1. T

    Audio Input Capture stopped

    Hello! I had an interesting encounter today: My livestream was working, everything was in order, but suddenly, the audio input capture in OBS wasn’t receiving signal anymore. However, Logic Pro AND ATEM Mini software controller were receiving signal on the same Mac mini, just OBS wasn’t anymore...
  2. U

    I can't capture a game

    I can't capture only one game in obs it works when I capture whole screen but it doesn't when I try to capture game window game: hogwarts legacy my pc: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00 GHz RAM 16.0 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 edition: windows 10 pro version of obs: 29.0.2(64bit)
  3. paradoxiom

    Capture only the game, not my webcam when recording.

    I tried that tool, I can't even remember the name of it now, but you set a filter on the webcam or something and well, it worked, my stream showed the game + webcam, and the recordings showed only the game, but the recordings were terrible quality. Can anyone help me out? Than kyou
  4. PeeGeePee

    Game Capture Not Working As Intended

    Whenever I try to resize the game capture size by using transform, the size gets automatically resized to 90001x90001 pixels and the main screen doesn't show anything, it just shows a black screen. The borders work as intended but there is no screen shown so I cannot record anything using game...
  5. S

    Audio issues when capturing Wii in OBS

    Hello, First of all, you can find my log file attached to the thread. I am currently having issues with trying to capture audio properly from my Wii when playing Mega Man 10 in particular. I use a cheap Wii 2 HDMI for my Wii which outputs to an Elgato HD60S and then captured in OBS Studio...
  6. K

    OBS dropps framerate when recording (capture, dual cpu rig)

    Hello! Again have a problem with drop with framerate while recording (or with streaming). I tested the capture card without OBS. It was done with direct ffmpeg running. With direct running I have not found any problems with recording video. Someone held this bug with OBS? Any solution? Stop...
  7. cityzen12

    Window capture isnt working.

    I use the latest OBS, when I have to capture specific windows on my PC, I find that OBS can't detect even one window open by me. And this problem happens randomly, I cant make forecast. For example, I am now opening at least 4 apps, including Chrome, Explorer, Tencent Docs, and WeWork(See my...
  8. P

    video capture card (VCC) - problems connecting

    Using a fairly low cost <£10 powered (USB 5V) VCC with loop through. I'm a relative newbie to obs and started by wanting to transfer recordings from my Humax pvr to my laptop. I spent many hours trying various settings on obs and laptop but had great difficulty getting audio with the video. When...
  9. superderek

    OBS Takes Over AJA Kona Card, Even When Not Used As a Source

    Hey there! I have an unusual setup in which I use two capture cards. One I use for capturing to OBS, then I take that card's passthrough and feed it to my AJA card for recording ProRes video through the AJA Control Room software. A recent OBS update though has broken this workflow. When I open...
  10. D

    Obs can't capture valorant

    Obs captures only the first frame of the game and that's it, I tried to change the screen mode in the game and even reinstalled it, launching the game and obs on behalf of the administrator did not help. In this case, the game is calmly captured through the window capture, and not the game.
  11. F

    Game Capture NOT working - Need help

    Hi Guys and Girls , I am starting to loose my patience with OBS - I have uninstalled Done a full Windows format Still my Game Capture wont capture my games - Specifically Modern Warfare and Escape From Tarkov. Its annoying as hell as i have to use display capture which obviously has a...
  12. C

    OBS capture jitter

    I'm having a persistent issue with OBS that I've been unable to solve. Basically, it seems like OBS captures at an uneven pace. Display, Window, Game capture, makes no difference. I have two monitors, one at 120hz, the other at 60hz, though the issue persists even when both monitors are set to...
  13. sonicgalaxy27

    Video recording lag file.

    Hello everyone. My name is sonicgalaxy27 AKA Disco the Hedgefox and I got a small problem with the OBS software witch I'm basically new at this. ok. I do have a laptop, a capture card and a Nintendo Switch to record my games, but, everytime I finish recording my games. I check the video file of...
  14. teisen

    Recommendation for audio capture from mix board (church)

    Hello, so far i have been using the line in on the motherboard to input the sound from the analog sound mixer at our church for the livestream. It seems to be ok for spoken words but as soon as there is music it's getting all gargled up. I assume a proper audio capture device would help, but it...
  15. DerekLu

    Will frame_ready function cause frames lost when capturing?

    Hi all, I think this line of codes in plugins/win-capture/graphics-hook/graphics-hook.h may cause some frames lost when capturing. For example, I want to capture a video game whose fps is 60. So the time interval between two frames should be 1/60s ideally. If some frames get early (e.g...
  16. 700hours

    Free Chat-tacular

    Chat-tacular A Twitch chat viewer tool A long time ago in the space of the last decade there was an OBS Classic plugin that captured Twitch chat which seemed simple and unique. Since then that plugin was lost in the transitioning of files from place to place. After some thought and observation...
  17. B

    My video recording is choppy

    I just downloaded obs on my laptop. (windows 10) When record my game, it was not laggy when I was playing but the recording is really choppy. can anyone help, please and thankyou!
  18. rianradeck

    Stream bitrate goes to 0 when display capture is visible - Youtube

    Stream starts with no problem on youtube since you do not show your display. I tried with game capture and image capture and both worked fine, but as soon as I click to show my screen the stream bitrate drops to 0 and youtube closes it. Have no ideia why, but it works just fine on twitch this...
  19. S

    Prevent horizontal stretching with mini DV capture

    I have a Sony HandyCam mini DV camcorder. Trying to capture my movies before this dinosaur gives out. My question is what are the correct settings in OBS to avoid the horizontal stretching / distortion that is taking place during the capture process? I want to preserve the aspect ratio of the...
  20. L

    OBS with El Gato Capture Card Freezing

    I used to stream, but I stopped for a while. I booted up OBS online to find out that OBS wasn't capturing the ElGato. To be exact, the program was capturing the console (ps5 to be exact) for a few moments, only to suddenly freeze. When I tried to fix it by either deactivating and reactivating...