1. V

    Bug Report Serious Issues

    I’ve been using obs for a while and it is capable of being used in my device, only, it sucks. It was lagging so bad that it would pause on a frame and leave it for at least 10 minutes or more and I recently freed at least 100Gb and it’s worse, I was streaming a game and it picked one frame and...
  2. W

    Question / Help My OBS will not capture in a full screen mode

    when capturing I have a black bar in the screen. It is the exact same thing you would have if you moved the picture around too much and left a blank black space. Is there any way to fix this? And even with a newly made source-capture device I have this issue. Here is a video that gives an example
  3. T

    Question / Help mic audio not working

    i made a few recordings just fine and the mic/audio bar was working just fine till today when i opened up obs. ive tried fixing it but nothing works . i tried uninstalling it and that didnt work either . i dont have any mic plugged in and never have . how do i fix this?
  4. R

    Question / Help Mic feedback issue

    OBS seems to give me this problem where I can hear everything my mic picks up and its annoying i cant turn it off. Can anyone help?
  5. L

    Question / Help how to fix this

    i don't know how to fix this (resolution) click here to view the image
  6. G

    Question / Help Video output is currently active. Please turn off any outputs to change Video Settings? I'm not recording or streaming.

    So i get this error in settings > video where it says Video output is currently active. I'm not streaming or recording and haven't used obs in a week, not sure what changed. Also i don't have the NDI obs plugin, since google results show that something about that plugin also makes this error...
  7. S

    Question / Help OBS isn't displaying my alerts

    I recently started using a new setup for my alerts, one I paid for and didn't make myself. It uses custom coding to create the alerts instead of images etc. But after i added it my alerts don't show up when someone follows (not sure about the others since they cant sub or donate to me yet), or...
  8. 3

    Question / Help Failed to connect to server please help

    Hello there , i have a problem in obs studio i can't live stream to youtube i tried the primary server and the backup one and also tried to use vpn and DNS and it did not work can anyone help me fix it ? i have attached the log file
  9. S

    Question / Help My stream is very laggy and I dont know what to do.

    Hello! I recently wanted to stream but when i did it my stream was very laggy. I couldnt stream at 60 fps at any resolution, even when i lowered it it was still laggy. I played with the settings alot, but I still couldnt do anything about it. here is the log:
  10. I

    Question / Help Very choppy video, but no in-game lag.

    I have read a lot on the forum for this issue and I have tried everything and nothing works, the video is freezing/choppy even with low-end settings. I have never had this issue until yesterday when I downloaded OBS again. 3 months ago I didn't have this issue and I could even record with much...
  11. J

    Bug Report OBS 21.1 Permanently Staying in System Tray

    I recently updated to the new 21.1 from v0.659b (came out in 2015) and I already found a bug that doesn't even allow me to use OBS... From what I believe to be the problem, I think it stems from the setting that I chose for OBS to minimize to the system tray whilst streaming. Now the problem is...
  12. J

    Question / Help IGNORE

  13. B

    Question / Help Program not on list for Window Capture

    I have a small program that is not a game that I want to record in the background, but it does not show up on the list of sources for Window Capture. The program is a simple panel of buttons that light up when I press them, but does not make any sound. Here is a picture showing the issue...
  14. avrona

    Question / Help Black Screen When Trying to Use "Display Capture"

    Whenever I try to record my monitor using display capture, all get in the preview and final file are a black screen. However the preview in display capture properties window is correct. Anyone know how to fix tihs?