1. J

    bitrate issues when trying to stream on twitch.

    So I have a consistent issue with a lot of streaming applications when i attempt to stream on twitch, when I run test streams on OBS it shows that I'm dropping a lot of frames, I set my scale to 1920x1080, 30 FPS With 6000 bitrate and opened nothing just streamed a blank screen, and OBS shows a...
  2. B

    Auto-Configuration wizard error

    Please help.... I am having issues with my OBS, I have restarted router for internet and it is working fine, I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, I have gone through the settings to find the best one which will have the best quality and still comes up with this error...
  3. G

    Disconnection stream

    hello, I have a problem with my stream, after a few minutes in my log this error comes out "warning: Could not update timestamps for discarded samples". this error continues every 10 seconds until the crash of the connection of twitch's servers. has it ever happened to anyone? There is a solution?
  4. S

    Bitrate spiking and stopping my streams despite strong network

    Over the last four days my stream has crashed multiple times with very unstable bitrates after being excellent quality on twitch seconds before. I ran internet speed tests which I will link a ss below. I've tried lowering my bitrate and audio bitrates to see if that was the problem and it...
  5. M

    Problems running OBS and ElgatoHDs what is it?

    Hello, I have been trying to stream my switch but feel sorta defeated because I can't seem to get it to stream properly. I start up elgato and obs and I start having lag issues and my sound starts crackling. The system says I am using 25% of my cpu and the fan is going strong. My specs: Dell...
  6. jasonsgroovemachine

    Stream Starting Automatically After Changing Title (Twitch)

    So this has happened a few times now and I finally was paying enough attention to see what I was doing that was causing the issue. When I open the "Stream Information" dock and change the title of my stream as soon as I leave that box the stream starts. I don't have to click "Done" down at the...
  7. G

    Twitch login falure:

    Hello everybody! Can't login to Twitch after Windows 11 clean install. Failed to get token from remote: schannel: AcquireCredentialsHandle failed: SEC_E_SECPKG_NOT_FOUND (0x80090305) I've tried to google this, but no results about OBS. The only think that the issue is related with SSL or some...
  8. S

    MultiCamer Viewer Choice

    Copied from Twitch Extension Developer Forums: Hello Twitch & Twitch Developers, I had the idea and I think this an inevitably awesome feature idea to have multiple camera angles set up as separate streams within the same stream...
  9. zeushdlive

    Help! Twitch VOD Audio Track issue

    So before you pass judgement or tell me what I should or shouldn't do, I run an over-the-road truck driving stream on Twitch. Don't worry, I use TTS on the chat so I'm not distracted or anything. Moving on to the problem at hand.. First, you have to understand that I run my stream off a...
  10. N

    0 upload speed when streaming?

    Hi, so I found some of those threadsbut none of them fixed my issue. So I have (at least I thought so) pretty good internet connection, I attach some tests I did. Even though everything seems fine - my OBS upload speed dropes to an awful 0 kb/s while trying to stream Red Dead Online, which I...
  11. I

    OBS Twitch Stream| Onstream frame drops but no one in OBS

    My last stream had 20 FPS and stutters but in obs everything was fine RX 580 Ryzen 5 3600 16GB 3200Mhz
  12. Crimonit

    some server connection issues

    Hi. Do you guys have any idea what's wrong? I tried to launch a stream, but bitrate stays low or spikes for 1 sec and goes down. As you can see in the screenshot, sweden server has the best bandwidth, but quality is 0. What can i do? (also i want to mention that youtube on bitrate 6000 works...
  13. Astronod

    UI positioning issue in 4K resolution

    I'm having some issues using OBS in 4K resolution. Web based windows (twitch docks) behave strangely. I tried to explain the situation in the images below. This is what it looks like in 1080p: And this is what it looks like in 4K: Is this a known bug? Can someone help me with this? Log...
  14. C

    Mixcloud poor connect, Twitch great.... why?

    Background Info: I stream using OBS on a MacBook Pro Mid 2012, with Serato DJ on a secondary MacBook Air. My settings according to MixCloud match all recommended streaming settings in OBS. I run ethernet and have typically 500 Download and 50-70 Upload speed. Here's the issue: When I stream to...
  15. T

    Overlay not fitting in full Twitch window when I stream

    So I have had this issue for about a week now where for some reason my overlay isn't fitting on Twitch when I go live. It looks like a widescreen movie at best. It's kind of frustrating and I don't understand how it got this way. Settings for all of my scenes are 1920/1080 and the canvas is the...
  16. K

    What Quality Should I Stream Fortnite @ With 3000bitrate

    So I recently got a hotspot plan that has allowed me to start streaming. I can do about 3000 bitrate but I dont know what quality or fps I should stream. Right now my setting are Canvas - 1920x1080 Output - 1280x720 FPS - 48 Bitrate 3000 Also I use nvec encoder My pc specs are CPU - i5...
  17. K

    OBS ending stream without notification

    Hi everyone, Stream is running/looking fine but suddenly just ends without telling me. OBS says it's streaming when Twitch says I'm offline. This happens around 1 hour in. Can someone here take a look at my logs to see if there's something I'm missing? I can't see anything myself. If you find...
  18. F

    im so f'ing mad rn

    i legit put in my stream key and it said "stream key is invalid" auto config wizard dosent work. stream starts and stops for no reason. screen black but i have display and game capture. i dont get it. please help. i disabled my twitch account i am so mad. also i have the best setting and still...
  19. Q

    Stream not showing up in game directory

    Hey! Guys, I need help. When I start my stream, it will momentarily appear in the selected category on the twitch. But after a few seconds it disappears. And my broadcast is no longer displayed in the "View" tab. Consequently, new viewers cannot go to my broadcast. It just isn't on the stream...
  20. S

    How to see chat over game. Linux

    If anyone is interested, I just found a way to overlay the chat on top of your game when you're streaming so that you can see your chat on Linux. You just have to pop-out the chat and then right click the top of the window and select "Always on Top" Idk why I didn't think of this before. The...