Is there a way to remove certain sources from Twitch VODs?


New Member
I am well aware of the feature to make your audio not play on VODs when it's played on a certain track, mainly used to play copyrighted music on stream without DCMA. What I'm wondering is more on the visual sources end of things.

For my case particularly, I would like to have a visual indicator on screen that shows the current song playing and have a cool waveform audio visualizer on my streams, but I don't want them showing in my VODs as to avoid confusion when I post VODs or clips elsewhere and people see these things but hear nothing. I think it would look really clean and nice that way and seem more professional, and this could be nice for other sources too most people have on their streams that they don't necessarily want in their VODs.

So if there is a setting that I am missing, or a plugin that I am unaware of, please direct me the right way, as I would like to do this with my streams ASAP.