Question / Help Stream from multiple PCs to one stream


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Hi guys,
A noob question here.

How to stream from multiple pc to one stream?(to enchance the quality of the stream)
Because my stream sometimes blurry even though i using the recommended settings from the internet.
I have 3 PCs that can be used for encoder, my friends tells that it can be possible with ingest server or something like that..

I really like to know how you guys do this, does it need a spesific hardware or software?

Thank you


You Asked if i am not totally Misunderstand you
If you can Increase the Quality of your Encoding to slot the encoding workload to multiple Computers and send this merged out?

BMD SDI Distribution is the same far away from that like the next galaxy
with that you can send a video signal to multiple computers correct but only that nothing more
there is No Way with this setup or other similar to realize a distributed live encoding

if i understand your first topic correct and that is what you looking for