1. T

    Docks Loading Off to the Side

    Hi there, I am currently having an issue to where all my docks (chat, stream info, etc.) are loading off to the side of my screen, with no way to center them back to where I can see it. Currently running OBS 27 rc1 and my log file is attached here: Is...
  2. T

    Free Hype Train Overlay - for Twitch

    Hype Train Overlay for Twitch - Syncs and appears w/ Twitch Hype Train - Donations add viewers to the Train - Viewers can change their emotes while on the train - Train Whistle sound when it appears. Customization allows you to change the color, and Emote of the Conductor of the train...
  3. S


    hi guys, i’m starting streaming on twitch and i tried a few settings but i am going through one problem, blurry. my cpu is ryzen 7 3700x my gpu is 1060 6gb i tried streaming with both options and with fps it all goes good, but the problem is my bitrate i have 4mb upload i’m trying with...
  4. D

    Viewers reporting lagging and buffering

    Hi all. My viewers are reporting a bunch of lagging and buffering with my streams that I myself can't seem to see in my settings. Im trying to stream my Switch via an Elgato HD60S+ at 720p60fps. My internet upload speed is ~20 MBPS. Any suggestions?
  5. M

    Failed to connect to server

    Hi, when I try to stream to Twitch, I get this error: "Failed to connect to server: Hostname found, but no data of the requested type. This can occur if you have bound to an IPv6 address and your streaming service only has IPv4 addresses (see Settings -> Advanced)." I've done a lot of googling...
  6. D

    EOS Canon Rebl T5 not focusing

    So I use EOS Utility and OBS to try and steam BUT my camera does not focus as shown below. It shows the background clear but not up close. I have tried changing the mode on the camera and I have tried to change it to manual focus. But nothing has worked :/ This is a close up This is sort of...
  7. jotavefps


    AMD Ryzen 7 3700x GTX Geforce 1650 4gb 16RAM 3000mhz (2x8) Someone help me with settings to set up for twitch. I play csgo and pubg on stream
  8. V

    I can't Hear my microphone audio on mobile (on stream or during videos) but i can hear my mic fine on everything else

    So i have ran into this problem for the past few months where during streams and posting YouTube videos i will check my stream on PC, everything sounds fine, on console, everything is fine but if i go onto my twitch app and check my stream i can hear game play but not my microphone audio. The...
  9. T

    I need help

    Ok so i’m currently console streaming and i have a capture card and a pc to do it all. So i put my settings at placebo usage at 1080p60 with 6000 bitrate and it was working fine everytime i used it. then one day, i decided to try and stream but it said there was an encoding overload and i was...
  10. B

    Dropping frames when switching to another game

    Hi everyone, I started streaming not too long ago and I seem to have found a pattern regarding dropped frames. I have an arguably solid system (AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Nvidia RTX 2060, 16 GB RAM) and decent internet speeds (300 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload) so I doubt these aspects could be the issue...
  11. P

    Multiple Clips Saved on Twitch Instead of One Big Clip

    I have always used OBS and never really had any issues but last night I streamed for 2 hours and 29 minutes. I then check today on Twitch in the Video Producer section and there I see it broke my stream into several individual videos! They aren't even split in good places. Most are at 20 - 30...
  12. R

    Frozen OBS Video Capture when streaming

    Hi Guys, I hope you're all well, I never usually turn to these forums for help but believe me... i'm desperate at this point. When steaming on OBS things will be going smoothly with no problems until all of a sudden the video capture will just freeze, when this happens my stream keeps on going...
  13. H

    OBS through Twitch -- Echoing caused by Xbox app/party chat?

    Hello, I've spent a considerable amount of time researching this and no luck, was hoping I could find help here. I tried switching audio outputs to every option I have within: OBS - Realtek Digital Output (Realtek); Acer XFA240 (NVIDIA); Headphones (2 - Astro A20 Game); Speakers (Realtek) Xbox...
  14. D

    how can I reverse my sound on obs?

    I'm using a software named "EqualizerAPO" to reverse my hearing.It's a problem about my ears (probably).Because of this software my wievers are hearing the left sound from right and left sound from right. Is there a way to change it from obs?
  15. Woodryda

    Free - Embed your Heart Rate with Apple Watch HypeRate APP Version 1.0 (40)

    HypeRate (Open Beta) helps you to embed your live heart rate to OBS directly from your Apple Watch. Super easy setup; no additional hardware, just install, copy your individual link and add it to OBS - you're all set up in 2 mins. How it works: Accept the Testflight Beta invite here...
  16. Bublik

    OBS Network Framedrop issue

    Hello everybody, I've had dropped frames while streaming for a long time. As far as the OBS settings are concerned, I have already adjusted the whole thing so far that it should not be the case. I also checked the problems with the provider and there is no disturbance. The problem also...
  17. Mauricio_Music

    Plugin for chat from multiple sources

    I have just set up the plugin to stream on multiple platforms at once (by now I stream to Twitch, Youtube and Facebook) but I found that I can have the chat of one platform only in the OBS studio mode. A few days ago I saw a guy playing guitar on Twitch and he got in his screen chat messages...
  18. D

    Stream disconnecting and reconnecting every 2 to 5 minutes

    I know there's a lot of people already posted this issue but I'm still hoping. So here are my log files right after obs reconnected again. OBS LOGS: OBS SETTINGS: SPEEDTEST RESULT...
  19. K

    Stream has lots of grain on a good computer

    Hello, I am about to get into streaming, and I want to make obs as clear as possible. However, when I view what the stream output would be, recording with the stream encoder, it looks really grainy. My computer is definetly not maxing out during recording because I have 0 missed or skipped...
  20. T

    HD60 Pro CPU Help

    Hi everyone, I am getting a second computer that is just for streaming. I wanted to include the HD60pro in the build and wanted to know if an i5-10400 or even an i5-9400 was a good CPU to achieve a smooth 1080p 60fps stream. The GPU that is in there currently is an HD 6670, I was told that...