browser source problem

  1. W

    Adding Browser Source isn't even an option...??

    I just updated to the newest version of OBS and went to reset up all me scenes and whatnot (I am revamping things). But Browser Source doesn't even show up as an option. Am I losing my mind? I've tried turning Browser Source acceleration on and off and yet it still doesn't show up. So am I...
  2. Wedge McCloud

    Browser Source Interact Prompts Gone

    So, this problem exists in a bit of a niche area. I frequently use browser sources of online game tools via the Interact functionality so I can display them on stream in more efficient and cleaner ways than if I was simply doing a window capture. The most key part is, for entering certain...
  3. Tayoww

    Browser source not showing!!

    Hello, I have downloaded OBS studio ver 27.2.4 and when I click on "add source" the option "Browser source" is not showing. I have unticked "Enable Browser Source Hardware Acceleration" and restarted the program as well as my computer but it doesn't work. Please help! Many thanks!
  4. D

    Bug Report?: Issue with SM and Browser Source Audio

    Last Log: Current Log: Honestly never done one of these before, but I wanted to put this here in case either someone else has the same problem, or maybe it can actually help. I use the StreamElements...
  5. WolfKat

    Can't get MediaStream permissions in Browser Source

    Preface: I created my own web document that successfully asks permission for and uses audio/mic input on regular Chrome using localhost. It takes advantage of the transparency/alpha/opacity capabilities that browser sources provide in OBS vs. having a browser window open and using window...
  6. raiden

    i cant see the browser source

    basically i cant see the browser source. i dont know what to do plz help just saying that this is
  7. mr_joe

    Browser Element (Using StreamElements) Causes Memory Leak Mac Os 10.15.7

    Firstly, I'm aware OBS does NOT work on Big Sur, this error occurs on Catalina. It's very easy to reproduce. Simply create a browser elements with some stream elements theme. Then watch your memory usage go up, refer to my screenshot to use activity viewer on the memory section. You don't...
  8. D

    Mac Browser source text not displayed

    Hey! I just added the "Semi-free Combo Emote widget" but there is no text. I use Opera GX on Mac OSX Catalina. log file:
  9. Vaesive

    OBS cannot access local files from local HTML JavaScript

    I cannot for the life of me get OBS to show a simple HTML file with some JavaScript that reads from a local txt file in the same directory that the html file lives. Everything works fine with Firefox and Chrome with no console or JS errors. Things I've tried: Adding...
  10. b3ck

    Browser Source No longer works after suspected Nvidia Driver Update

    Platform System Type: Desktop Computer Operating system and version: Windows 10 - Version 2004 - Build 19041.388 OBS Studio version: 25.0.8 Expected Behavior Browser Source to show either local or non-local web content, it doesn't even show the default OBS Page. Current Behavior When adding a...
  11. M

    Bug Report Browser Source Canvas Text Not Rendering

    Hi, I'm trying to display an animation I created in HTML that uses some HTML5 features such as the canvas element. I am drawing planets orbiting stars and putting text on them. This works perfectly fine when I load them normally in both Firefox and Chrome but when I use the "Browser" source in...
  12. P

    Question / Help Browser Source's Problem

    I don't know what happened to my system but it's kind of silly to be honest I add a browser which shows my donation the problem is when someone donate me it only shows me the first frame of video ( like a picture) but when i Interact it ( By right click on the browser) & moving mouse cursor it...
  13. shawnsporter

    Question / Help Can't find 'add browser' & all previous browser sources broken

    I went in yesterday to stream and all my browser sources were broken and I can't find a way to add new browser sources. I looked around the internet and asked some different people to no avail. Hopefully there's something I'm missing...
  14. D

    Question / Help Switching Scenes with Elgato Stream Deck Crashes OBS

    Does anyone know why my OBS crashes when I use my Elgato stream deck to switch scenes? I can't figure it out for the life of me. Here are my logs: Apparently it is due to one of my Browser sources but, I swear to god I can't find out what source...
  15. A

    Question / Help OBS Studio 23.1.0 Browser Not Appearing

    I tried to add a Browser source to my stream. It initially showed the following image but upon changing the URL to the one I wanted to show, the screen turned black. I tried disabling hardware acceleration in OBS settings and in Chrome, to no avail. Subsequently, I enabled them both again and...
  16. Malic

    Question / Help Browser sources stop functioning at random times during the stream

    The major issue is that this keeps causing my alerts to stop functioning, and I tend to do 6-8 hour streams so am not sure how to narrow down a section of a log. I thought it was something with streamlabs, until it cut out on my during a charity stream yesterday and the counters for what was...
  17. M


    I HAVE OBS browser source bt all time if i add some links in browser source all time is empty, don't can i fix ?? i have win 10 ...64 bit...using google chrom.. Ty ! i take a picture =>> sorry for my english