1. M

    I need help with my camera

    Hello, I use a logitech c920e camera, I used it to make streams and it was perfect. 60fps, 1920x1080 resolution. But today when I opened the program the camera was not recognized. To my surprise, it was because obs stopped recognizing the 1920x1080 resolution, it only allows me to set the camera...
  2. A

    Microphone audio randomly desyncs from everything else on stream?

    Hello everyone, I've been recently having an issue where my microphone audio is randomly getting desynced from everything else on stream. Like my gameplay footage, my webcam, and my desktop audio when I'm in a discord call. I have tried: Setting all audio devices and OBS to be 48HZ disabling...
  3. S

    How to record 1080p 60fps video without lag/stuttering

    So I am trying to record god of war on my pc but the video seems to be stuttering..not a lots but just sometimes and when I play the game , it is smooth... I recorded some indie games or gta sa definitive edition etc , their videos have some sudden stutter too.... so I finally decided to find...
  4. I

    OBS Closing (crashing) With No Log Within Crash Log

    My OBS keeps (randomly) crashing with no error shown at all whatsoever. It just blatantly closes. Literally happened as I was typing this. I tried to ask within the OBS Discord but they just wanted a crash report from two days ago that isn't about this issue as it has happened at least 10 times...
  5. M

    How to record separate audio tracks on Replay Buffer?

    Hey all! Just wondering if I can get some help figuring out how I can record multiple (3) audio tracks when using Replay Buffer on OBS. The three tracks I want to record are: - game audio - mic audio - chat audio In Settings>Advanced>Recording, I have tracks 1-3 selected, and under Advanced...
  6. Takeshino

    Suddenly, without changing any settings, my recordings are corrupted

    Only noticed 5 streams in, my recordings are corrupted (at its worst but also usual, it looks like this) Given how it looks, I'm guessing an issue with I-frames. I usually can still play the MP4 remux from .ts on VLC and edit it on DaVinci Resolve while I can't convert the .ts getting this error...
  7. T

    Bangal numbers font instead of regular font

    Hey , I have a problem with my obs studio , It shows bangal numbers font instead of regular numbers font And it’s driving me crazy Anyone has a solution for this?
  8. B

    OBS Only lets me record once

    I can only record completely fine the first time, but after I stop recording and I want to start recording again, it won't let me. I doesn't show any error, the record button just stays on "start recording" and I need to restart OBS to be able to record again.
  9. C

    Brightness and Contrast stop working for my webcam

    I know this is probably a Logitech Webcam issue but it's worth giving it a try here. tl:dr- Some days, I'll go into OBS to record/stream and I'll tinker with my video settings, but I'll find that my Brightness and Contrast DO NOT change at all. This is important for me because with my lighting...
  10. L

    Stream randomly disconnecting for varying periods of time

    I'm posting this for my boyfriend. A few months ago, his stream started disconnecting out of nowhere, every 5-10 minutes, his connection goes to 0kpbs for a few seconds and then comes back. Some times, he can stream for hours without any issues, he had an almost 8 hour stream recently with no...
  11. O

    Wider Plug In Distortion?

    Hello, I just spent 12 hours re-setting my mic up as it reset itself. At first it was making a weird distortion sound when it wasn't clipping, and most likely that is due to the Wider plug in. Not sure if this is a common problem with the Wider plug in or not. It was also making the left and...
  12. V

    iPad OS support

    Will there ever be a version of OBS for iPad? I’ve tried switcher and it just isn’t as feature packed as OBS is and you can’t use a DSLR for video input to your stream. I guess this might be a niche, but I already have an iPad and a camera, and don’t want to buy a computer just to do livestreams...
  13. Mastered UI John

    High CPU Usage?

    Ok so many people have a CPU Problem.When they are recording they get HIGH CPU.They tried to find many videos and support and nothing helped.I am here to help you :) So I had the same problem.While I was recording OBS Was using the 80% of my CPU.But I fixed it.And here's how to do it Well if...
  14. wizacs

    OBS recordings lags.

    Hello, since a couple of days ago, I noticed that my recordings are really laggy, even if I'm just recording my screen. I tried reinstalling OBS and changing some options but still, the recordings are the same. I'm recording in 60FPS 1080P, as my native resolution, mp4 output and 14 QPC. I used...
  15. I

    "Encoder Error: An error has occurred while streaming"

    For the past month I've been getting this error while streaming. The only way to resume streaming was to relaunch the program only to happen again. It started happening sometime after updating the OBS and Nvidia Driver. I also try re-installing the older graphic driver, but the problem...
  16. F

    Need Help With Video Recording

    My videos always turn out very low fps, even though they are rescaled to 720p. I need all the help I can get. Feel free to give me new settings or things to try. Specs- GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 CPU: Core i7 8700k 3.7GHz RAM: Ripjaw 2x8 DDR4 Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z370-P Power Supply: Corsair...
  17. E

    Is my computer compatible for a good quality for OBS?

    I've tried all the good settings and none of them work. These are my spec. Device name DESKTOP-KIB89M8 Processor AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G 3.50 GHz Installed RAM 12.0 GB (10.9 GB usable) Device ID A4D0B964-FA44-4E4F-89F4-390C3E3706D7 Product ID...
  18. B

    Trying to share live desktop audio from OBS to Discord DM

    I've recently gotten OBS so do forgive me if it's rather simple problem. I'm trying to share OBS audio and screen into discord (because discord screen share is very laggy and pixelated while OBS is rather smooth and clear visually) via DM, so my friend can experience a game with me. So far I was...
  19. C

    Missing footage after recording?

    Hello, I'm posting this on behalf of the person affected. Myself and a group of people were recording a video over zoom using OBS. after we finished recording, everyone's file was 30-32mins in length, the length of the recording. However, one persons' file was 9m22s long, and no sign of the...
  20. Y

    OBS Nvenc New Game Lag

    Hi, So recently I've been trying to use obs nvenc new to record my gameplay at cfr since shadowplay records at vfr. However, when using obs my framerate gets dropped a lot. Playing Modern Warfare I go from 200fps average to 130fps when record, which never happens when using shadowplay. I'm not...