1. L

    Do Browser captures that are hidden/in unused scenes impact performance?

    Hello, I've got a OBS profile with a large number of browser captures spread across several scenes, however only one is ever being displayed at a time. I'm just wondering if having these captures in the profile impacts performance even if they are currently hidden? Thanks, Levy
  2. K

    Is there a way to record a tab but not hear the tab while its recording?

    Sorry, i tried finding something online about this and couldnt find my exact idea. Is it possible to record a video from a tab, but not hear the tab while its recording (however the sound shows up on the recording?) it would be ideal to be able to listen to other things in other tabs at the same...
  3. yungchoulin

    OBS Stops recording exactly one second after pressing 'record'

    Hello everybody, I hope you're doing well and I thank whoever takes the time to reply. I'm new to using this software, about a year but not very experienced still. I tried googling my issue and searching on this forum, but didn't find any solutions that pertained to me. I did check and see if it...
  4. R

    Separation of music and games

    There is a sound of the game, it goes to the speaker. And there is the sound of music that goes through a virtual cable. Depending on which audio listening mode we turn on for music, there will be a different result. 1. Turn off listening - I can't hear the music, but I can hear it on the...
  5. X

    OBS streaming settings for I5-8600k GTX 1060 6GB ram 32gb

    Hey, Im mainly looking to stream valorant/csgo/apex/pubg/gtav, can you guys help me out with all settings? Im also not sure wether to use NVENC or x264, Ive watched a few tutorials but didnt understand much, thanks in advance! (I want to stream at 1080p 60fps) (My internet is 600/600)
  6. P

    Remux MKV to MP4 with keeping timestamps?

    Hi, I wonder if it's possible to remux .mkv videos to .mp4 without changing the timestamps of the file? I have one year old mkv videos and tried to remux them to mp4, but after doing it in OBS the modified and created times for newly remuxed mp4 videos are now set to today. Can I somehow avoid...
  7. S

    OBS Screen pulsing / glitching

    Hi, you will see immediately what my issue is in the video above. Here's the log for that video attached. Any help is appreciate it since I can't find any solution online. Thanks
  8. T

    woops, obs has crashed!!

    OBS program woops, obs has crashed! these phrase and obs program down...
  9. Akkiirah

    Syncing overlay color to ascent color in-game

    Hello, just a small question because I wasn’t able to find anything regarding this anywhere. I‘m searching for some plug-in or something else that shifts the hue of my overlay to the color of my game. For example, when walking in a grassy area, the overlay should be greenish. When beeing on the...
  10. J

    Question: Different aspect ratio for scenes

    Hello, I record and stream videos for pc on landscape mode but I also would like to make a scene for tiktok and youtube shorts. The output aspect ratio is global for all scenes as far as I know. Is there a way to have only one vertical scene? If not, is it possible to request this as a feature...
  11. D

    A way to have sources all transition when you swap to a scene in OBS?

    I'm sorry for not being too clear in the title. I have an "end stream" scene in OBS that has my blur, socials and graphics showing what i'm playing currently, what i will be playing next, and what i have coming soon. I'd like to try and make it more animated so that the sources all come onto the...
  12. K

    Can I have a Separate Stream and Recording Setup on One Instance?

    I've been using 2 instances of OBS every time I stream because I like to record clips for videos. The reason I use 2 is because the recording doesn't have the webcam or any of the extra overlays like followers, sound effects, etc. This is of course completely useable but it is more taxing on...
  13. E

    Question/Help - Lots of frame drops and choppy video from my OBS recording

    Hello, I am new to OBS and I have not used it before so I downloaded it today to try and record a bit of gameplay with it. When I record, my game doesn't lag and FPS stays above 70 but when I see the recordings, the video quality was alright me but it was very laggy and choppy. I have no idea...
  14. Y

    Please delete my account.

    Google warned me today that my account under this email is compromised, I would like it to get deleted to clear out any risks to data breach, but cant figure out how, would be grateful if an admin can remove my account.
  15. Y

    OBS Nvenc New Game Lag

    Hi, So recently I've been trying to use obs nvenc new to record my gameplay at cfr since shadowplay records at vfr. However, when using obs my framerate gets dropped a lot. Playing Modern Warfare I go from 200fps average to 130fps when record, which never happens when using shadowplay. I'm not...
  16. A

    Need help with streaming beat saber to twitch

    So I've recently gotten into streaming my beat saber to twitch. the stream plays and works fine but it only captures around 2/3 of what I see in beat saber and when I move my head it only moves a percent of what my view moves in game. I'm using a specific windowed source for it. Is there anyway...
  17. A

    OBS Crashing on startup

    whenevr i open OBS it says taht it crashed and would you like to copy the crash log bla bla bla heres the crashlog
  18. Mr.Swagtastic

    How to pull audio from different sources?

    My issue is when I'm streaming from my capture card, my viewers cant hear my friend and I talking through discord. So either they hear the game play from my capture card and no one talking or they hear us talking but no game audio. How can I fix this so my viewers can hear both? Thanks,
  19. B

    Is there a way to mute a sound from a certain window in the video but you can hear when recording?

    So I want to record a certain window using OBS but have something playing in the background like YouTube or Windows Media Player, and I want to be able to hear that audio while recording, but I don't want it to be heard in the video. But I want the sound from the window I'm recording on to...
  20. J

    Experiencing frequent choppy moments on my test stream even when it's consistent 60FPS

    Log File: I've been test streaming two games Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant. So far I have no problems at all with Rainbow Six Siege since I was trying to see the difference of Image Quality I would get when streaming on 1080p/60fps even with a...