1. D

    Running two separate streams?

    I'd like to run two separate streams to two separate twitch accounts with different scenes, controls, platform connections, etc. all from the same computer. I know just doing it on a different PC is the most straightforward way to go, and I can probably do it via virtual machine on one PC. I...
  2. E

    Media Source Triggered When Raided on Twitch (W/O 3rd Parties)?

    Hi im new to all this, ive googled but gotten no answer. Ive seen streamers, that when raided, have their full screen become an video with sounds specific to raids. (Not the typical Twitch alerts). Is there a way to have a Raid trigger an OBS Media source without needing to download another...
  3. M

    Feedback Loop When Streaming

    Hi OBS, I have a predicament which I can't seem to figure out. During my live streams, using OBS, I'm getting feedback loop on twitch live video. I have my friend with whom I'm using 'stream together' function on twitch. I say 'hi' and then my friend hears is a bit later. I'm aware some delay...
  4. El Matador

    Stream 2 audio outputs for my own RTMP server?

    Hello, i have rtmp server on raspberry pi (nginx with rtmp plugin). I use it as a "middleman" for my streams to twitch (mainly because i can add fallback stream to increase delay without ending the stream to twitch or as a fallback ground when obs crash). When i stream to twitch directly from...
  5. A

    Twitch Alert Issue

    I need help with a unique issue and require serious assistance to solve it. I appear to be having issues connecting my OBS to my Twitch Alerts. I've tried to get my Twitch alerts to work on OBS multiple times. I have attempted to solve the problem many times, but unfortunately, I have been...
  6. T

    Failed to connect to server (High detailed post)

    When going live I get an error message saying: Failed to connect to server. The connection timed out. Make sure you've configured a valid streaming service and no firewall is blocking the connection. Tried solutions: Run OBS as admin Restarted OBS Rebooted computer Reconnect Twitch to OBS Edit...
  7. O

    Best Settings for AMD CPU/GPU Twitch

    Hey guys, i bought a new pc and want to know which settings are the best for streaming on twitch. My specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D GPU: AMD RX 7900 XTX Upload Speed are over 100mbs RAM: 32GB Resolution: 2560x1440 I tried AMD H.264, keyframe 2, max. b-frame 1, AMF: MaxNumRefFrames=4...
  8. S

    OBS Keeps Disconnecting from Twitch

    I just started streaming a few months now and my stream has been working fine up until a week ago. There were maybe two updates for OBS and i installed them and now it disconnects frequently and I'm not sure why. I ran the log files through the analyzer and made some changes, but the stream...
  9. S

    Mobile streams freezing

    Hey guys so I’m having issues with twitch streaming. Streaming 1080p 30fps 4000 bitrate nvec encoding. My issue is my stream is working fine on pc but on mobile twitch app it’s completely frozen. Thoughts? Other streams work on mobile except my own.
  10. KrisEnigma

    Trouble Integrating BTTV Emotes in Custom Twitch Chat Widget

    So, I know how to set up BTTV in the regular Twitch chat widget, but now, I'm trying to get it working in a custom dock I made for Twitch chat, and it's giving me a bit of trouble. When I go into Settings and pick Twitch as my Stream Service, there's an option to enable BTTV emotes in chat. But...


    Hey! OBS I got a problem streaming with a AMD graphic card and the problem is when i stream with it it so update your driver when i updated them? i email Twitch and they said there no problem or smth? and said to ask yall like?
  12. I


    Hello good people :D. Basically I got an audio output capture source in my OBS which is my screen audio, which obviously captures my spotify when music playing. I have this screen audio checked on all 6 tracks so any audio from my screen can be heard in VOD, which means if I add spotify in an...
  13. M

    Bitrate showing red for no reason

    So I stream at 6k bitrate, I did a 2hour stream and trough out the whole stream, my bitrate was showing red on twitch. Problem is, twitch inspector shows a stable bitrate for the whole stream, my upload speed is fast, my viewers said stream looked smooth. But still, I had the red bitrate thing...
  14. mrny2cali

    Autoconfiguration Wizard Error

    I've connectted my Twitch account, but when I go to the auto config wizard under tools it gives me an error saying it can't connect to any servers but I'm connected to rest of interest just fine, and the main twitch connection is working as I see the dashboard and twitch chat panels. I'm on...
  15. FukounaShoujo

    Twitch alerts issue, probably obs-browser related

    Hi, I decided to reach out to the forum after months of frustrating experience regarding the OBS browser sources. I first thought it was an issue with a third-party service (alert box) provider or my system. Now I'm pretty sure this is a problem with OBS. And it's hella annoying. When I...
  16. M

    Python Script to connect to OBS Websocket Server Help

    Goal of the script: Send command to OBS to make it do something, like switch scenes, change Sources, play a gif, etc. I've tried using Postman to get an example, and while I can connect, I get errors about the websocket version from the client being out of date when I try and SEND something to...
  17. RP-Dizzle

    [Frames Instantly Drop - Bitrate fluctuates from 0 to 3000kbps] Twitch works; Youtube does not

    Hello OBS community, After a six month hiatus, I wanted to begin streaming on my YouTube (YT) channel again. However, a week ago ago, I encountered a stubborn issue that has stopped me dead in my tracks. The issue is that from the moment I begin the YT stream, my frames immediately drop due to...
  18. ApexAssassin

    OBS Not Working with Twitch

    Is anyone else having issues of OBS not working with Twitch? I go live on OBS but its not going through to Twitch. Saying I'm live. I have try using the stream key and also relogging into Twitch from OBS and nothing.
  19. G

    Noise in my encoder sound.

    I have an encoder Kiloview N60 and I'm streaming Fifa with Ps5. there is a problem with sound. there appears a static noise. when I'm listening to my stream in obs with monitor and stream option on there isn't any noise. The Noise appears on twitch or other streaming resources.
  20. D

    Massive delay (10 min+) an hour into stream. So two days ago my stream randomly started having this problem where I'd be 1-2 hours into stream and all of a sudden BOOM massive frame drops, 1000kpbs, and chat tells me theyre 10+ minutes behind. It is not an internet problem in anyway, i've...