FPS drops (M1 / OBS 29.3)


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Colleagues, hello!

I have problems with OBS and M1 Macbook in general when streaming from it.
Set: OBS (29.3) / M1 (8gb) / Avermedia Live Gamer Mini / Fifine AM 8 / Iphone 11 (cam) / H265 (stream)

Attached screenshots of the settings / log file.

Problem: During the stream, the FPS drops on the stream. The OBS process overloads the CPU up to 150% and the GPU under 80%. The laptop itself starts to glitch and slows down if I start switching scenes / windows (applications / browser). It all happens spontaneously, but usually after about 20-30 minutes of streaming.

LOGS - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QV5kCo3cmPFu1YCYVnEDS_jKj7mQzBd-/view?usp=sharing


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Mora statistic in stream


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Hey! Noticed extreme frame drop issues when "Audio Monitoring" is on, hitting as low as 1 fps during scene switches. Make sure in "Advanced Audio Properties" you disable "Audio Monitoring", because at least in my case, enabling it causes extreme frame drops even before streaming or recording in OBS! While Audio Monitoring is enabled, switching between scenes specifically I noticed caused the frames to drop from 60 to 1.

And keep in mind, I'm running a brand-new 2021 MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD.

Hopefully this helps someone out there!