1. E

    OBS not streaming to Twitch with NVENC

    Hello! Everytime I start streaming in OBS using NVENC I won't be live on Twitch, even though OBS says I'm streaming. However, when I use x264 as my encoder it'll work and I'll be live on Twitch but I'll be super laggy, which is why I wanted to use NVENC. I've tried updating my driver but nothing...
  2. B

    Pixelated streaming

    PC: -i5 12600k -Amd rx6800xt -16gb 3600mhz cl16 Connection: -Download: 950Mbps -Upload: 97Mbps OBS setting: -Server: Germany, Frankfurt(6) -Encoder: AMD HW H.264(AVC) -Rate Control: CBR -Bitrate: 8000Kbps -Keyframe: 2 -Preset: Quality -Proile: High -B-frames: 2 -Canvas: 2560x1440 -Output: 720p...
  3. D

    Disconnect from server.

    Hello, I've been getting randomly while streaming the message "Disconnect From Server" multiple times a day. Here are some log files.
  4. S

    OBS crashes during stream, 6 months and no answer!!

    Hello! I feel like I'm going crazy. I've been trying almost everything I read in these forums and yet I can barely go through a single stream on Twitch without several crashes. What happens is that the Bitrate on my StreamManager on Twitch will go from glowing green to grey abruptly and OBS is...
  5. B


    Hi, I just assembled my new computer I tried to make streams but it doesn't show well when I move. I've tried enabling network optimization but nothing changes. PC SPEC: i5 12600k RX6800xt 16gb 3600mhz cl16 OBS SETTING: Encoder: AMD HW H.264(AVC) Rate Control: CBR Bitrate: 6000Kbps KeyFrames...
  6. E

    Skipped frames/Frames missed in OBS

    This is what my OBS stats looks like as soon as I open up a game whilst streaming. I've tried literally everything I can find on the internet (lowering res, changing bitrates, reinstalling OBS, even resetted my entire pc, changed from NVIDIA to x264) nothing works.. anyone out there that's got a...
  7. T

    Non-Free Chance Wheel Overlay 2023-01-26

    Chance Wheel Chance Wheel Overlay that can be triggered by Subs & Bit donations. The chance wheel is completely customizable via twitch-chat commands! Includes a customizable timer that determines how frequently the wheel can be spun.
  8. N

    OBS uses 1500 Kb/s - 0 Kb/s - OBS usa 1500 Kb/s a 0 Kb/s

    Hello, currently I have a good computer and my internet connection is powerful enough to have 5000 Bitrate, I stream at 1920x1080 and in general everything should flow but not in this case, I start streaming and it goes down to an average of 1500 kbps or 0 kbps which does not let me stream...
  9. E

    4K Streaming downscaled to 1080p for Streaming on Twitch

    I want to capture in 4K with my Sony camera and downscale that to 1080p and stream on Twitch. How would that work? I typed the steps I think i should do, please correct any steps.. and let me know if there is anything else im missing 1) set the camera settings itself to capture in 4K 2) set...
  10. L

    Can’t stream from my laptop

    I was able to stream when I recently got my laptop but one day it just stopped working and I thought it was because my wifi was weak, but I recently got a new router, higher internet speed and a wired connection, I thought that would’ve fix my streaming issue but for some reason I still can’t...
  11. S

    Free Twitch Reader 2023-01-17

    Twitch Reader website uses Microsoft Edge natural voices to read aloud Twitch Chat messages.
  12. H

    Stops my stream?

    So basically, I started twitch streaming in june 2022, been using OBS since beginning. Now I am having trouble with it. I get to stream for maybe 16-30 min, it says on twitch my stream is unstable after my streams starts over, which is weird, cus my internet is fine, my games arent laggy when...
  13. V

    performace Impact when streaming with OBS

    So i use obs at quite some time now, but now, after Formating my pc, a Razer Blade with i7-10875h, 16GB of Ram, RTX 2070 Super, i noticed a perfomance drop when streaming. I stream at 1080p60fps with NVIDIA NVENQ. I attached the log from the stream and screenshots of obs settings. Thanks Guys
  14. GothPhoebe

    Having random disconnects

    I'm not sure what's causing it but I've been having issues with random disconnects to twitch for a few months now. Here are a few of my logs to see if these help find out what the issue is.
  15. E

    Videoaufnahme rückt automatisch in den Hintergrund

    Hallo, habe gestern Obs installiert und versucht auf Twitsch zu streamen. Ich habe mein Spiel ( League of Legends) über Fensteraufnahme gestreamt. Dann wollte ich meine Webcam über Videoaufnahme zeitgleich streamen. Aber die Videoaufnahme rückt automatisch in den Hintergrund und lässt sich nicht...
  16. Trunkz

    Rodecaster Pro 2 Duel PC Stream Setup Help?

    Nobody on youtube has a setup for this using Elgato 4K60 Mk2 Capture Card and then OBS to Stream on Twitch. I'm having problems from mic hiss, then no mic hiss but double sounds, just one problem solved only for another to appear... I'm hoping someone out there has theirs set up and can post...
  17. N

    Randomly, transmission stops - M1Max64GB, receiving NDI from other PC

    Hello! So, to get you inside the problem, let me introduce myself, and my setup: I am a Live Streamer, transmitting to Twitch, who uses 2 computers: - Desktop Computer with Windows10 to play games - using NDI inside OBS 28, and transmitting as a simple OUTPUT; - MacBookPro M1Max64GB to...
  18. J

    Recommended bitrate and video quality for twitch

    Hi, I know there is a guide from twitch, but afaik you actually need more than 6000 (which is recommended max for twitch non-partners, although you could push it to ~8000) to stream in 1080p 60, especially when streaming action games. So should I use 720p 60 instead? And if so, Is there a point...
  19. M

    Unable to connect twitch to obs

    I have been using OBS for awhile now and im only crossing this issue, I loaded up my OBS today and saw my twitch docks weren't loaded. I thought maybe if I disconnected twitch from OBS and reconnected it would work. Sadly did not. I uninstalled and reinstalled still nothing. All I am getting...
  20. joulinara

    OBS crashing camera properties (NVIDIA graphics drivers)

    Hello dear gamers, The new NVIDIA graphics card drivers, version 526.86 "Game Ready" and newer, have a known issue that causes OBS Studio to hang when using a Video Capture Device source. Revert to the most recent "Studio" drivers and avoid updating until the next "Studio" driver comes out. The...