Bug Report?: Issue with SM and Browser Source Audio


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Last Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/vlnBRtN8TH4XODio
Current Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/b_IXbpQqmxvt4Fb5

Honestly never done one of these before, but I wanted to put this here in case either someone else has the same problem, or maybe it can actually help.

I use the StreamElements alerts, and lately it's been playing its audio twice. The audio is both here on my end and live (on stream). I can recreate this every time I restart OBS, or "refresh" the scene collection by selecting a different collection and going back to the first one.

OBS 27.0.0 64 bit version on Windows 10
Start on Scene A > Press Studio Mode > Select Scene B > Press Transition > Press Studio Mode to get out of it > Press Studio Mode to open it again > Press Studio Mode to close it again

Scene A must have a Browser source (in my case using StreamElements). After you do the example above, the Browser source's audio will play in every scene you have. So in my case, whenever I get an alert, it plays twice. Once in Scene B (current Scene), and once in Scene A. You can stop this by making the Browser source in Scene A not visible. (Unvisible? Invisible? When you click the eye and the eye has the line through it. LOL)

So let's say you start on Scene C, which doesn't have the Browser source. Replace Scene A with Scene C in the example above, and this bug doesn't happen. However, after you do that, then proceed to do the original example with Scene A and B, the bug happens. So you can't get around the bug that way.

By the way, I use "A", "B", and "C" as examples, but I have a lot more scenes than that, and many of them use the Browser source. As long as the source you start with has the Browser source, the bug works.

This all started because I have another problem, actually. Ever since the new update, Game sources screw up when using Studio Mode. So, let's say Scene B has the Game source. I would transition in Studio Mode from A to B, and in Studio Mode I can see the Game Source in B just fine. Once I leave Studio Mode, the source goes black for me and those seeing it live. I fixed this by entering and exiting Studio Mode again. No idea why that happens, but that's how it came about. lol No idea if that's a bug as well, but that happens every time for me.

Either way, I've found ways around this. (aka transition by not using Studio Mode) I'm mostly posting this to help others realize what the problem is, and maybe make sure it's known and hope it gets fixed? idk How this works.


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Both the Browser source audio issue and Game sources going black after using Studio Mode have been fixed in 27.0.1. Thank you to the Dev team who fix these sort of bugs so fast. It's pretty mind blowing.