1. D

    New macOS screen capture 28.0.1

    Using the new macOS screen capture instead of Sources -> Depreciated -> Window capture Select desired window to capture, add source, content is displayed. No problems. However, next time I load OBS, after opening the same content as before, screen capture has reset the window capture source to...
  2. shipiloff69

    OBS vertical stream in Youtube is not working properly!

    The latest version of OBS (mac or windows) is not streaming YouTube videos correctly! In the OBS settings, video tab I set all the necessary values for vertical streaming. If you go to youtube broadcast, it becomes a horizontal stream for some reason. If necessary, I can shoot a video with...
  3. raarts

    Semi-free KeyPad 1.94

    If you stream from a mac, and use a separate streaming pc, this utility comes in very handy. Press a hotkey, and suddenly your mac is the keyboard/mouse for your streaming pc, and you can control it from your mac. I connect my Mac to an HDMI capture card in my Windows PC (which runs OBS...
  4. B

    OBS crash when closing

    Since updating to 27.2 then 27.2.1 OBS crashes every time I close it I'm on MacOS Intel Monterey 12.2.1 I'm not really good at reading log files unfortunately so if anyone wants to help me find the culprit... Thanks
  5. Bill Kochman

    How to Add a Poll to My OBS Stream in macOS Monterey

    Hello. I am rather confused. I have been using OBS on my 2019 5K iMac for about ten days now. I discovered today that I could possibly add a poll widget to it. However, when I click on the "Add Source" button, there is no widget source to enable me to add a poll. So, I investigated online, and...
  6. A

    Computer crashing from Kernel Panic for Bootcamp Windows 10

    I'm getting an issue where my computer is crashing when I boot into Bootcamp and run OBS. After a few seconds, the computer freezes, the fans run at maximum and then the computer shuts down. This happens intermittently, so about every other time when I boot into Windows. I've already deleted and...
  7. S

    Audio coming through AirPods and Speakers

    Hi I have been streaming and everything has been working fine, however, out of nowhere the sound is going through AirPods and my speakers. I’m using Blackhole 16ch and it has been working perfectly, I haven’t made any changes and it just stopped out of no where. The setup is done exactly as...
  8. andreslfc

    Hotkeys stop working after a few minutes

    Hello, I've used OBS a bit for about a year, but I've just now started to get more into it to speed up my process for producing training videos. I have set up 3 scenes that I need to keep switching between during my recordings. I set up Hotkeys for these scenes as well as for...
  9. PufferFishMan

    My Screen doesnt fit

  10. H

    Sending double the bitrate when recording and streaming at the same time on Mac.

    When streaming and recording at the same time on my mac OBS sends double the bitrate to my streaming service. I am recording in advanced mode using the stream encoder (Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder). I have attached screenshots of obs and YouTube (my streaming service) My macs specs: MacOS...
  11. A

    NDI HX Capture isn't streaming to OBS

    So, I'm not a developer or engineer or any kind of that stuff, but here is what's happening. Basically I've bought the NDI HX Capture iOS app to broadcast my iPhone screen (to stream a game) and it is not receiving the image, but supposedly is recieving audio because it shows in the audio mixer...
  12. EnzoCast

    M1 MacBook Pro - Moving from SLOBS to OBS

    I'm running SLOBS - when I stream my CPU usage is around 45% - I have 4 scenes, with 8ish sources in the larger ones. I have had bad experiences with OBS on Mac before - freezing up mostly. I'm looking to take advantage of plug-ins though, so I'm back! The question is this - what's the best way...
  13. rayps

    OBS Lua Mac Spotify Now Playing Track Info 1.1

  14. R

    Big Sur Streaming Dropped frames on Custom Server

    Hello, I have a particular problem and have been through all of the usual recommendations on troubleshooting dropped frames and connectivity issues. I am going to outline my setup and then describe the problem. Streaming System 1 [Disconnecting]: 6-core 2018 Mac Mini MacOS Big Sur...
  15. danstgram

    Can't get "Push-To-Talk" & "Push-To-Mute" (hotkeys) to work on M1 Mac

    Hi all, After struggling with this for a few hours, I figured I'd ask the question: Is there a reason that push-to-talk (or push-to-mute) functionality doesn't work on M1 (Silicon) Macs? I've got PTT/PTM checked in the Audio settings, as well as hotkeys assigned for each of the audio sources...
  16. G

    macOS Big Sur No video, crashes when switching to studio mode

    Hi, so for my work, we are looking for ways to stream remotely to a platform called UStream. OBS (and by extension Streamlabs OBS) are recommended by the platform for livestreaming. I thought this was perfect, because I have used OBS a lot in the past for both streaming and recording. (Quick...
  17. B

    26.1.2 CRASH on MacOS 10.15.6 and Zoom 5.4.9

    Hi all, long time listener first time caller. I'm attempting to get 26.1.2 (MacOS Hot-fix) to work with Zoom 5.4.9, but for some reason Zoom doesn't allow the camera to turn on, even though it recognizes the OBS Camera as an option. In addition to this, OBS wont launch at all unless the...
  18. SpikeTheYouth

    iPad Screen Capture: iPad is Recognized, but not showing.

    I have connected my iPad Pro using iPadOS 14.3 to my 2016 Macbook Pro using macOS Big Sur with a Thunderbolt 3 to lightning cable. I want to use the Video Capture Device feature to capture what is on my iPad screen. I have done this successfully before, but now, though the iPad is recognized in...
  19. kopsap4ik

    Free ScoreBoard for OBS on MacOS 1.2

    Scoreboard for online broadcasting of sports games (hockey, football and others) through OBS. The program counts the time (timer and countdown), keeps the goals and period (half), and also shows the team names. You can download the ScoreBoard v0.5 for free (simple stable version). New versions...
  20. I

    MacOS Yosemite 10.10.5 not downloading OBS

    Hello, OBS community, please help me! I'm trying to install OBS but it says "You have OS X 10.10.5. The application requires OS X 10.11 or later". Please make it work for this version too because I don't know why, but I can't update my version!