Multiple video capture cards


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Like for the thread below I'm searching for a capture card with a driver that can allow me to use multi instances of OBS to record and execute a massive ingest of vhs through s-video connector and PAL standards. My attempts are vain with OBS on Windows to capture multiple sources with grabbers of the same name.
I'm thinking about 4 to 8 simultaneous channels, after I will care about eventual usb bandwidth limitations, for now the problem is the relationship between OBS and the driver.
The usb cards I purchased is: TECHSIDE Video Grabber 2021 version
I would really like to help saving a lot of historical tapes of my village that are taking humidity.

Thank you very much
this also works for me with this cheap hdmi to usb dongles on amazon. i just have to use different usb hubs on the mainboard. i use one of the front usbs for on dongle, one usb2.0 port on the back and one usb 3.0 port on the back. this works. if i use two of the front usb, it does not work. may try all different combinations of usb ports avaible on your machine and do not use external usb hubs.


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If using USB, make sure you use something like USBView. This will show you all devices connected, and which ones are connected to which USB Host Controller Interface (UHCI). Each UHCI only has a certain amount of bandwidth to share between all connected devices, and with USB 2.0 a single 1080p30 source will flood a host controller on its own.

Better, use PCIe expansion capture cards. For massive input numbers, Magewell sells multi-card-compatible units, up to 4 inputs per card, accepting 1080p60 on each input concurrently.