Question / Help Framerate jumping and dipping

Hi, I have a problem where my bit rate refuses to stay steady. I set it for 4000, but it will go down (sometimes to 0, but usually to around 2000) and then jump up to over 10,000. My dropped frame rate is usually around 30-40%.

I've tried this on two different internet connections in two different locations, both of which test at around 10MB/sec upload, so that shouldn't be a problem or at least not this frequently.

Is something with my settings wrong? Log file here (my mic and webcam aren't attached which is why they can't be found in the log, but those work fine when attached):

Thanks in advance. :)


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No output session in the log, so no way to tell what's going on there.

Constant bitrate isn't, at least not really. It's a target. Depending on what's going on in your content, the bitrate may normally go higher or lower.

Dropping very low can be an indication of a problem with your ISP or your local network.


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Open OBS. Start a stream. Wait til your problem occurs. Stop the stream. Then upload the log without quitting OBS (current log). If you quit OBS after stopping the stream, you need to upload the Last log, not the Current log. If you aren't sure you've got the right one, use the Show Logfiles command from the Help menu and look through the recent logs until you see one that shows lines indicating both the starting and the stopping of a streaming session.