Dropping frames (Network) but amazing internet


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Title sums it up pretty well. Im dropping frames while streaming; all dropped frames (network), none due to rendering / encoding lag.
Read through a bunch of similar threads so I tried doing my homework and got the log file + Twitch bandwidth test screenshots.

Dropping more frames if I leave the setting "stream - server" on auto than if I change it to the best of the bandwidth test.
50+% dropped frames (network) if server setting on auto, 20% when I connected to Amsterdam 3.
Some of those servers of the Twitch bandwidth test screenshots I don't see in the obs server settings.

Log file is attached.

Link to (2) screenshots of the Twitch bandwidth test program:
1: https://i.imgur.com/GYNKyEd.png
2: https://i.imgur.com/HhkY2Ma.png

Screenshot of twitch inspector:

Link to the stream vod on twitch if that could be of help:

What mostly confuses me is that I did speed tests (several providers) pre & after stream:
900+Mbit/s download | 20-50Mbit/s upload | 18ms ping

I have been able to stream lagless with same settings in the past so I don't think the internet or settings are completely messed up and causing these issues - my confusion stems from the speedtests.
In my head if the stream is laggy / dropping frames due to the network that should also mean that speedtests show slow internet which is not the case.

Would appreciate help, thank you!


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Like I mentioned in the thread, I tried doing my homework and already read through that. Nothing in there helps really.
Why should I lower the bitrate if my internet should be good enough, at least according to speedtests.
I tried different servers. Dynamic bitrate sounds nice but in other threads I read, that was causing some issues as well etc...


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Speedtest.net (and other similar sites) tests are not compatible with testing a connection's reliability for streaming.

The first paragraph of the provided guide applies


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Such is how internet routing can be. You can change nothing and the routes break on their own, then fix themselves on their own with no interference from you.