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    Question / Help Dropping frames/unstable bitrate

    Even when I'm not streaming a game, my frames are constantly dropping and my bitrate is not stable. I've tried restarting, changing encoder, and even messed with the bitrate. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
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    Question / Help OBS causes game lag that leads to crash

    I am trying to record Sonic Adventure 2 for a speedrun and the game runs very smoothly by itself with no problem. As soon as i open OBS not even start streaming or recording the game begins to drop frames and then crashes. I have no problems with other games I've tested about 30 other games and...
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    Question / Help OBS causing lag in game. Bad performance drops

    Hey guys I just recently bought a pc and thought about getting into streaming. Everything I've read so far says I should be able to stream relatively easily on my machine but for some reason I have absolutely horrible drops in performance when I stream. Just looking for suggestions or answers on...
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    Question / Help OBS Recordings and Preview Screen frames drop HELP

    When I record or even sometimes when Im not recording, the preview screen and or the final recording drop to a visible 30fps. The game stays at 60fps. This happens all the time at random times. sometimes its as soon as i hit record, sometimes its when obs is just open and not recording, it...