help...
  13. Stream IT Support

    Media Source resizing aspect ratio of video.

    Having an issue with adding a webm or mov video file. OBS changes the aspect of the original file. Not sure if this is an issue with just the MacOS version or the recent OBS updates. Don't recall seeing this issue before. Have tried the Filter > Scaling/Aspect Ratio to no avail. Does any one...
  14. S

    I’m interested in learning how to code a plugin

    I’d like to know, is there a guide for building plugins for OBS? I use macOS, can they be coded in Swift? Any general information on how to get started would be awesome.
  15. velanche

    How To Get Rid of Delay When Screen Recording Via Roland VR-1HD

    Hey Folks: I really, really, really would like to make use of OBS Studio. It has a lot of potnntial for me, both for doing livestreams and for creating pre-recorded video content for YouTube. But either way, I have not been able to overcome this delay of about 2 seconds in the preview window...
  16. D

    New macOS screen capture 28.0.1

    Using the new macOS screen capture instead of Sources -> Depreciated -> Window capture Select desired window to capture, add source, content is displayed. No problems. However, next time I load OBS, after opening the same content as before, screen capture has reset the window capture source to...
  17. shipiloff69

    OBS vertical stream in Youtube is not working properly!

    The latest version of OBS (mac or windows) is not streaming YouTube videos correctly! In the OBS settings, video tab I set all the necessary values for vertical streaming. If you go to youtube broadcast, it becomes a horizontal stream for some reason. If necessary, I can shoot a video with...
  18. raarts

    Semi-free KeyPad 1.94

    If you stream from a mac, and use a separate streaming pc, this utility comes in very handy. Press a hotkey, and suddenly your mac is the keyboard/mouse for your streaming pc, and you can control it from your mac. I connect my Mac to an HDMI capture card in my Windows PC (which runs OBS...
  19. B

    OBS crash when closing

    Since updating to 27.2 then 27.2.1 OBS crashes every time I close it I'm on MacOS Intel Monterey 12.2.1 I'm not really good at reading log files unfortunately so if anyone wants to help me find the culprit... Thanks
  20. Bill Kochman

    How to Add a Poll to My OBS Stream in macOS Monterey

    Hello. I am rather confused. I have been using OBS on my 2019 5K iMac for about ten days now. I discovered today that I could possibly add a poll widget to it. However, when I click on the "Add Source" button, there is no widget source to enable me to add a poll. So, I investigated online, and...