1. K

    Question / Help Massive fps drops on desktop as soon as OBS is launched. No other apps running, no games.

    Hello, I've spent the last 3 days trying to figure this out. I've tried literally every tip and solution posted on the internet and nothing helps. So this is what happens: I use Xbox windows app to stream my game from Xbox one X to PC on Display 1. Works perfectly smooth. No hickups or anything...
  2. eru777

    Question / Help Video quality is not the best

    My dsl connection is 9Mbps upstream , 45 downstream Framerate is fine, just looks not as clear I guess. Will post a link after it's done processing. I'm just starting out btw, so I might be doing something wrong lol.
  3. jueGAME

    Bug Report solved !

    ------------------ SOLVED ! ----------------- Log file -> Hi guys. I updated to the lastest version of OBS, and I am having issues executing the next tasks: - When I copy a source (copy-> copy (duplicated) and I try to pasted in a different...
  4. S

    Question / Help Bitrate goes to 0, square goes red, i get Disconnected from server, but internet works fine

    Hey guys I'm having some issues while i'm streaming on twitch with OBS. I stream everyday, and everyday i'm facing the same problem. I start streaming without any concern, but at a random time (probably due to some route issue), my bitrate goes to 0, OBS displays the message "Disconnected from...
  5. ShmmnTks

    Question / Help [Solved] Audio issue after switching from windows 7 to windows 10

    Have this issue for a long time, now decide to posted after search without results. When using obs studio on windows 7(video: ), all audio what i record same what i hear in my headphones and everything good, but when i trying to switch to windows 10(video...
  6. Hubi [PL]

    Question / Help I have problems with Obs i have black screen and nothing rly helping me

    im using gaming laptop with two monitors. i have geforce gtx960m i don't have idea what else can i do. i need help ! i love streaming on obs.
  7. Z

    Bug Report Failed to open NVENC codec: Generic error in an external library

    During a gaming session, I can record correctly my first video, and then it won't record correctly again until I reboot the game (Quake Champions). The logs show the next error: Any idea about what can be causing this issue? Thank you. EDIT: Some times I can...
  8. U

    Question / Help Decent PC but OBS dropping frames & decoding issues

    Basically I can't get consistent frames using x264 or H264. H264 is much worse than x264 for me, but both look awful as I get constant frame drops, I have tried everything I can to fix it, changing the YUV color space and color range, color format, bitrate, cpu usage with x264, obviously I've...
  9. S

    Question / Help OBS crash when streaming

    for some reason when ever i click start streaming my OBS crashes. and it's every time.
  10. WhoStoleMyStylo

    Question / Help BITRATE ISSUE

    When I start up a game on stream I've got massive drops on my bitrate... I set it up like always on 4000 ? and suddenly it goes from 5800 -> 3000 -> 5500 ... So my stream is now very pixelated ? Can someone help me please ! It all started after the update...
  11. V

    Question / Help Obs Dropt Übertragene Frames Bitte Um Hilfe! [ Obs Drops Transmitted Fps ]

    I fixed it Set your ingame Fps at 60 (locked ) than it will work
  12. S

    Question / Help crash after some minutes

    When i start streaming after 10 - 20 minutes my obs crash, but only obs crash, my game and my connection is stable.. i already try all things in the forum.. all things guys rly.. i need help this is my log Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2019-01-28, 04:13:45 Fault address: 7FFB0685EEE6...
  13. Z

    Question / Help Dropped frames

    So my internet is fine but my PC starting dropping frames every now and then and i've changed servers. Said it could go through my firewall, done basically everything i'm kind of at a loss with it. Here our my logs.
  14. QuentinPlaysMC

    Question / Help NVENC problem

    I tried to record using the NVENC encoder, but it gives me an error saying I need at least Nvidia driver 334.89 to use it. My driver version is 388.73(just updated), so it should work since it's more up to date. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  15. D

    Question / Help Ingame no lag but in video, lot of lags

    Hello, I want to record my screen with obs, in the game (fortnite), I have no lag, but when I watch the video, it's lagging. Can you help with my settings? CPU : i9-9900k GPU : GTX 1050 2go RAM : 16go Output: Advanced, Recording: Recording format: mp4 Encoder: Nvenc H.264 Rate Control: CBR...
  16. F

    Question / Help Incredibly Low Upload Speeds - OBS telling me to use Moscow Server

    Hi, It seems like every few months, something in OBS or in my home decides to go haywire and mess up my system. I typically have no issues streaming in 1080p/60fps @ 6000 bitrate, using an Elgato HD60s, and using OBS 22.0.2. I use restream, and simultaneously stream to Mixer, Facebook, and...
  17. F

    Question / Help OSB Recording Issue on intel hd graphics (Lagging)

    hey can anyone help me plz i want to record games in 720p 60fps im getting 60fps in all my games but on my recording videos its like 30fps my specs : cpu: i7 7700k gpu: intel hd 630 ram: 16gb 3200mhz single chanel thats my OBS settings :
  18. K

    Bug Report Issue with OBS 22.0.1 UPDATE: OBS layout issue

    I can't see the locks in the sources panel even if I resize the panel, and when I go to filters for my camera to make color correciton adjustments, the thumbnail is so tiny I can't see the adjustments I'm making. I have to resize that panel to the size of my screen before it becomes enlarged...
  19. D

    Question / Help Frames lost due to rendering lag (video stutters frequently)

    So I have not been able to stream due to the fact that it stutters a decent amount for no reason, when I play a game like Overwatch for example I don't experience this lag or frame drops at all but my stream seems to experience it quite a lot My specs - Windows 10 Home 64-bit Intel Core i7...
  20. A

    Question / Help OBS doubles dekstop audio

    Ok so i've used OBS for quite some time I love it. However I just got a new PC and i'm having some trouble as to recording audio. I've never had this issue before and haven't found anything online so hopefully someone can fix this. My desktop audio has two tracks in one. All my output sources...