1. R

    Microphone Randomly only coming through left ear, but other times working through both.

    As the title says, sometimes when streaming or recording - and this has only happened recently, in the past two months or so - my microphone is only coming through the left ear. All of the other audio is still balanced, but this just suddenly happens without warning. In addition, it also...
  2. H

    Game Capture black screen in between scene switch

    Hello! I wanted to add some basic scenes to my obs today (starting soon, back soon, ending soon) and after adding these scenes I'm now encountering the problem of my game capture not working anymore. 1) Whenever I choose a scene besides the game capture, and then I click the game capture...
  3. M

    OBS Tray Icon Disappears, Process Still Open In Task Manager

    Hello, this is my first post here and I'd first like to say that I really enjoy the OBS software, although this issue has been plaguing me for about a week now. OBS opens correctly, everything works fine, until after a certain amount of time, usually from approximately 10 to 20 minutes, the...
  4. J

    Very frustrated with OBS audio

    Hey everyone, so I've had issues with OBS for about a year now. I finally solved all the stuff how to properly export (Mkv instead of MP4) and all that and I'm still having issues. We opened up a brand new podcast studio which is doing very well but the files we're sending out renters are so...
  5. R

    No microphone recording ingame

    Hello everyone, I am new into OBS and I wanted to start recording my CS2 gameplay with some voice commands. Unfortunately, OBS is not recording my microphone when I am ingame. I don't have problems if I am just recording windows, only if I switch ingame. The ingame sound is recording, so I don't...
  6. Botiefyed

    Obs fps issue

    Here’s logs the issue is that in preview it looks ok but in the recorded file it’s very choppy and at 2 fps idk what to do tho
  7. A

    Transform options blacked out

    I've been trying to flip my webcam horizontally. But when I click on transform all the options are blacked out. Please help.
  8. K

    I have a black screen when i'm trying to record my game. When i'm trying to record or stream my game it doesn't show my game it shows only black screen. Please help
  9. B

    Help with choppy recording

    Recording is choppy... not much else to say about the problem. Specs: CPU: R9 3900X GPU: RTX 3080 FE RAM: 32GB 3600MHZ DDR4 Recording to a 4TB HDD I am terribly sorry if i am simply incompetent, though none of the guides (conflicting information aside) i found have helped
  10. A

    OBS Audio Issues (PLEASE HELP!!!)

    Hi, I'm trying to record gameplay but the audio is always weird. Sometimes it will sound fine for a few seconds, and then it will warp/ go high pitch/ get distorted (Not sure how to describe it) and I can't fix it. Also, the audio suddenly pops/ blips out for a microsecond. I tried 48khz...
  11. C

    The gameplay is Smooth, OBS recording is very bad quality + Low FPS

    I have an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, RTX 3060, I do not know why my quality is so bad, I've tried so many different settings and nothing seems to work for me. The frames are very choppy and nothing is as smooth as my games. I've changed my process priority, and CQP level, tried different encoders, went...
  12. C

    My audio keeps randomly cutting out for no reason.

    My audio keeps cutting out while I'm livestreaming some live music. It wasn't doing this last week and I'm not sure what to do about it. I hope someone can help me out with this issue. I hope the log files are useful, I had restarted my stream a couple times when the audio cut out since I...
  13. A

    NDI Teams sound recording issue

    During an OBS recording via NDI Teams, we had a sound problem for 12 minutes visible only on the mkv recording but the sound worked well in Teams and OBS. The sound of the 2nd part of the recording works very well. What would be the source of this sound problem? Do we have a way to get audio...
  14. M

    Why is my microphone audio not being heard in the playback?

    I have posted an issue like this before but I was not on the right software. This time, I recorded a 15-minute video and there is no microphone audio in the playback. I have updated most of the drivers and fixed the audio tracks and there is still no sound coming out in the playback. Here are...
  15. arminolat

    Washed/Grayed Out Colors

    Hello! I've been using OBS for years to record gameplay. I don't use it for streaming and I've never changed any advanced settings in OBS. For some reason, videos that I create now are always dull, the colors look washed out. This happens in all games. I've attached a video below with the...
  16. O

    Multiple Camera Connection Issue

    We have three Cannon M200 cameras and we cannot get OBS to recognize all three. It is only picking up one camera. All three devices are being recognized by our computer. HELP
  17. luxterful

    Popped-Out Docks disappear when OBS is not in focus.

    Hi folks, i love using docks with OBS. I usually use them as individual ("popped-out") windows on a secondary screen. Every time i switch to another program (e.g. Chrome) (-> OBS loses the focus) and all the docks disappear. I have to click on OBS to give OBS the focus back and the docks will...
  18. L

    Nothing when trying to capture window

    Since i got my computer i had nothing but bugs and errors. I wanted to try streaming but im unnable to set everything up because of not being able to capture specific window. Mainly i wanted to stream league of legends, when i try to capture ANY window it shows me nothing and preview is black...
  19. S

    OBS won't capture main monitor

    Hi! I've an issue where OBS won't capture my main monitor. I'm on Windows 11 and using dual monitor setup with Nvidia RTX 3060 TI. Whenever I try to capture the "main" monitor, OBS wont do that, it only captures the second monitor in every case. Things I've tried so far: Updating display card...
  20. S

    Audio issues when capturing Wii in OBS

    Hello, First of all, you can find my log file attached to the thread. I am currently having issues with trying to capture audio properly from my Wii when playing Mega Man 10 in particular. I use a cheap Wii 2 HDMI for my Wii which outputs to an Elgato HD60S and then captured in OBS Studio...