1. Y

    Stream pixelated when moving (For Twitch)

    Hello everyone, i saw that there is a lot of people who have this problem, and none of the fixs gave work for me. I'm on streamlabs OBS, i use AMD encod and i fixed a bit rate at 6000, everything else i set to default On the video part the canvas is 1080p and the output is the same, the...
  2. Darye

    Semi-free Loot's Tools: Automate your Streams to the Next Level v2.5.9

    Loot's Tools is a tool for Streamloots, to enhance its functionality and let the streamer have better and Next Level interactions between them and the audience. Let it be controlled by the audience Minecraft Streams (Examples here, here, or here), effects on camera, or anything that interacts...
  3. P

    OBS stops streaming at random (Twitch)

    So I've been having this issue for awhile now, I have tried trouble shooting and looking for answers and I just have never found anything. Anytime I stream to Twitch my stream will stop at random with no warning no matter what I am doing or playing. This caused me to stop streaming for awhile...
  4. prxyrse

    Internet Drops Only When Streaming from OBS...?

    Hello, I help on the tech side of things with my partner's streaming. We've been having issues with it for a long time now, and have tried multiple things. New Router, Changing Settings, you name it. Only thing it feels like we haven't done is change ISPs (which, seems kind of impossible for us...
  5. HeyyItsBran

    OBS Python Streamlink source 0.1

    Quickly and easily display a Twitch or Youtube stream on your own stream, such as for background music or reaction videos Requires Streamlink to be installed and set up on your system - Please note however this script is an independent project with no affiliation to the Streamlink dev team...
  6. J

    Normal fps in game, but non existent fps while streaming on twitch. pls help :(

    I'm using SLOBS to stream on twitch. I mainly stream Tekken 7 1080p 60fps with no problem. Last night I decided to stream Horizon : Zero Dawn. Gameplay was no problem averaging over 50 fps, I have a second monitor for the stream preview but it was bit choppy. And then one of my viewers said that...
  7. D

    Dropping frames while streaming Apex legends and livestream ending due to instability

    I have had this issue for weeks now. I've been blaming Apex cause it started since it's last update. But there could be something wrong with OBS too since I just restart my OBS and quickly restream and I can get back to live on Twitch. I don't get any error its just my chat telling me my stream...
  8. A

    starting twitch stream in obs that already connected to facebook

    hi all, i usually streamed my game using OBS/obs live/streamelements to facebook gaming. but now i have create new profile and new scene for me to stream in twitch. all setting already change to twitch server but the thing is, when I press start streaming, the start streaming to facebook...
  9. S

    I can not see twitch stats

    Hi , I am using OBS 27.0.1 64-bit. The Twitch stats dock seems to have disappeared from my OBS. . I can see system stats yes but I can not see Twitch stats anymore. Can anyone explain how to solve the problem?
  10. J

    Network Lag with Good internet?? since OBS update

    Hello all, I am a new streamer but ever since the OBS update before this recent one that just came out I have been having very very VERY bad network dropped frames. Before the update, I was using 60 fps, 1280x720, and bitrate of about 3500. Additionally, my internet download and upload speeds...
  11. sammieko

    Stream chats.. how do i put them intro my stream?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between of that‍♂️. got a question about stream chats, like i want to put in my stream itself the livechat what is going on below my stream… for example i take faceboo, since i stream there lately the most…how do i do this…. Without a weird platform...
  12. M

    OBS Settings Help

    Hello :) I'm really confused as to what is causing the pixelation on my streams, I know I'm going to get pixelation and its not gong to be perfect but I know its not supposed to be as bad as it is, especially with my settings. I'm running x264 8000 bitrate slow cpu preset main profile...
  13. M

    Twitch VOD Track not appearing on Advanced Output mode on settings

    The title itself is the main problem. I searched everywhere but it seems that I am the only one that is experiencing this problem, hence, I cannot find any solution which is why I am here. I already installed Twitch Soundtrack app of course. But the very first weird thing that happened after I...
  14. vlxprod_

    Display twitch polls as a GUI on OBS

    Hello, with some friends, we are currently creating a show on Twitch, and we want to set up some ways to interact with the chat. So I'm wondering, is there a way to integrate the polls on Twitch as a GUI, either with a plugin, or with a source browser. For example, we integrate our twitch...
  15. M

    The "Delay from inappropriate content" function

    Hello OBS Project ! OBS Studio needs a function to hide the screen and mute the sound from inappropriate content on Twitch broadcasts, etc. How is it supposed to work? - For example, the delay is set to 5 seconds, “18+ content” appears on the desktop, and the streamer has 5 seconds to press...
  16. H

    OBS streams - No sound on Twitch Live but there's sound on Facebook Live

    As the title implies, whenever I go live on Twitch, game sound and mic sound doesn't come out. But when I tried going live on Facebook, it works just fine. Going Live on Twitch [X] Game Sound [X] Mic Sound [O] Monitoring Going Live on FB [O] Game Sound [O] Mic Sound [O] Monitoring I've been...
  17. H

    CPU making stream latency increase to unbearably long even while using NVENC(new)

    Thanks in advance for any help! Specs: i5 7500, 16gb RAM, GTX 1070, Windows 10 (log file is before i updated windows but just to note i still have all the same issues now that im up to date) OBS settings: Streaming at 720p 30fps (was on 60 fps but i dropped it down to make sure that wasnt a...
  18. N

    Problems with the internet.

    Hi, im streaming in Twitch with obs, i have a bitrate of 1200 kbs but my upload velocity is of 2500 kbs when i up the bitrate to 2500 the stream have lag and the square is in red, solutions? Sorry for my English, i from Argentina xd Thanks you for reading :)
  19. R

    Desktop audio has dissapeared after installing Twitch Soundtrack

    Hi all. So, I had my OBS perfectly fine configured. Today I installed Twitch Soundtrack to include music in my streams, and now I can't see Desktop Audio anymore in the sound mixed in OBS. Instead, I have "VOD Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch", and its bars never move. I have been playing around...
  20. F

    HELP with OBS 26.1 Twitch VOD Track option

    Hello, i have an issue with the Twitch VOD Track option. I use it with voicemeeter banana and VB-Audio CABLE to avoid copyright on Twitch. When my internet goes down and my stream with it and it comes back all in the stream gets muted (mic, pc audio, music etc) but in the vod is not muted at...