1. H

    Voice echoing and repeating multiple times when streaming

    My set up: I stream PS4 through remote play > OBS. I have a headset with mic connected to the PS4 controller. When streaming I have the game sound go through perfectly however my voice echoes/repeats multiple times. If I say something, it is repeated 4-5 times. I am not using any capture cards...
  2. M

    Help! everytime i stream within at most an hour my game audio stops.

    hello, can anyone help with this issue i am having, when i am streaming part way through my stream my elgato capture card stops picking up game audio. i have an elgato capture HD60S+ and im using OBS studio. even when i am testing it (not streaming), it seems to stop after 20 mins. i am...
  3. A

    OBS problema whit Twitch

    Hello! My name is Adrián, I'm from Argentina, I'm using google translator. A few days ago I set up a Twitch account to stream, but I'm having a problem using OBS. I have tried in many ways, but it always marks connected but does not emit a signal. I try as many times as necessary until it...
  4. R

    [FIX] How to solve issue with lagging or stuttering on stream or recorded video in Warzone - OBS

    Hello, I want to share you with my solution which I found yesterday. I struggled with it for 3 days. That solution is very simple -,- Solution in the form of movie
  5. touch_portal

    Use CHANNEL POINTS To Control OBS with Touch Portal!

    Control OBS with Twitch channel points, chat messages, subscribers and bits with Touch Portal.
  6. touch_portal

    How-To Setup Touch Portal w/ OBS for Twitch Streaming !! DUAL Streaming Setup

    This video shows the setup process for Touch Portal & OBS for Twitch Live Streaming. It also covers Dual PC Streaming Setup as well for those of you streaming with Two PC's. Touch Portal: Websocket Plugin:
  7. S

    Need Help With Streaming Audios I Have No Headset/Just Basic Headphones W Mic

    Hey guys I’ve been struggling all night with this. I personally have a pair of Skullcandy headphones (wire ones- not headphones that you wear on your head but ones you stick in your ears). Anyways I have utilized “iShowU Audio Capture” with my app “Audio MIDI Setup” and at first when I followed...
  8. S

    Mac: Missing "Connect Account" button for Twitch !

    Hello everyone, I am on macbook pro trying to connect to Twitch. I downloaded OBS Studio (25.0.8) yesterday (first time user) and there is no "connect account" button for Twitch. I want to connect that way instead of putting in the stream key so that i can add the Chat box, which i understand...
  9. T

    Free Emote Word Cloud Overlay

    Chat Cloud - Get OBS Url Here: Dynamic word and emote cloud. Parts of the cloud grow and shrink according to trending words and emotes in the chat. By default, it takes at-least 2 appearances of the same word within 30 seconds to trigger an effect. Emotes show up...
  10. T

    Free Emote Combos Overlay

    Twitch Emote Combos Overlay Simple and quick to setup. Just click the link below, turn the app on, and paste the OBS link into a Browser source. - Get OBS Url Here: If chat manages to post the same emote multiple time in a row the combo counter goes up! How high...
  11. X

    Download speed overload when streaming?

    Hi, lately i can not stream for nothing in the world. Ive had my isp come check signals, i had them rewired my house, new modem , new pc. The works and i still have this problem where my download speed will randomly spike so high that it makes my modem crash when i stream. Only things that are...
  12. S

    Sound problem on Twitch (OBS Studio)

    Hi everyone, I did a stream a few days ago and a viewer complained of a bad sound. So I went to see what was wrong and, indeed, the sound was absolutely not qualitative, it was even very bad, so I was forced to stop the stream. If you can help me it would really make me very happy, I can send...
  13. S

    Blurry stream when moving in game (TWITCH)

    Hi, I need you to help me with a problem that I am having in my streams. This is that they look blurry / pixelated when I move in the game and when I am still it looks perfect. I don't understand the reason, because my download and upload speeds are good. Below I leave screenshots of my...
  14. O


    Hi there guys. I really need to fix whatever issue it is, that i am having when trying to stream dj sets to facebook or twitch. I use a green screen with chroma key. So im not sure if that effects that vs. no green screen, But all i want/need is a smooth streaming experience to my viewers...
  15. G

    7 cameras at the same time

    Hi! I am planning to start a program on Twitch and for that I need to be able to transmit 5 or 7 cameras at the same time, all on screen (as if it were a Skype call but filmed with 7 live cameras). I know that I can create scenes with several cameras simultaneously, but I wanted to know if it...
  16. D

    Finding a good spot for resolution/fps/bitrate/bpp

    Hi everyone, Can someone help me with understanding how these 4 things affect eachother when determining the quality output of my streams ? Basically i'm trying to tweak my stream for FPS games at 1440p@144hz and want to squeeze the most quality out of a set bitrate cap of 4000/6000 kbps. I...
  17. L

    Weird Video Glitch on Stream... please help!

    Hi all, I am somewhat new to streaming and have been having trouble with a weird visual glitch when I stream. The glitch does not happen in-game at all, just on my stream. It affects my webcam and my widgets too. It isn't dropping frames or anything like that, it's just these weird flickering...
  18. C

    Single PC Streaming Feels Like My Monitor Refresh Rate is Lower?

    Hey guys, I am going to try to keep this short with providing as much information as possible. I like to lock my fps in all my games to 144, the same as my manitor. Off stream things feel great as they should but once I start streaming my faster movements feel/look more scratchy/grainy. Its...
  19. 700hours

    Semi-free Trotbot Redux: Extensible API v1.1.9.32 Console

    Trotbot Redux Summary Alone, this is a program that connects to Twitch chat rooms with the required user credentials just as any other IRC client would. It also allows for chatting through the console from the bot. Though, seeing as that would not be efficient, there are hooks in the program...
  20. Notlistening

    YouTube not compatible with Twitch?

    This needs to be upvoted because it took me half an hour to find the answer, it needs to take less time for others. Do you want to stream to Twitch and YouTube at the same time? You can't. Sorry to say this but it's not possible. At the moment streaming to Twitch and YouTube at the same time...