1. TheRedM

    obs and aarch64 plugin

    I'm kind of confused! Does plugins have to be built for obs aarch64 version to run or do i have to just download the linux version of the plugin and that's it? Because i tried that but the plugin didn't show up, btw i'm running OBS 25.0.3 on Ubuntu 20.04
  2. yansaan

    is there a "slideshow" source?

    Hello, there are scripts or plugins that can change sources (such as source toggler) but with automatically, so it looks like a slideshow?
  3. Krusty4President

    Newer browser source

    Hi. While using the browser source several pages do not work. Especially those with login popups. Would it be possible to crete a browser source based on a later version och Chromium since to one in 27.1.3 still uses Chromium 75.x
  4. D

    obs sound dont work

    hello, I recently downloaded a plugin so you can give each window a separate sound slider, and I followed a video but somehow no sound wants to come through, the mic does work it is the sound from the applications that doenst work specificaties: focusrite scarlett 2i2 rode m2 microphone
  5. M

    I want to create plugin for advanced audio properties.

    Hi... All. The OBS can't control advanced audio properties for all scene media source before playing media source and other. I have idea to create plugin control for advanced audio properties, include option volume, balance, sync offset, audio monitoring and Tracks. And button for set default...
  6. trancenebula

    a plug-in to use a website page as a canvas background

    hello, i know of a few cool websites that i’d like to have as the background for my streams. i don’t like to have my normal browser (firefox) open when i stream (for like a window capture) because my computer isn’t the best. i already am running different programs, like ableton, during the...
  7. FateOfYou_

    Im looking for a specific plugin for obs

    Hey, So I was looking at this video of an amber alert (yes, I enjoy the emergency alert system) and I saw someone display the actual tv version of the alert on his obs. The video link is so back to it, I was like "how" and I'm wondering if anyone has it. If...
  8. F

    OBS for android & a metronome for OBS

    Hello ! I have two questions. 1. is there any similar program / App that works like OBS for android ? i.e I should be able to connect two cameras, microphones, e.t.c 2. For windows OBS, is there any metronome plugin available ? I have seen some post regarding this, but couldn't understand...
  9. A

    Sending hotkeys to browser dock

    Hi all, I'm looking for a method to send keypresses to a browser dock when it's not focused. I have an HTTP interface in a browser dock which I would like to control with keyboard shortcuts even when the dock isn't focused. Ideally this would all be done from a Python script, but it looks like...
  10. Y

    Adding more properites to the file metadata

    Hi Is there a way (plugin?) that lets me add data to the metadata of the file? Like: Tags, Title, Genre, etc...?
  11. A

    NDI HX Capture isn't streaming to OBS

    So, I'm not a developer or engineer or any kind of that stuff, but here is what's happening. Basically I've bought the NDI HX Capture iOS app to broadcast my iPhone screen (to stream a game) and it is not receiving the image, but supposedly is recieving audio because it shows in the audio mixer...
  12. M

    Multiple loops plugin or trick for record reaction video

    Hi, hope everyone be great I do reaction vids, but I do want video source to have "A to B"& "B to C" &...Multiple loops in video, In order to be more focused when I'm commenting on the video. Any tutorial or keyword search or obs plugin that I could be able to do that? Thanks
  13. J

    Obs Speed Up Audio

    Is there any way with a plug in to speed up the audio in obs? Like in youtube that you can put the audio in 2x or something like that
  14. requantum

    Is there any plugin to support seperate file track matte use?

    Today I spent an hour in DaVinci Resolve making a custom stinger transition with a seperate track matte file, but I just now realized that there is no option to use seperate files for track mattes. Does anyone here know of a plugin or something to help me with this? I'm kind of ticked off that I...
  15. A

    How to uninstall streamFX from OBS?

    How to uninstall streamFX from OBS because I don't need it anymore? but can't find it in my settings....
  16. J

    Watermark plugin

    Hey, I'd like to have a watermark (like my logo) in my output. But I often use picture in picture so I cant put a image in every scene. So did anyone knows how to solve the porblem or if ther is a plugin for obs which instert a watermark afterwards? Thanks
  17. T

    Uninstall RealSense Source plugin?

    I re-installed OBS with the RealSense Source plugin and ever since then my game (Dragon Age: Origins) keeps crashing. Is there any way to uninstall this plugin?
  18. Klongeiger

    VirtualPTZ plugin

    After being disappointed that my Theta 360° camera was virtually useless in OBS (because the fisheye-images don't mix well with normal cameras), I wrote a DAL-plugin that uses the Theta as a source cam and routes a pitch/tilt/zoom segment as a virtual camera into OBS (or any other app that...
  19. ElDonad

    3D stinger transition

    Hi everyone ! I made recently a small C++ plug-in to create 3D stinger transitions ! I was largely inspired by the existing codebase and the StreamFX plugin of course, but I thought maybe some of you might be interested... I have a small demo video down below, the framerate isn't great because...
  20. G


    someone may know a free VST plugin with which you can put autotune in obs it should be downloadable in europe