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    OBS Server List... how to get on it?

    Let's say I ran a streaming service company that did the basic RTMP ingest. What would the criteria be to get on the list of servers in the streaming setup panel? I see there are at least a few that don't appear to have any options other than server and key so I'm wondering what are the...
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    Multiple video capture cards

    Hi! Like for the thread below I'm searching for a capture card with a driver that can allow me to use multi instances of OBS to record and execute a massive ingest of vhs through s-video connector and PAL standards. My attempts are vain with OBS on Windows to capture multiple sources with...
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    Question / Help SRT Ingest via Media Source Issues

    I have been trying to get OBS to ingest an SRT stream for the last two days and have had zero luck. I followed the instructions from the SRT wiki but no matter what I do I do not get a video feed to stream. I have triple checked IP syntax and port numbers. I cannot get a stream from another PC...
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    Question / Help Stream from multiple PCs to one stream

    Hi guys, A noob question here. How to stream from multiple pc to one stream?(to enchance the quality of the stream) Because my stream sometimes blurry even though i using the recommended settings from the internet. I have 3 PCs that can be used for encoder, my friends tells that it can be...