1. C

    [BUG] OBS window flickers every 4 seconds

    Streaming on Twitch has been a nightmare for months now: the OBS main window keeps flickering approximately every 4 seconds. Here's a recording of what I see: This bug happens when: - Capturing doom (source-port is dsda-doom) - Streaming to Twitch -...
  2. S

    High upload speed, dropping frames on OBS. Have data.

    Hi everyone! I have been stressed over this and have tried a BUNCH of stuff to see if I can fix this. I took 3 weeks off from streaming and before I could stream normally, I returned and had frames drops. I would totally appreciate if anyone could let me know what I can do. Upload speed is...
  3. I

    OBS/Twitch ending stream on it's own

    Hello everyone, I am a streamer in need of help. Recently I've been streaming and occurred an issue that my stream went offline which I saw on my chatterino, but then as I opened obs studio it hasn't ended the stream. I look up into my twitch channel and my stream indeed ended. I don't know...
  4. RU_1n

    Is there any tools or solutions to GDI+ text in OBS can support Twitch emotes?

    Im so interested.
  5. R

    Unable to connecto to server

    I used to be able to go live in twitch , facebook or any other social media. Suddenly I get the message unable to connect to server on twitch. I still am able to go live on youtube or facebook but not on twitch. Tried binding my IP , tried deleting OBS and reinstall it, open it as admin...
  6. T

    Twitch Stream unscharf trotz empfohlener TTV Einstellungen

    Moin, ich habe im Dezember letzten Jahres angefangen Warzone (und ganz selten LoL/Battlefield V) zu streamen. Das hat am Anfang auch ganz gut geklappt, hab dann aber irgendwas verstellt oder es kam ein Update, wodurch es jetzt so aussieht...
  7. L

    OBS freezing while streaming+recording

    For the past 3 days (23/02, 24/02, 25/02) my OBS will freeze randomly while I am simultaneously streaming to Twitch and recording. I've tried switching from mkv to mp4 but nothing changed. I'll attach a zip file with the logs, tell me if you need more info. Thank you in advance
  8. T

    OBS crashing?

    I am currently running a ryzen 5 3600x and a rtx3060 and up until this week I’ve never had problems. But now when I try to stream within 5 minutes of being live the stream will crash and it will render my PC useless unless I hold the power button to reset it. I asked my friend to try and he had...
  9. D

    Twitch live after 28th of Febraury

    According with you communication on Twitter, Starting from the end of February, It won't be impossible to use Obs to go live on Twitch, unless we use the latest version 27.2 . The latest update is giving me a lot of problems (and I'm not the only one) . What can we do in order to keep using...
  10. S

    Twitch Not Staying Linked

    Every time I close and reopen OBS, all my twitch integrated docks disappear. I have to fully unlink and relink my twitch account before it will let me see them again. Any advice to fix this issue?
  11. MimaSweets

    OBS twitch docks theme-light mode

    hello! For some undisclosed reason the twitch docks on OBS studio are hard-coded to theme-dark. If this could be disabled so that other themes could be enabled either by the ui or by the use of BTTV and similar alternatives it would go along way on the accessibility of the software. I...
  12. I

    twitch doesn't go live

    according to OBS when I "start streaming" my channel is live but it doesn't go live on twitch - I have tried disconnecting my account & reconnecting plus a lot of other trouble shooting - if anyone knows what to do that would be really helpful! frustrated & have stumped a few people w what could...
  13. OmegaTooYew

    5950x / x264 encoding / Dual PC - Help Requested

    Hello I've been streaming on Twitch for quite a few years, I know a good thing or 2 about streaming, PC requirements for it, and what to expect. Unfortunately (and also fortunately), for the majority of the time while streaming, I've been using New NVENC. While it has allowed me to stream at...
  14. N

    Twitch VODs cutting in half, portions of stream going missing.

    For the past 6 months, the VODs twitch streams are starting to split into multiple pieces which is extremely frustrating for my situation. Since I speedrun COD, the fact that some of my VODs are getting cut into pieces, (the VODs I use to highlight) they cannot be submitted as proof that I...
  15. B

    Twitch chatwindow (obs)

    Hey ich bräuchte hilfe beim twitchchatfenster denn wenn ich rdr2 streame, seh ich das fenster nicht im vordergrund. blue
  16. I

    League of legends will/wont capture

    I am having an issue where my league of legends is not being captured by OBS 80% of the time. Yes, I have the Client which is referred to as "LeagueClientUX.exe" in window mode, automatic, window title must match. I have the in game client known as "LOL (TM) Client" in game capture> Capture...
  17. Jshmittyz

    A Breakpoint has been Reached?

    I Have been getting some really weird crashes in OBS/ Destiny 2 starting today I have my dump logs, and crash reports attached I can not find the issue if someone can help me that would be great. I also have the DMP dumps for obs but it is too big to post. It started today with discord crashing...
  18. D

    Is there an Twitch Alert plugin option one can use for streaminf in OBS

    Hi All, I am new to OBS. I have my streaming configuration setup and i noticed there isn't any add-on option to configure alerts when you are streaming for Twitch, YouTube etc. Is there a plugin for this? I did some research and the videos I see and recommending using other application like...
  19. J

    bitrate issues when trying to stream on twitch.

    So I have a consistent issue with a lot of streaming applications when i attempt to stream on twitch, when I run test streams on OBS it shows that I'm dropping a lot of frames, I set my scale to 1920x1080, 30 FPS With 6000 bitrate and opened nothing just streamed a blank screen, and OBS shows a...
  20. B

    Auto-Configuration wizard error

    Please help.... I am having issues with my OBS, I have restarted router for internet and it is working fine, I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, I have gone through the settings to find the best one which will have the best quality and still comes up with this error...