1. F

    Issue while window capture

    Hi everyone. I'm new using OBS Studio and I'm having a trouble with it in my Windows 10 laptop. I hadn't any problem when I ran OBS Studio with a portable Ubuntu image in the same laptop nor when I ran it on my other laptop, a convetible HP with lower specs. My problem is the following: I open...
  2. L

    OBS causing RedM menus to lag

    I have been having this issue with OBS ever since the latest update. I have tried going back to an older version to see if it fixes it but I've had no luck. Whenever I have OBS open, not even streaming, menus within RedM lag and are slow to load, and the issue is circumvented by pressing the...
  3. roromaniac

    Scene Switches When I Click Into a Different Window

    I've been having an issue (consistent on across both 27.2.4 and 28.0 beta) where if I click out of OBS Studio, the scene switches to my "Main" one regardless of where in the list of sources "Main" is located. I have absolutely no idea what is causing this. Is this a known issue?
  4. U

    Glitched Audio after Volume Change - Audio Monitors

    Hey Gang! PROBLEM: Whenever I lower the volume on an audio source with multiple monitors, audio returns choppy. SETUP: Been using Audio Monitor and VB-Cable A+B to route audio 1 towards stream and 1 towards a monitor. This problem only started happening about a month ago and I cannot find...
  5. K

    "Dock > Chat" window constantly reconnects in OBS while using a VPN

    Does anyone know why this keeps happening? It's only an issue while I'm connected to my VPN (which I need to keep me safe while streaming). I always connect to servers in my own country, but it doesn't matter. This window constantly reconnects every 30s or so and I'm not sure how to fix it...
  6. H

    OBS Studios QuickSync H.264 option doesn't use Video Decode/Video Processing as Intel Command Center.

    My cpu: Intel I3 7020U Intel HD Graphics 620
  7. F

    Audio filters doesn't load

    Everytime i try to open audio filters, it just dont open, anyone can help me PLEASE?
  8. J

    OBS wont stop recording

    so when i try to stop recording it wont stop and have to keep pressing pause and then it eventually stops and remux it but stays on 0% and the file it gives is only a few kb not the full recording. here is my log
  9. C

    obs can't reach 60fps on secondary monitor

    When I set to record in 60 fps it doesn't record in 60 fps it goes between 59 and 45, when it's on the secondary display (I have 2 monitors) and don't understand why and I want to see if the recording is good or not (secondary monitor is connected with hdmi). distro:Nobara 36 (fedora fork)...
  10. ThIsLinked

    Invincible blur on the output picture

    Hello. Can you please tell me why my output is blurry? I've gone through a lot of tips and tricks already. But none fit. I'm starting to think it's a problem with my PC (I have a laptop). For reference: When using the x264 encoder, everything is the same. On any presets. The screenshot shows...
  11. G

    Desktop sounds in OBS disappears (Rus/Rus screens)

    The sound will play (pair msec), and immediately disappears when changing devices in the Audio settings (Rus/Rus screens) Drivers reinstall many times.. I hear sound from the computer! (On the screen from the vlc video file, the sound is heard) Help please Sreens + Log file + Drivers (realtek)...
  12. howquestionmark

    Scenes wont save

    Hey OBS Community, im a long time obs user by now, i use it for streaming/recording and replay buffer i reset my pc every now and then and since my last pc reset whenever i adjust or add something new to my scene, it just wont save The only workaround ive found is to always rename the scene...
  13. Sapiensium

    Cannot Capture a Java (.jar) Program

    So when I try to add a WIndow Capture for the java program, the title of the program can't be detected (it shows (null)), and the capture displayed is a black blank. I'm sure the program is running properly. Is there any way I can fix this issue? thx:) log file URL...
  14. antututhoi

    Please recommend me best setting for recording with my low end laptop

    Hello guys Im playing FPS games and want to record some gameplay but im having some issues: - everytime i start record, the game freeze and take around 10s to go back to normal, this only happen in the first record, when i stop record and start again, the game doesnt freeze anymore - the audio...
  15. S

    OBS not recording entire video

    My OBS studio is not recording the entire video. For example, if I am recording 3 hours of my screen, the output is of somewhere around 2 hours. I have attached a log file of my latest recording which was supposed to be of 3 hours approx but is only about a little over 2 hours.
  16. Eric Stork

    Sound going in and out plus slight echoing

    A few years ago when I last recorded with OBS, I had no issues with program audio of whatever I recorded. Now trying again I find I can actually hear the audio cut out only to come back again at random times based on the volume level of whatever activity is happening. I know some things have...
  17. M

    Newer versions "Issue" with alt+tab'ing

    Hello! I'm posting almost the same post, as i had like 2 months ago. {sry for bad English.} I'm streaming a game, called osu! often, and i need to resize a window of it in OBS. [Why? - Watch the image #1 below.] And yes, i see many of you recommending me to just transform it by clicking...
  18. C

    Video has a consistent stutter issue.

    ever since i factory reset my pc my videos using obs always are stuttery, before i reset it i didnt experience this issue and im using the same settings as i did always. heres the log:
  19. N

    Laggy Gameplay video After Recording.

    Hello, I am new at recording gameplay videos. So basically I tried to record the gameplay of Left for dead 2 but when I tried to watch my gameplay, I can see that the video is stuttering and lagging. I have a Lenovo laptop and It does not have a graphic card but an Inbuild Ryzen 3 Mobile...
  20. M

    OBS not working properly need a fix

    OBS keeps playing up when I record once or stream once I cannot record again or stream I have to close it and when I exit or close it OBS it doesn't Close properly I have to keep Force closing and I cannot exit it in hidden icons in the corner of my window I have to go to Task Manager to force...