frame drop

  1. M


    Hello! I have been streaming daily in 1440p for the past few months with minimal issues. Over the past month or so, I’ve noticed random bouts of frame drop that would slowly increase in percent until the stream started to buffer. A simple stop and start of the stream usually cleared it up...
  2. P

    Videos come out choppy and laggy.

    I recently watched a short tutorial on how to optimize my PC, and I'm afraid it's done something like reducing the amount of CPU OBS an use. I can't find a way to fix it so I've come here. The longer the video is, the laggier it becomes, so short videos (around 5 seconds) are perfectly smooth...
  3. W

    Dropping frames while recording, 3D usage reaches 100% ?

    Hi all, Having issues while recording that I never used to have. Frames dropping hugely, down to 10-15 fps. GPU and CPU overall usage remains middling, but the 3D usage jumps to 100% once there is any in-game movement. The problem still occurs when recording from a scene collection that only...
  4. G

    Frame dropping with stable ISP

    Hi! First of all, I'd like to say that I took a look at the section about "Dropped Frames And General Connection Issues", tried everything there and nothing worked. I have been having this problem with dropped frames and it happens randomly, sometimes a couple of minutes after start streaming...
  5. C

    Keep Disconnecting/Reconnecting when I start Streaming via Wi-Fi

    Pretty much as the title says, every time when I'm on Wi-Fi, I hit the "Start Streaming" button, and that green sqaure on the bottom right will turn red and I'll lose connection to my Twitch Stream. Even though I'm still connected to the internet and I have no issues with anything else. A popup...
  6. F

    duplicate frames in recordings with new PC build

    I built a new PC with the latest hardware in October for 4k60 recording, I started using Shadowplay instead of OBS because it uses less GPU resources. It wasn't until after a few recording sessions that I found out my shadowplay videos had frame dupicates. Bummer, but I'll switch to OBS. Then I...
  7. zachattack12

    Frame drops in the preview window when using a Capture card.

    Hello, I use an Elgato HD60 Pro internal capture card to stream and record console games for my youtube channel But I'm having frame drops in the preview window. The reason I think the problem may be OBS and not the card itself is that the TV I use to hear the game sound during...
  8. S

    Best settings for recording a 4k source while keeping a steady framerate?

    I have a 4k monitor and want to use the replay buffer to clip things, ut enabling it nerfs my framerate from a consistent 60fps down to 30-40. And if I try to set the recording resolution to 1080p, it still slows down my game. I want to play in 4k and be able to clip things, but I don't care a...
  9. Chrisrust1997

    Fortnite Doesn't Lag in Game but the OBS Screen Recording Does :(

    Could someone check the log file below and let me know what might be an issue or something that I could do to fix this? Lag: It's not too bad but not something that I'd want to post on YT. Like I run everything at 60 FPS to not overload my computer and really I've never needed BEYOND 60 FPS...
  10. Y

    When I open obs, my in game fps drops.

    Basically what my title says, my fps drops when I open obs and when I record and stream. My specs are . Please help me or at least tell me what I can do.
  11. M


    I am having issues where after a while of streaming/playing tarkov I will be in game and all of a sudden OBS starts dropping major frames. IN GAME my game is running fine but through the stream its horrendous. Its not internet because I have Gig internet and its happening on the OBS preview as...
  12. L

    OBS makes my fps in games really inconsistent

    Hello! First of all, I saw in a thread that it is recommended to link the last log file, so here it is : Last Log File Okay, so the problem that I have is that, whenever I play ( in this instance ) VALORANT, I get a consistent 164 fps because that is what I have it capped at. Whenever I open...
  13. QKIIII

    Screen recording (no streaming) Video randomly freezes

    I've been using OBS to record youtube tutorials. I don't use any streaming, just for local recording. Consistently I've been experiencing that the videos will have spots about every 2-3 minutes where the video will freeze, audio continues, for 5-10 seconds and then resume. I've checked the...
  14. Shodoople

    I have a problem

    i try and record/stream and when i go back to watch the vod or video, its just 1 frame at a time. what should i do? i can give an example if needed. (i also tweeted about this,
  15. Jam Swoosh

    OBS Video Lag

    Hello again. I've been recording with OBS again recently, this time on Dead by Daylight, and I notice in my video that sometimes the frame rate drops. I'm recording in 60fps and most of the time it's fine, but I notice the video drops to what looks to be 30fps sometimes, if I put it in Premiere...
  16. nytla

    NDI Dual PC Setup, Streaming PC dropping frames and idles over 80%

    Hello! I've been trying to find the solution to my issue everywhere and I keep dishing out more and more money thinking my problems would be fixed, but sadly that's not the case... So, recently I purchased a secondary pc to take my streaming to the next level and upgrade my production quality...
  17. D

    Randomly started dropping frames in the past three days

    Hey guys! I've been streaming for well over a year now and I've ran into a problem recently that seems to have started out of nowhere. I've gone from dropping about a hundred frames in 4 hours of streaming to dropping well over a thousand in under 10 minutes. This is extremely irritating and...
  18. S

    Frames drop every 2 seconds

    Hello. On 17th September I noticed my Twitch VOD and the local recordings done on OBS 27.0.1 (64 bit) were dropping frames roughly every 2 seconds or so. At first they were very minor, but in another stream they became much more apparent (as can be seen here...
  19. D

    Encoding randomly overloads and lags while recording

    Hello, I am using the following settings: Base Res: 1920x1080 Output Res: 1152x648 Downscale Filter: Bicubic FPS: 60 Encoder: H264/AVC Preset: Indistinguishable Recording Quality Preset: Quality Keyframe Interval: 2.00 HERES A LOG: The recording...
  20. Giercownik__

    Weird issue regarding Dropped Frames because of "internet"

    Hey, to start it off I am fairly new to streaming, and lately I've been having this issue where I would just stream, and from time to time my stream's upload speed drops (I can see it coming down from the 6000kbps to 2200kbps on the bottom left of my Streamlabs OBS I don't know what it's called)...