1. C

    Question / Help Mic/desktop echo while streaming

    Hello I’ve gathered that most people have encountered this problem where while streaming you hear an echo from both desktop and mic. I don’t have my stream open anywhere else and I have my desktop mic as the only audio source. It was working yesterday (the day I installed it) and just suddenly...
  2. J

    Question / Help Stream 720 cap while streaming in 1080

    Hello. I've contacted Twitch support about a month ago but since they don't give a flaying sausage about it i'm gonna ask you guys about a problem that's pissing me off. I'm streaming in 1080p60 but for some reason sometimes my stream in only available in 720p60. There is absolutly nothing i...
  3. I

    Question / Help Friends in Discord don’t sound very good on Twitch stream

    While streaming on Twitch I am trying to figure out why my friends in discord sound perfectly clear to me through my headset but on my stream their voices do not sound very clear. How can I make them sound crisp and clear on stream like they do in my headset?
  4. M

    Question / Help Stream and game lag while playing Roblox, but Roblox works fine when not streaming/ SLOBS works fine on other games

    I use Streamlabs OBS to stream on Twitch. Whenever I try to stream Roblox on Twitch, my stream freezes up. I changed my process priority to Above Normal, and Usage Preset to Ultra Fast, but then whenever I do that, my game starts to lag and slowly gets to lower frames. Also, whenever I stream on...
  5. L

    Question / Help Streamlabs OBS Stuttering Elgato When facecam is added?

    Hey what's going on guys!! I recently started streaming, and I purchased an Elgato HD60s to use as my capture device. I stream off of my Omen Gaming laptop, while playing the game on my Xbox one x. I added the Elgato to Capture my game gameplay On streamlabs OBS, and everything looks absolutely...
  6. H

    Question / Help Huge Delay and Lag with Twitch

    Hello All, I have went though numerous settings and guides trying to get the best results from my twitch but there is a huge delay and major lag when it's streaming. The two games i'm trying to stream are Dead by Daylight and League of Legends. Things appear to be fine in the Dead by Daylight...
  7. Gr1mmShot

    Question / Help My streamelements OBS won't connect to chat anymore

    So my streamelements obs won't connect to my twitch chat anymore. I'm not sure if it's due to an update or what, but it just started doing it out of nowhere. I've tried resetting my stream key, refreshing the module within obs... nothing works and it's annoying to have to sit there with the...
  8. derMiepz

    Twitchy v1.0.4

    About: This is a very modified version of the "Dark" theme shipped with OBS. It contains code snippets from the themes "Acri" made by @Warchamp7 and "Rachni" made by @Fenrir. Those themes are also shipped with OBS. This theme is mainly meant for OBS v23 and higher but should work with earlier...
  9. B

    Question / Help Failed to Connect to Twitch Servers

    Hi guys, I don't think this is an OBS issue, but I thought someone may know a fix. I use obs. A few months ago, I started to see strange disconnections of obs to the twitch servers mid stream. These disconnections were always less than 5 seconds; not a huge problem. Fast forward to this week...
  10. Bootscreen

    OBS Python Twitch Switcher 0.1

    Change Twitch Game and Title based on active Scene.
  11. Carto

    OBS NVENC (Turing) vs X264 Medium Side by Side Comparison Using the FF XIV Benchmark

    I know there are quite a few of these out there, but the more info the merrier. I'll be doing more with additional benchmarks as well as various bitrates spanning from 3500 to 8000 for reference. Let me know if there's anything you guys would like to see, I've got the hardware and I'm always...
  12. Z

    Question / Help Dropped Frames Under Good Setup?

    Hey guys, I stream on twitch, but I notice a lot of dropped frames. I have a mid-high end gaming desktop and would like to know why I am experiencing these drops on stream. I have an i7-8700K (6 Cores), 8GB GTX 1080, 16GB 3200MHz Ram, 256GB 970EVO, 1TB 7200rpm SSHD, etc. My upload is 54Mbps and...
  13. M

    Bug Report OBS does not disable Bandwidth Test mode with twitch integration properly

    Steps to reproduce: Connect a twitch account Enable "Bandwidth Test Mode" Start streaming and stop streaming shortly after Disable "Bandwidth Test Mode" Start streaming, and observe that your stream is not viewable, but appears in the twitch inspector. Log file...
  14. NuriLa

    Question / Help [GER] OBS Studio verliert oftmals Verbindung zu Stream..

    Hallo liebe Community, ich Streame schon länger auf Twitch und hatte auch noch nie Probleme mit meinem OBS Gehabt. Bis zu dieser Woche. Seit Anfang der Woche habe ich das eine Problem, was sich einfach nicht lösen lässt. Wenn ich anfange zu Streamen verliert OBS direkt die Verbindung und kann...
  15. S

    Question / Help Bitrate goes to 0, square goes red, i get Disconnected from server, but internet works fine

    Hey guys I'm having some issues while i'm streaming on twitch with OBS. I stream everyday, and everyday i'm facing the same problem. I start streaming without any concern, but at a random time (probably due to some route issue), my bitrate goes to 0, OBS displays the message "Disconnected from...
  16. StreamPanel

    Free StreamPanel App for every device

    StreamPanel App: Control your OBS and Twitch from one place (works wirelessly on most devices) Hey guys, I have a new web app that allows you to control and monitor your OBS and Twitch stream. To setup and get started, go down to the “Setup / Instructions” section of this post. Here is the...
  17. T

    Question / Help Stream issues

    Hey, i just bought myself a new computer to start streaming on twitch. The stream runs pretty smooth but my cpu and gpu are at 100% very often and is on maybe 85-90% all the time, what can i do to get it a little bit lower. Hope u guys understand what im talking about, i suck at this stuff xD...
  18. W

    Question / Help Can't find box to input my Stream Key

    I wanted to start streaming on twitch, but when I tried to put my stream key into OBS I couldn't find the input box. Did I do something wrong when I was setting up OBS?
  19. HugoC01

    Question / Help Cannot stream on twitch, youtube and others works just fine

    Hello, everything used to work just fine, i didn't change a single setting option but I changed my internet provider to a much powerful one. But now streaming on twitch doesn't work anymore I always get "Failed to connect to server" message error I've tried multiple possible fixes around the...
  20. Norbik

    Twitch bandwidth test while being logged in

    Some time ago "connect account" option has been added to OBS, so you don't need to enter stream key anymore. But for me, for a person who faces with internet connection problems pretty often, stream test option which is available for Twitch users is really important. I'm running test every...