1. R

    Big Sur Streaming Dropped frames on Custom Server

    Hello, I have a particular problem and have been through all of the usual recommendations on troubleshooting dropped frames and connectivity issues. I am going to outline my setup and then describe the problem. Streaming System 1 [Disconnecting]: 6-core 2018 Mac Mini MacOS Big Sur...
  2. danstgram

    Can't get "Push-To-Talk" & "Push-To-Mute" (hotkeys) to work on M1 Mac

    Hi all, After struggling with this for a few hours, I figured I'd ask the question: Is there a reason that push-to-talk (or push-to-mute) functionality doesn't work on M1 (Silicon) Macs? I've got PTT/PTM checked in the Audio settings, as well as hotkeys assigned for each of the audio sources...
  3. G

    macOS Big Sur No video, crashes when switching to studio mode

    Hi, so for my work, we are looking for ways to stream remotely to a platform called UStream. OBS (and by extension Streamlabs OBS) are recommended by the platform for livestreaming. I thought this was perfect, because I have used OBS a lot in the past for both streaming and recording. (Quick...
  4. B

    26.1.2 CRASH on MacOS 10.15.6 and Zoom 5.4.9

    Hi all, long time listener first time caller. I'm attempting to get 26.1.2 (MacOS Hot-fix) to work with Zoom 5.4.9, but for some reason Zoom doesn't allow the camera to turn on, even though it recognizes the OBS Camera as an option. In addition to this, OBS wont launch at all unless the...
  5. SpikeTheYouth

    iPad Screen Capture: iPad is Recognized, but not showing.

    I have connected my iPad Pro using iPadOS 14.3 to my 2016 Macbook Pro using macOS Big Sur with a Thunderbolt 3 to lightning cable. I want to use the Video Capture Device feature to capture what is on my iPad screen. I have done this successfully before, but now, though the iPad is recognized in...
  6. kopsap4ik

    Free ScoreBoard for OBS on MacOS 1.4

    Scoreboard for online broadcasting of sports games (hockey, football and others) through OBS. The program counts the time (timer and countdown), keeps the goals and period (half), and also shows the team names. All output data are stored in TXT files on the computer. Each of them can be used...
  7. I

    MacOS Yosemite 10.10.5 not downloading OBS

    Hello, OBS community, please help me! I'm trying to install OBS but it says "You have OS X 10.10.5. The application requires OS X 10.11 or later". Please make it work for this version too because I don't know why, but I can't update my version!
  8. G

    Audio8 DJ SoundCard Issues

    Hello All, I have external Sound card that is connected via the USB to Mac. I could receive the input from Audio8 DJ sound card and could record using the Quicktime Recording feature , So there is no issues with the sound card . However OBS is not picking up any Sound using AudioDJ 8 as input...
  9. U

    OBS Python OBS Studio mouse cursor skin 2.0.0

    Selected source will follow mouse pointer. It will update position of the source according to mouse movement. Usage: - Create source with desired cursor(e.g Image source or Media source). - In scripts select that source name. - Test it: press Start, press Stop, tweak refresh rate. Crop auto...
  10. unkndown

    Free Show Time OBS MacOS 1.0.0

    Application to display the time in obs using the chroma filter
  11. L

    Question / Help OBS crashing on startup on High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hey there. Obs won't launch, after double clicking the app it starts and then it suddenly crashes. Here's the crash log -> Thanks for your help!
  12. bruturb

    Bug Report Crash while choosing video capture device

    After Catalina update OSB crashes every single time I try to choose a video capture device. I can add it as a source, but as soon as I click on some device name in the dropdown list OSB crashes immediately. Crash log file:
  13. kinngh

    Question / Help macOS Catalina camera, mic and screen capture fix

    This is continuation of the October 6 thread, thought should post again with all fixes. [ ] macOS Catalina breaks OBS, because of the new privacy and app signing requirements. This quick guide fixes most of the...
  14. kinngh

    Bug Report macOS Catalina Bug Fix

    It breaks OBS to directly open from Apps but it works perfectly: Open Terminal and run ``` open /Applications/ --args -picture ``` This assumes that OBS is in your Applications folder, where it's supposed to be. What this does is it uses terminal as a proxy to grant...
  15. JPStudiosUK

    Question / Help Hotkeys not working outside of OBS

    So I am running a second keyboard with LuaMacros. I set it up and mapped them into OBS to control it but they have now stopped working when I am not tabbed into OBS (they worked when I first did it over 6 hours ago before I restarted my PC). Discord runs the macros fine, and if I map them to my...
  16. C

    Bug Report WARNING - OBS does not work on MacOS 10.15 Catalina

    I upgraded to MacOS 10.15 (Catalina Dev Beta 1) and found out that OBS refuses to open. If any of you on Mac use OBS, do not upgrade to Catalina 10.15 until this is fixed. When you attempt to open OBS, you will be immediately be greeted by an "OBS quit unexpectedly" message.
  17. N

    Bug Report OBS instantly quits in macOS Catalina Beta

    Just installed the new macOS Catalina Beta. OBS starts, shows the window for a split second before quitting. I know its a beta, I'm not expecting everything to work. I just want to provide details so the developers can create a fix as quick as possible. Log file attached
  18. T

    Question / Help Possible MacOS Memory Leak when using VLC as Source

    Hello all -- long time lurker and first-time poster! I use OBS to stream music videos from bands to A&R people at record labels, so the VLC integration has always worked flawlessly for me -- until recently. I'm not sure what has changed, but now my OBS seems to sprout a memory leak every time...
  19. A

    Bug Report Python scripting don't work on OBS 22.0.3

    Is python scripts currently supported in the latest version of OBS (22.0.3) on macOS? I'm trying to load a script, but unable to get any output in console. I've tried setting python path to /usr/local/Cellar/python/3.6.5 but nothing have changed, still no output.
  20. S

    Question / Help Stream super lag. Please help!

    Log file: Hi guys! Would appreciate a little help with my streaming settings. I'm using Macbook Pro 15-inches. Mid-2015. I streamed and added the log link above. Output settings: Output mode: Advanced Encoder: x264 Enforce streaming service...