1. Bemjo

    OBS RTX SuperResolution v1.01

    A plugin to enable nVidia RTX Video Super Resolution features as a source filter. Allows the use of RTX AI SuperResolution or GPU accelerated Upscaling. These can be combined with an RTX AI Artifact Reduction pre-pass mode as well to further process your source material. See...
  2. spunkster

    Appending data to the RTMP stream emitted from OBS Studio

    Hi, I am trying to write a customized plugin that can help me append certain metadata in the form of AMF Tags to the outgoing RTMP Stream. I need this metadata to be utilised by my RTMP Server for various latency calculation and other usecases. Can someone tell me if this is possible to be...
  3. Rumdel

    Notification about missing file in playlist

    Hello everyone! I have VLC source in my scene. It contains the playlist: d:\video1.ts d:\video2.ts d:\video3.ts but on drive D there are only video1.ts and video3.ts files And when it comes to video2.ts, the stream freezes. Is it possible to make the missing file highlighted in the playlist...
  4. G

    Issue with Purplish Logo with VFX Lettering When Recording with OBS

    I saw a strange purplish logo consisting of 2 diamonds (1 purple and 1 grey) with VFX written on it while I was recording with obs. It appeared for like 3 seconds. What is it? What does it mean? I have some plugin installed: move transition, spectralizer and streamelements.
  5. zhHighwayRacer03

    Restart video recording device

    How can I have my video capture device, such as my Elgato, turn off after a timer of time and then turn back on? (A reboot) Timer or plugin
  6. Blinter

    Crash from a plugin, but i dont know wich one and how to fix it

    Hi guys, I've recently buy a new pc. I've setup my OBS, everything work fine from 3 weeks. Two days ago, i've decided to install news plugins : - Move transition - Table transition Yesterday, it's worked perfectly and now my OBS crash at the startup. I've looking at the log/crashes logs and I...
  7. T

    Is there a way to remove certain sources from Twitch VODs?

    I am well aware of the feature to make your audio not play on VODs when it's played on a certain track, mainly used to play copyrighted music on stream without DCMA. What I'm wondering is more on the visual sources end of things. For my case particularly, I would like to have a visual indicator...
  8. tony4twenty

    Filters Dock

    A dock that shows all filters in a list similar to source and scenes. I want to be able to go to the dock, click on the source, see all its filters and then edit them without opening any new windows.
  9. filippoadessi

    Volleyball AI PTZ tracker

    Hello, I'm engaged with a youth volleyball club in Italy and I use OBS to stream their matches on youtube. I use my iPhones to stream a rtmp flow to a cloud server, mix flows on OBS and then restream to Youtube channel. But my live stream are static because I cannot manage pan, tilt and zoom...
  10. dsp-stanky

    Questions and Sanity check on textures for video filter plugin dev

    For some background context, I decided to learn how to make a video filter plugin to dip my toes into graphics programming, so i'm pretty new to these concepts, and I apologize if these questions end up being dumb: Currently, i'm trying to create a pixel art video filter as a native OBS plugin...
  11. B

    Plugins not working after being deleted then reinstalled

    Hello, I have a strong problem and I don't know what to do about it. Basically, I tried to install some cools plugins, some of them works, but others were not working or partially. I tried to uninstall Advanced Scene Switcher 1.23.1 because it was crashing when I was trying to set up Macros. I...
  12. MrCoInSanity

    Making my first simple plugin - Linker error

    Hello, I would first like to apologize if I'm posting this in the incorrect section. I have just started developing my first plugin for OBS, and I'm getting a linker error. I've looked on Google, and I can't find anything relevant to what I'm missing. I believe I'm just missing a header file...
  13. voidlesity

    OBS Lua OBS Toggle Scene Plugin 1.0.0

    OBS Toggle Scene Plugin Description: This plugin enables you to toggle between the currently active scene and a pre-defined scene in OBS using a hotkey. Installation: Download the script and save it as scene_toggler.lua on your computer. Open OBS Studio. Go to Tools, then select Scripts...
  14. S

    RTSP Feed Slows over time

    Hello, I have a situation where we have a 6x6 camera grid with 36 RTSP feeds coming into OBS. We want to broadcast one RTSP feed out to a TV using a raspberry pi hooked up to it. We got everything working but have noticed that over time (maybe 2-3 hours) some of the feeds (not all of them) will...
  15. Mat.

    How install Plugins in OBS Studio from Store Application in distros based on Ubuntu.

    Hi there. I faced difficult to install the InfoWriter in my OBS installed from Discover app, a store app to search and install app very common in distro that are compose with KDE Desktop Environment (Plasma). Since I found nothing when I search about that, I want to share you what I made...
  16. A

    Open a browser window (not a dock)

    For a filter plugin, I would like to open a new window on the press on a button in the filter's properties. Is there any (simple?) way to do that ? I couldn't find any doc about this. Thanks !
  17. 6K Labs

    Average approval time for resources

    I was wondering what the average approval time for resources is. I posted my resource monday last week and nothing has happened so far. I understand that there is a small team sitting behind all the requests and changes and I appreciate the effort! I just wanna make sure that mine hasn't been...
  18. A

    (help needed) Apply more than one shader in a filter

    Hi there, and by advance thanks for helping me with my question <3 I'm working on a plugin and I would like to apply more than one shader on a source, for optimizations purposes. What I'm trying to do is to apply a first shader on the source, and get the resulting texture but not draw it...
  19. A

    Advance Scene Switcher

    Hello Guys i have a Question. I try to make my Overlay toggling on and off after a exact amount of Minutes but i dont get it to work? I tried so many things and settings but nothing of that works. My Overlay is a Browser Source maybe someone can help me :) Thank you
  20. C

    OBS Studio Companion plugin won't install.

    Hey, I've been trying to install Soundtrack by Twitch, the app works fine but I keep getting the error, "We could not install the OBS Studio Companion Plugin, please restart". I've restarted the application multiple times as it asked, and it still hasn't worked. Any tips?