1. G

    Multiple video capture cards

    Hi! Like for the thread below I'm searching for a capture card with a driver that can allow me to use multi instances of OBS to record and execute a massive ingest of vhs through s-video connector and PAL standards. My attempts are vain with OBS on Windows to capture multiple sources with...
  2. F

    MiraBox capture card not displaying my Xbox one on my TV (Black screen)

    Hi there, I have just received my MiraBox capture card today. Set it up correctly with my Xbox one. it displays my Xbox one home dash bored on my Mac laptop using OBS. But every time I plug the HDMI into my TV it goes black. I am using an old non HD Panasonic TV, which could be the problem. I...
  3. B

    Question / Help No Audio or video coming through OBS

    I was given a GoFanco Prophecy HDMI USB capture device as a gift, but I have not been able to stream with it on my Xbox one. I have it set up correctly from Xbox, capture card, to television, and even purchased a new USB transfer cable from Amazon. I haven't had any trouble playing games, and...
  4. oberleg

    Question / Help Laptop double AMD video card problem

    Is it really just a solution to put video display in power save mode and not be able to use a stronger video card in my laptop? How can I use the other one, more powerful video card?