OBS is breaking my primary audio device randomly for a few seconds (Log provided)


This issue has been going on for about a month now off and on and I'm not sure what's causing it. I haven't changed anything in OBS or my hardware or Windows. I've been streaming with OBS Studio for about 3 years now and never ran into an issue like this before. Everything is up-to-date as well.

The problem: Basically when I'm live, my audio device randomly changes from my VT-4 (microphone and headset) to my external desktop speakers, making OBS drop my microphone input and desktop audio for a few seconds, but then (without touching anything) it will go back to using my intended audio devices again.

Either Windows or OBS is losing the primary audio device (in this case, my VT-4) and then finding it again after a few seconds. Whenever this happens, it messes up a lot of my audio elements in OBS, including desktop audio, my mic and everything else that relies on audio, then it all comes back without me touching anything while some elements remain broken (like scene transition sounds, etc). From the viewer's perspective, all of my audio is completely muted to them while this happens and leaves things broken for me in OBS until I fix them manually once the VT-4 is detected again.

I can rule out hardware as the problem because it never does this when I'm capturing certain games for 10+ hours and it never cuts off when I'm not using OBS either. So the hardware is all fine. I believe something is happening within OBS that makes the audio change, crash or bug out or something breifly.

Can someone help me understand why this is happening and how to fix it? There are no discernable triggers for it that I can see and it's happened across several games, but it never happens with other games (like it's never done this with Overwatch or Valorant ever, but it HAS done it with No Man's Sky, Hades and Dead By Daylight for example).

Here's the lastest log where it occured during Hades (I think it happened randomly at least 2-3 times during the early half of my stream): https://obsproject.com/logs/2wrSqwrUe_ujO55p


This may be a better log, and I noticed a possibly relevant line. https://obsproject.com/logs/grdPJpIDt7FZX1C_

17:46:44.562: Device 'OUT (VT-4)' invalidated. Retrying
17:46:48.167: Device 'WET (VT-4)' invalidated. Retrying
then, seconds later...
17:46:53.729: WASAPI: Device 'OUT (VT-4)' [44100 Hz] initialized
17:46:54.221: WASAPI: Device 'WET (VT-4)' [44100 Hz] initialized

VT-4 is my audio device (plugged into my PC via USB cable). It has my microphone and headphones plugged into it. I send audio from PC to "OUT VT-4" and "WET VT-4" is how my microphone inputs to the PC.

Any reason why my device would suddenly become "invalidated"??


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This is driving me crazy for a year!! i still cant figure it out. i have tried EVERYTHING. pls help if you have an update


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I have issue like this i have been using obs for about a year now but sunndly whenever I open obs no audio will play, and it will play mic audio from a device that has no mic


Hello Everyone: I am having an audio problem that I described in another post (https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/audio-problems-universal-audio-volt-2.173228/). It is not exactly the same as the original problem in this post, but what it has in common is loss of audio and a device invalidated message in the log.

If anyone has found a resolution or workaround to this issue, I would be interested in your comments. Or if anyone knows the meaning of the device invalidated message, that would be helpful.

Cheers. . .


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