frame dorps

  1. K

    OBS "Skipped Frames Due to Encoding Lag"

    Could someone assist me with a problem i'm facing in OBS MY PC AMD Ryzen 7 7700 8-Core Processor 16,0 GB RAM
  2. L

    Frame drop 2023 Helppppp?
  3. W

    Frame drop on recording?

    I wanted to record some destiny 2 pvp the quality looks great but any time someone (including me) popped a super the recording drops in frames any ideas would be helpful thanks in advance!
  4. hazzer

    Frame rate drop in game when recording

    Hey, I just got a new computer and was testing some recordings and I never had a problem before on my old computer, but on my new one the frame rate stutters in my game, but I don't think the recording has any. Does anybody have any ideas why? Help would be appreciated Log...
  5. R

    COD Warzone Stuttering

    Hello everyone! I'm having a terrible time trying to find a fix for this. I hope you guys can help me: Whenever I set Warzone to game capture or display capture, the preview screen gets choppy, the recording comes out choppy and I don't even want to try going live. There is constant stuttering...
  6. D

    Different recording quality issues

    I am trying to record Pacify on steam. The quality is really low and I tried (to the best of my abilities) to play with the settings. While recording, my framerate is fine, after the fact and I look back at the recording, the quality is low and it has slow frames. I tested my current obs...
  7. W

    Frame Skip Issue

    I Have Currently Started Experiencing A Frame Skip While I Record And Stream. More So Concerned WIth While Im Recording. If Agnone Could Help Id Thank You.
  8. Giercownik__

    Weird issue regarding Dropped Frames because of "internet"

    Hey, to start it off I am fairly new to streaming, and lately I've been having this issue where I would just stream, and from time to time my stream's upload speed drops (I can see it coming down from the 6000kbps to 2200kbps on the bottom left of my Streamlabs OBS I don't know what it's called)...
  9. B

    Please Help - Stream lags when I turn on my camera via legato cam link

    As the title says, I use my Sony A6400 as my camera while I stream. I recently purchased the elgato cam link to help make that possible. During one of my first streams, things were smooth with no apparent problem. But over the last few weeks, I’ve had to stream without my camera as every time I...
  10. A

    Recording dropping to 30fps every now and then

    Every 15 seconds or so my recording would drop from 60 to 30 fps for 2 seconds then return back to normal. It's scaled to 720p. It does this even on 1000kb/s. I tried CQP, CBR, game mode on/off, vsync on, vsync off, the usage in game of the gpu at 20%, 50%, 70%, cpu never goes over 50% (i use...
  11. O

    Frames dropped while recording a simple game.

    I am trying to record gameplay of a game created in Unity. No matter what I tried, the recording doesn't look as smooth as the actual game. The game is not CPU- or GPU-intensive. In fact, I removed almost all the graphics and now just have some rectangles moving across the window. I checked...
  12. A

    Spiel Abstürze beim Stream

    Hey seit einer Woche hab ich jedes Mal das Problem wenn ich Ubisoft spiele spielen und streamen will das entweder der Stream lagt oder Frames verloren gehen oder das Spiel abstürzt ist das irgendwie bei Ubisoft spielen normal ? hab das Problem bei OBS und Streamlabs OBS meine Hardware: i5...
  13. Joselito

    Skipping frames due Encoding Lag but very low cpu usage

    I already spent a few hours reading ALL the threads in this and other forums I found about this subject. Nothing helped me so far. I also read this This - Read First Thread and yet the problem remains. I also used the analyzer with my log and nothing (It even suggested me to TURN ON win10 Game...
  14. J

    Question / Help Strange drop bitrate problem...

    Hi guys, please to meet al comunity... :) I need your help, and sorry in advance for my english... Since a copuple of week I start to experience a strange connection problem. I've two router with two different ISP, both connected via ethernet. I use one for almost all activity (gameing, video...
  15. Y

    Question / Help High CPU usage with ATEM MINI switcher

    Hi. I use 2 ATEM mini switchers and iMac 2019 with 8 core i9 processor and 64GB of Ram. Looks like even in the idle mode each ATEM mini webcam source consumes ~ 45% of the core. If I add two sources (MJPEG Webcam) I have ~100% CPU Core usage and 6-7GB of virtual memory use. That's even if...
  16. P

    Question / Help Browser Source's Problem

    I don't know what happened to my system but it's kind of silly to be honest I add a browser which shows my donation the problem is when someone donate me it only shows me the first frame of video ( like a picture) but when i Interact it ( By right click on the browser) & moving mouse cursor it...
  17. P

    Question / Help Help me figure out the best settings/tweaks for my stream please !

    I do not have the best set up nor the best upload speed but not the worst either ! I'd say both at mediocre levels. In term of internet speeds I have 20 down 3 up. Pc specs I have: FX 8350 Octa core black edition, 8 Gb of ram and a GTX 1050TI. I currently stream with a resolution of 1024x576...
  18. mundane140

    Question / Help Frame drops in PUBG Lite while streaming

    I am experiencing frame drops in-game while streaming in 1080p 60fps. As soon as I begin streaming, the game stutters even while moving mouse. It is unplayable when there is an enemy on my face. The game runs flawlessly when playing without OBS on. My specs: Ryzen 2700x RTX 2080ti 16GB RAM...
  19. I

    Question / Help I can't stream PUBG without limiting my FPS to 60

    My config: So, here's my specs: RX 580 8gb; Ryzen 3600, 16gb of ram, 144hz monitor. Obs settings I normaly stream: Output and Video. (I stream games like Dark Souls, Hearthstone, CSGO, Albion, etc, at medium). And games like Battlefield 5, Escape From Tarkov, Squad, etc, at veryfast, for...
  20. D

    Question / Help OBS Frame drop

    Hey Leute, mein Problem wurde schon mal in einem früheren Post von 2014 behandelt, jedoch konnte ich dort keine sinnvolle Lösung für mich finden. Ich habe das Problem, dass bei meinem OBS die Frames droppen, sobald ich in ein Spiel reintabbe (von 60 auf 15-20), jedoch keine verworfenen Frames...