My stream randomly disconnects (along with my games) after 1,5-2 hours when streaming


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Title says it all. After 1, 5-2 hours my obs disconnects because of no internet and my games disconnect too when this happens, however my pc shows that there is infact connection to the Internet. People say its a network issue. I uploaded the latest log too.


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Based on the twitchtest results, your internet connection is bad. Anything bellow 90 quality shows issues on your hoe network or on the ISP network.
First, wireless connection isn't reliable enough, and you can see it on the results.
Try using a wired connection directly to the modem and test it again. If it solves the issue, keep it this way (wired).
If it still shows issues, you should contact your ISP and tell them that you stream, the rtmp protocol isn't reliable over their network and if they can fix it. If you have other ISP services on your zone, talk to them about it too and change ISP is needed.