1. S

    Question / Help Shader Filter Effects not working

    I recently updated my obs to the 25.01 version and I had to Uninstall my old version and download a completely new version of obs. In doing so the shader filter and all of its effects has completely stopped working. All the settings are saved for most of em. But they just don't activate anymore...
  2. J

    Question / Help Stream looks amazing, but my side is choppy.

    the stream looks good playing 1080p 60fps and no hiccups at all.On my end (what i see) its somewhat choppy and i cant figure out what the issue is. im not dropping frames but its obvious that i'm not looking at 144fps. can anyone help as someone that plays competitively this makes it hard to...
  3. Under The Radar

    Question / Help Screen Frames resize after I switch Media Source files for visuals

    Hey guys; I seem to have a slight issue. In my scene on OBS, I am running a 4th window (3 others are for my cameras when live streaming). The window I have media source on it. I run .mp4 visual files while we live stream. Issue is when I switch .mp4 visuals around every 10 minutes or so...
  4. C

    Bug Report Multiview issue

    There are a problem in Multiview, in Studio Mode activated when i check on the HTML file " Shutdown source when not visible " this is still visible, i want this functionality be related in "Program" and not in "Preview"
  5. jeanmonday

    Question / Help Unstable framerate even after Windows 1903, Game Mode ON and OBS running as admin

    This GPU allocation issue is driving me nuts! I’ve tried everything to keep my framerate stable without going under 720p. I used to record pristine quality with solid 30/60fps on anything, any game. But everything’s going into a downward spiral lately! WHAT I WAS ABLE TO DO I ran my games at...
  6. M

    Question / Help Games work wierd when running OBS

    Greetings, I have a wierd issue when I run OBS, the game (CSGO) works like it has 50ish fps but I can see between 450-600fps, tryed capping it to 300 but still the same, first I though it was the encoders issue (using Nvec new) but then I removed the scene completly and it seems that the...
  7. X

    Question / Help Audio Monitoring issue

    Hi, I've attached logs from 2 streams I just did (two because my pc crashed) so I've attached logs from both. I can't get my audio monitoring to work. Eg. I have an mp3 song playing at one point via obs and I have it set to "monitor and output" so both viewers and I can hear what's playing on...
  8. K

    Question / Help Game fps drops with capturing DSLR as webcam

    Hey guys, to start here are my specs: single pc stream with i7 8700, 2070 super, 16gb ram, streaming 720p60 at 5500 bitrate. My main game is CSGO and when i stream with normal webcam or without it I have no performance issue. But when I connect my dslr as a webcam with elgato hd 60s and I...
  9. M

    Question / Help OBS "Stopping recording" won't stop and recording is damaged

    Dear OBS-Users! I am really frustrated! I changed my recording program from Mirillis Action! to OBS to recieve a better video quality. To be honest, I can really see that the video quality is much better with OBS, but sadly the recording doesn't work as it should do. For example, I am...
  10. V

    Question / Help Force Scaling enables itself when enabling Capture third-party overlays

    So I've been having a problem for the last week. I use Streamlabs OBS 0.17.1 when I noticed that when I enable capture third-party overlays the "scale resolution" box switches from "Select Option" to "1536x864" even though force scaling is disabled. Before enabling capture third-party overlays...
  11. K

    Question / Help Massive fps drops on desktop as soon as OBS is launched. No other apps running, no games.

    Hello, I've spent the last 3 days trying to figure this out. I've tried literally every tip and solution posted on the internet and nothing helps. So this is what happens: I use Xbox windows app to stream my game from Xbox one X to PC on Display 1. Works perfectly smooth. No hickups or anything...
  12. eru777

    Question / Help Video quality is not the best

    My dsl connection is 9Mbps upstream , 45 downstream Framerate is fine, just looks not as clear I guess. Will post a link after it's done processing. I'm just starting out btw, so I might be doing something wrong lol.
  13. jueGAME

    Bug Report solved !

    ------------------ SOLVED ! ----------------- Log file -> Hi guys. I updated to the lastest version of OBS, and I am having issues executing the next tasks: - When I copy a source (copy-> copy (duplicated) and I try to pasted in a different...
  14. S

    Question / Help Bitrate goes to 0, square goes red, i get Disconnected from server, but internet works fine

    Hey guys I'm having some issues while i'm streaming on twitch with OBS. I stream everyday, and everyday i'm facing the same problem. I start streaming without any concern, but at a random time (probably due to some route issue), my bitrate goes to 0, OBS displays the message "Disconnected from...
  15. ShmmnTks

    Question / Help [Solved] Audio issue after switching from windows 7 to windows 10

    Have this issue for a long time, now decide to posted after search without results. When using obs studio on windows 7(video: ), all audio what i record same what i hear in my headphones and everything good, but when i trying to switch to windows 10(video...
  16. Hubi [PL]

    Question / Help I have problems with Obs i have black screen and nothing rly helping me

    im using gaming laptop with two monitors. i have geforce gtx960m i don't have idea what else can i do. i need help ! i love streaming on obs.
  17. Z

    Bug Report Failed to open NVENC codec: Generic error in an external library

    During a gaming session, I can record correctly my first video, and then it won't record correctly again until I reboot the game (Quake Champions). The logs show the next error: Any idea about what can be causing this issue? Thank you. EDIT: Some times I can...
  18. U

    Question / Help Decent PC but OBS dropping frames & decoding issues

    Basically I can't get consistent frames using x264 or H264. H264 is much worse than x264 for me, but both look awful as I get constant frame drops, I have tried everything I can to fix it, changing the YUV color space and color range, color format, bitrate, cpu usage with x264, obviously I've...
  19. S

    Question / Help OBS crash when streaming

    for some reason when ever i click start streaming my OBS crashes. and it's every time.
  20. WhoStoleMyStylo

    Question / Help BITRATE ISSUE

    When I start up a game on stream I've got massive drops on my bitrate... I set it up like always on 4000 ? and suddenly it goes from 5800 -> 3000 -> 5500 ... So my stream is now very pixelated ? Can someone help me please ! It all started after the update...