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I don't know what happened to my system but it's kind of silly to be honest
I add a browser which shows my donation
the problem is when someone donate me
it only shows me the first frame of video ( like a picture)
but when i Interact it ( By right click on the browser) & moving mouse cursor it shows me the video correctly (With all the frames)
(& as i said above ↑ When i *don't move my mouse* it only shows me the first frame of my video like a picture but sound is working well)
In Other browsers like google chrome ,.... everything is correct
i know that i can use google chrome & window capture it in obs but the problem is the white background....
my laptop is dell inspiron 5110 which has 2 graphics (GT525M , Intel 3000) & obs use intel 3000
& another problem is in windows 10=>settings=>display=>graphic settings=>i added obs as classic app but both graphic specifications is/are my Intel HD graphics 3000
(i mean it doesn't show me my GT525M) & because of that in nvidia control panel i use integrated graphic
sorry if my english is bad
i think you don't have any solution for this ! do you?


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Thank you for reading this.

I'm having the same problem. Browser source freezes within the first couple frames. The only way to get the animation to run smooth and as intended is to interact with it and constantly have your mouse moving over the interact window. Since things like alerts are run through browser sources, this problem makes streaming near impossible. Any fixes? And yes I turned off hardware acceleration within the advanced settings in obs.