OBS Network Framedrop issue


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Hello everybody,

I've had dropped frames while streaming for a long time.
As far as the OBS settings are concerned, I have already adjusted the whole thing so far that it should not be the case.

I also checked the problems with the provider and there is no disturbance. The problem also persists with the connection directly from the router (currently still connected to a switch) to the computer.

Since I am unfortunately not familiar with the log, I hope that someone can possibly find the problem.

I have already checked / tried the following:
- Drivers all up to date
- The latest updates installed
- Malfunctions checked
- LAN cable replaces CAT8 in both directions

attached the last log file.


  • 2021-02-19 08-37-33.txt
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can you please disable the streamelemts shit and create a new los cant read this !

did you have isntall any VPN software Network gamebooster or so ?
Hello Cyclemat,

I haven't installed any VPN programs or anything like that.
Should I just deactivate the source and save a new log or what do you mean exactly?