Audio issues when capturing Wii in OBS


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First of all, you can find my log file attached to the thread.

I am currently having issues with trying to capture audio properly from my Wii when playing Mega Man 10 in particular.

I use a cheap Wii 2 HDMI for my Wii which outputs to an Elgato HD60S and then captured in OBS Studio.

Here you can see a video showing what I am experiencing when capturing Mega Man 10, the sound is completely off pitch and unstable for some reason. At first, I thought it was because of the quality of the Wii 2 HDMI thingy but then I tried capturing another game and it works absolutely fine. In the first 10 seconds of the video, the "Audio Output Mode" is set to "Capture audio only", in the next 10 seconds I set it to "Output desktop audio (DirectSound)" and in the last 10 seconds I set it to "Output desktop audio (WaveOut)". This is what the track (banger btw) is supposed to sound like. For the record, the sound coming out of monitor is perfectly fine, which is why I'm under the impression that something can probably be done in OBS to fix the capture issue.
My Wii's video setting is currently at 480p as you can see here. When switching to a different video mode such as 480i, I get the same result not only in Mega Man 10 but every other game I play on my Wii.
I am not really knowledgeable when it comes to how a game outputs video/audio but how can OBS accommodate audio coming from Mega Man 10 in this case? FYI, I also had Mega Man 9 installed on my Wii and the result is the same off pitch and unstable audio.
Although the log probably shows that info, you can find my capture card settings here.

On a different note, you may have noticed that the video feed for Mega Man 10 isn't really the best when it comes to deinterlacing (noticeable with the enemies going left and right) and I tried every option available in OBS but none of them seemed to make a difference, with either top or bottom field first. Although this is the least of my worries since the audio issue is worse in my opinion--does anyone know how I can fix deinterlacing here?



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Just an idea, but maybe the game uses 44.1 khz sound and you have 48 khz set in the settings (standard). Another idea is, when you capture the game, try to go to the windows sound settings, on the capture card (in the record tab), properties, record tab and check the checkbox to listening to this device. The sound will now be played directly from the capture card on your speaker, you probably have to mute it on obs to listen correctly to it. If it plays correctly, you have a problem with obs, if not, then maybe its your wii settings or something related to the capturing card.


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I checked and sound was already at 44.1kHz in the OBS settings (guessing you meant under Audio -> General - Sample Rate).
As for listening to the device directly through windows' sound settings, I did hear the same unstable audio so indeed I guess it's probably my capture card or my Wii... What confuses me still is that my monitor that is connected to the Out port of my elgato plays audio just fine but the captured audio is the one being unstable.
Thanks for the help anyways, much appreciated


Last ideas I have is to check in the same Windows Sound window where you activate the checkbox for listening on the tab advanced, to set a audio channel, there it should be possible too, to set 44.1 and 48 khz. Maybe changing it there might help. But it can also be possible that its not changeable at all, depends on the capture card.

Second idea, sometimes the cable go partial broken and a lot works but some issues occure until it goes fully broken, if you have the possibility to change, even when it just means temporaly for a check, than try this.

Third idea, try to set the audio settings to mono on the console instead of stereo, maybe this might work as a workaround.

Fourth and last idea as a workaround, does the wii have a audio output? Maybe you can connect it via an aux cable to your pc and add it as extra audio device to obs, so you can get the picture from the capture card and audio from the aux cable. Maybe you have to delay the audio that it matches the pic, but there are plenty tutorials online to find for that.


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I tried all your ideas here and the last one was actually the one that worked. I used the 3.5mm jack that's on the wii2hdmi and it does output audio perfectly fine. I plugged the other end to line in on my computer and capture that in obs. So I consider this a win.

For the sake of completeness I went ahead and tried the other solutions still.

1st idea: It was not possible for me to change the sample rate with my capture card


2nd idea: tried different cables (both HDMI and USB-C for the Elgato) but still the same issue
3rd idea: setting to mono didn't change anything at all

While I'm at it, do you happen to know if there is a way to improve deinterlacing in the video capture? Because it looks so nice on my monitor but the video captured in obs kind of lacks in comparison. I tried every deinterlacing options within obs but none of them seemed to even make a difference. Any ideas?

Thanks again for the huge help.


Just an idea to try, but no real experience with it. Try a resolution with a multiplikator of the base resolution of the wii. If its 720x480, than double or triple for capturing. But I dont know if it helps. Maybe change the fps to the base refresh rate of the wii, might also help. You have set to highest fps in the settings, I don't know what obs does with that.