Question / Help SRT Ingest via Media Source Issues


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I have been trying to get OBS to ingest an SRT stream for the last two days and have had zero luck. I followed the instructions from the SRT wiki but no matter what I do I do not get a video feed to stream. I have triple checked IP syntax and port numbers. I cannot get a stream from another PC on my network or from a Nimble server that I've built in Azure. Ultimately, I'm assuming that the issue must be in my local network/ ATT Modem firewall but I am curious if other people have had more success.

I have the IP set to "srt://[my server IP]:[port#]?mode=listener"
The server is configured to "srt://[my public IP:[same]?mode=push"

or on the local network
local machine "srt://[IP second machine]:[port number]?mode=listener"
second machine "srt://[IP first machine]:[ same port number]"