network issues

  1. TheProxyLazurs

    Frames Droping (Network) despite my connection is fine

    I've been having this issue for a while already, I changed my internet provider to optic fiber but the problem persists. Any other app and game that uses internet seems to be fine and without high latency, I always run OBS as Admin. I tested my bandwidth without any app or game running and...
  2. B

    My stream randomly disconnects (along with my games) after 1,5-2 hours when streaming

    Title says it all. After 1, 5-2 hours my obs disconnects because of no internet and my games disconnect too when this happens, however my pc shows that there is infact connection to the Internet. People say its a network issue. I uploaded the latest log too.
  3. mucks

    frames dropping badly due to network after an update

    okay, i was streaming like a week ago and everything was fine with my network. until i install some updates for windows 10, everything is dropping super heavenly. i honestly dont have a clue what happened. i did the bandwidth test with the r1ch's program and everything looks decent. but still...
  4. F

    FPS loss when I change the "suggested streaming settings"

    Hello, I recently built my new pc, to be precise 3 days ago. Yesterday i tried to stream with my old settings that I used with my old pc (nvenc, 6k bitrate, 1080 60 fps), my internet is pretty good (i will attach a screenshot of a speed test) and I haven't had any problems with my old pc, but...
  5. efrongia

    When opening OBS, internet gets disconnected or cutting

    This is a weird issue. I'm connected to internet over wifi to a high speed connection and low latency, but when I open OBS, the connection just goes down and I cannot navigate not even ping to an IP address. It starts chopping, maybe dropping packets or something. The weird thing is that if I...
  6. P

    Auto-reconnect Failure to YouTube After a Network Disconnection

    I am able to properly live stream from OBS to YouTube. When the network goes down, OBS Studio and the YouTube stream disconnect from one another (as it should). However, when I reconnect the network, OBS Studio reconnects to the network and says it is still streaming, but the stream on YouTube...
  7. M

    NDI source for my Stream PC is showing up, but the screen is black.

    I have been trying to troubleshoot thia problem for hours now and can't seem to get it to work. Currently, I have NDI on both OBS Studio clients and when I go to add the NDI source, my main PC does show up, however, it only show a black screen with no audio output. One thing I do notice after...
  8. J

    Stream keeps stopping or showing I'm offline

    Streaming from OBS and my stream will sometimes show offline but on my side it shows I'm live. Sometimes my stream will show a little yellow box in the bottom right where all the stats are. I also will know the issue is happening when I try to end the stream and I can't unless I kill obs in task...
  9. nepekar

    Dropping frames (network)

    Hi, haven't been streaming in a month, got back and tried to stream. I haven't changed any settings, but now i'm dropping frames, and stats say it's network. Why is that? Log file:
  10. I

    Streaming repeteadly Disconnect and Riconnect

    Good Morning, from more than a week I had a problem with the streaming. From one day to another after few minutes I start the live OBS starts to disconnects and tries to reconnect to the stream, if it succeeds after a few more minutes the thing happen again. I read on the internet, and on your...
  11. M

    Dropping frames (Network) but amazing internet

    Title sums it up pretty well. Im dropping frames while streaming; all dropped frames (network), none due to rendering / encoding lag. Read through a bunch of similar threads so I tried doing my homework and got the log file + Twitch bandwidth test screenshots. Dropping more frames if I leave...
  12. J

    Network Lag with Good internet?? since OBS update

    Hello all, I am a new streamer but ever since the OBS update before this recent one that just came out I have been having very very VERY bad network dropped frames. Before the update, I was using 60 fps, 1280x720, and bitrate of about 3500. Additionally, my internet download and upload speeds...
  13. N

    OBS Kb/s is dropped to 0 while stream is starting.

    Hello everyone, yep, i have some troubles with youtube streaming. My PC: GTX 970, 32Gb, i7-9700k. Yep, GTX970 for i7-9700k it's not compatible so much, don't tell me about that plz. Speedtest: 96mbps downloading, 94mbps uploading. I live near Japan. In one day my stream was starting so good with...
  14. kallsu

    Streaming : failed to connect to the server - dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 doesn't supported

    Hi, Problem: I am here to refresh the theme of the "failed to connect to the server" when you try to stream ( at least on Facebook, Twitch or Youtube ). Context: Operative System $> cat /etc/debian_version 10.9 Interface Configuration eth0: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu...
  15. Conandos

    Dropped network frames

    During stream, I have noticed I have been encountering dropped network frames and a plummet in bitrate far more often than I should be, I only encounter these issues when I stream in the evening, which is the time I would rather stream. I tried to start a stream on the Saturday evening and I...
  16. Bublik

    OBS Network Framedrop issue

    Hello everybody, I've had dropped frames while streaming for a long time. As far as the OBS settings are concerned, I have already adjusted the whole thing so far that it should not be the case. I also checked the problems with the provider and there is no disturbance. The problem also...
  17. G

    Dropping frames/bitrate with decent internet (only recently).

    So as of two days ago I began having problems with my streams. Overall I have little to no problems regarding frame drops and bitrate since I had upgraded to a better ISP but suddenly my frames started dropping down from 60-90% and my bitrate is constantly jumping between 300 - 1900 (with this...
  18. N

    Fps not rendering in cs:go while streaming and using obs studio !!

    specs: i7 9th gen rtx 2080 16gb ram ddr4 144hz and 60hz monitor \\\\ so second i start streaming fps stops rendering in-game in csgo! i tired switching to streamlabs obs but facing same issue. i get 300+ fps and it feels like i am playing in less than 60 fps! \\\\ i am facing one more issue...
  19. L

    Network dropping frames

    Hello everyone, Recently I uploaded my Internet connection to 20Mmbps upload speed because I wanted to increase my twitch stream quality. Since changing the bitrate to 5500 my stream is consistently dropping frames due to network error even though the speedtest and twitch test are both giving...
  20. AngryAndy

    Question / Help My stream quality is bad (grainy and pixelated) changing settings makes no differences

    I recently started streaming on Youtube from a PC and after a few streams I noticed my livestream quality is abysmal. My CPU and GPU specs are great (Ryzen 9 and MSI Geforce GTX 1660) so I doubt its a problem with my PC, which handles my games on High->Ultra settings and I notice no drop in...