1. G

    Amplitube plugin VST filter listen real time

    Hi everybody, I tried to add an Amplitube VST plugin as a filter in my project for the guitar track, but I can only listen the guitar without the plugin. I can hear the plugin, but only when I recorded the project. Is there a method to listen in realtime the plugin that I added? Thank you very...
  2. Shadow007

    I want a OBS plugin for youtube alerts

    Every youtube alerts shows in one place like subscriber, tips, Superchat, Etc Like This one
  3. Speeter

    Remove a Watermark with Filter

    What is the best way to get rid of a Text watermark on a relatively simple Background? Can I use a Filter (if yes, in wich Plugin), or is there a better way?
  4. S

    I’m interested in learning how to code a plugin

    I’d like to know, is there a guide for building plugins for OBS? I use macOS, can they be coded in Swift? Any general information on how to get started would be awesome.
  5. R

    Installed from Source: OBS won't run, fails with plugin and display errors.

    I tried three different scenarios to launch, two from the system console and one from a Windows system connecting in via xwindows. The former looks like a configuration issue because the fundamental issue seems to be a failure to recognize the QT platform plugin "wayland", while the latter looks...
  6. K

    Is there a way to automatically "increase speed 1.1x" after recording?

    I wasn't able to post in the "plugins" section, even though I think this belongs there. I record a lot of screen-share & voice-over video presentations that are ~10 minutes long. However, I sell a product (insurance) that's tough to get people to pay attention before get distracted lol As...
  7. D

    Chroma/Luma noise reduction filter

    As the title says, this kind of plugin on the video filters would be helpful and needed. I do see often that some cheaper/older webcams are prone for introducing a lot of chroma noise that is impossible to get rid of. There is plugins like these for video editors, so I bet that there is...
  8. M

    Plugins n'ont pas pu être chargés

    Bonsoir voici un message d'erreur que j'ai depuis la dernier mise a jour et depuis ce jour impossible de changé de scène avec mon stream deck un idée ?
  9. R

    OBS Studio 28 Plugin Compatibility, amend page to include "Lower Thirds" plugin

    Can somebody please notify whoever can amend the page "OBS Studio 28 Plugin Compatibility", located here: to include the plugin: "Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel "...
  10. LittleDevil

    OBS Freezing

    Hello, I have been experiencing lately issues with my OBS. Everything except camera preview and game preview does not freeze or lag. My mixer, plugins (such as kappamon pet, chat display, alerts etc) all freeze or lag when I get into a game. I tried following options: Uninstall and reinstall...
  11. Pijaaman

    Controlling video playlists : having a mascot/digital Pet

    Hello, This is my first time posting here, and I hope I'm in the right section. Moreover, I tried to look online for a solution, but I'm not sure what keywords to use in order to fin the solution. I am an occasional french (micro)streamer, and I'm thinking of streaming more often, so I'm...
  12. N

    The New version of OBS doesn't take .dll anymore?

    Hi, i'm a musician who use OBS to record my recording sessions. I had to install a dll to hear the sound of my software Reaper. But... I've installed the new version of OBS, 28.0.1, and it tell my all my plugins doesn't works anymore. Just lua and py are avaible.... What is this mess? I...
  13. Musician

    Include support for the CLAP audio plugin standard

    A recently popular and quickly growing open audio plugin format called CLAP is being developed, and I think it would make an excellent fit for the OBS project. It is currently backed by two large and notable audio developers, Bitwig and U-He, gaining support from other large projects such as...
  14. M

    Issues with macOS Plugin Installation from Template

    Hello! I started development on a plugin for OBS v27 using OBS' plugin template, but I am experiencing issues installing the plugin on macOS. OBS v27 built from source, as well as OBS v28 both recognize the ".plugin" file built by the plugin template. However, the plugin will not load or even...
  15. H

    i cant add " Multiple RTMP outputs plugin "

    I ran into a problem that when installing the plug-in for multiple output, nothing appears in the obs, even in the “doc. panels." Already tried everything, not through exe. Nothing comes out of transferring folders. p.s. I install the plugin not for the first time, after reinstalling Windows...
  16. B

    amd encoder

    Hey, I want to Stream with Amd encoder but I just have x264 encoder. Can someone help me. I have rx6500 and ryzen 5 3400g and my Graphic Drivers are up to date.
  17. HireRyanToday

    Accessing the ID3D11Texture2D in a plugin

    I'm building an AI project, and I've got it halfway there, my final hangup is trying to get a smooth, low latency frame capture. There's the virtual camera plugins and all that, but I have to imagine there's fairly significant latency vs grabbing it as it comes off the backbuffer. I did some...
  18. Syntic_Entertainment

    Putting video call sources separately in OBS

    Greetings Lads, I was wondering if there's a way for me to get people's Face-cams from a video call into OBS so that I can move and resize them completely separate from one another instead of having, for example, Discord as a whole window in it. Like, is there a separate program that I can use...
  19. Z

    Problem with Tuna Plugin

    I recently formated my pc and reinstalled tuna so people could see which song is playing, the thing is, rn when i write %t to show the song title, instead it just shows a giant %T and does not show the title properly. Image that shows the issue...
  20. D

    Scene Switch Notification

    I'm using OBS minimized because I'm recording with a duplicated monitor configuration and I just want some kind of visual confirmation when I make a scene switch. It would be good if it could tell me that the hotkey action went through and which scene I've switched to.