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  1. R

    OBS Studio Browser Source, Custom CSS, Google Meet

    I entered google meet and tried to stream with OBS studio using "Interact". Everything is good. I tried to use custom css on this browser css, nothing happening. But tried other websites url and everything is working fine. This is happening with only urls Source: Browser URL...
  2. U

    Media Sources No Longer Abnormal but eventually Halt

    Previously I posted here with a similar issue that both occurred in SLOBS AND OBS on various machines. The problem at the moment, no longer occurs on my laptop. But this new problem happens here in both SLOBS and OBS. Particularly after the recent update, however rolling back either previous...
  3. Omegadev

    Free Music on stream - A web based current song / now playing overlay

    This Chrome extension lets you display a now-playing overlay on your stream from sources such as Spotify, YouTube, YouTube music, and many more. Installation The installation is straightforward and is detailed here Why use it? - The extension supports both YouTube chapters and video...
  4. Mika H. Laybourn

    Studio Mode: Browser Source only refreshes after a second

    I'm trying to set up a few different graphical elements using Browser sources (HTML files), so when switching to a scene with a Browser element, the element animates in. However, I've noticed that when using Studio Mode, switching a scene from Preview to Program takes a second for the Browser...
  5. M

    Use "Apply alpha in linear space" to Browser source

    Items with semi-transparent background (especially light/vibrant colors) look grayish. Images with same features looks like that as well before applyng setting "Apply alpha in linear space". Is there ANY WAY so get the same effect for a browser source? I tried to look for solution on browser...
  6. Zaytri

    Using border radius in a Browser Source leaves behind a light gray artifact

    Whenever I use a browser source with a transparent background with elements that have a border radius, there's a light gray artifact of the curve. You can see that here: To reproduce this, create an HTML file with this code, and add it to a browser source as local file: <!DOCTYPE html> <html...
  7. MMLTech

    Free Rounds Timer usable in OBS Studio Browser Source 2023-08-31

    Configure here: OBS Rounds Timer Boxing Interval Timer is a round timer created for use during training in any round sport, including boxing martial arts, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA), muay thai, kick boxing, BJJ, and more. It is straightforward, cutting-edge, and efficient, and it is...
  8. E

    Free ChatBuzz

    Displays repeated messages (NOT Combos). There exists a widespread OBS Plugin concept of the "Combo". However, this is different from a "Repeat", in that it checks when consecutive messages are identical, whereas, for a Repeat, I used a time duration which ignores whether or not a message is...
  9. D

    Browser source is not working

    My sound alerts browser source has stopped working. On the Sound alerts's end everything seems to be OK (says that browser source is online), but it doesn't show up when I play it, nor there is any sound being played. Tried to reinstall browser source, refresh, copy/paste a link just in case...
  10. B

    Browser Source Extensions

    Hi! I have a Chromium browser extension. However, I didn't find any related chromium command line switch to install / pass it. Are there any ideas of how to make that possible i.e. provide path/to/folder with unpacked extension on .crx file? Thanks!
  11. M

    PTZ Optics, NDI, OBS, Stream Deck & Me.....

    Church lady here (isn't that special) really stuck on how to get my camera presets coded onto a new Stream Deck XL. We have two PTZ (30x) Optical zoom cameras connected via POE to our Stream PC (Windows) running OBS 29 and NDI Tools. We stream to YT and have very few issues with bandwidth...
  12. MrFungii

    OBS Browser Sources Audio Stuttering

    So I've been having this issue for quite a while now, whenever a stream alert or sound alert plays, its quite a bit stuttery in OBS. I've heard a lot of people have this issue, but its usually only when they're monitoring the sound, but for me its when I am monitoring AND its in my recordings...
  13. R

    Browser Sources CSS stopped working.

    I've been using reactive images for my streams for several years, so you can see who's speaking. But this stopped working since mid december. I've already asked the Discord Support if there is any setting that prevents OBS from accessing Discord. They told me i have a problem with a third-party...

    Free (With Signup) Animated Browser Overlays with Dockable Controls

    Animated Overlays with Control Panels Live overlays for streaming - OBS Tool Description With you can edit and animate your overlays with easy-to-use dockable control panels. Explore and try any overlays for free without the need to sign up. Signing up for a free account allows...
  15. Xaymar

    [SOLVED] Browser Sources and Docks randomly trigger at-exit crash or freeze since 28.1.x

    Starting with OBS Studio 28.1.x, having a Dock or Browser Source active will occasionally crash or freeze OBS Studio on exit. The easiest way to reproduce this problem with with the StreamElements overlays, and it happens more frequently when "Use custom frame rate" or "Control audio via OBS" is...
  16. polymathical

    OBS Browser Source Docks Go into Not Responding and Crash OBS

    I assume it could be that I am on version 28 and some of the plugins I updated are still in beta state, but I am trying to use browser docks primarily in OBS and if one of them crashes I have to shut down OBS entirely and if I'm streaming that clearly is a hassle. Either I give up using them for...
  17. A

    OBS Browser Source Freezing

    There are likely better methods, but I use Brower source to capture live feed/video from various sources (, youtube) however I've seen case wheres the chat will freeze up or video suddely minimizes while full screen. For context, I am using a second PC for recording so this is a...
  18. CameraPro

    Free - Add Remote Video Feeds Into OBS

    Create In New Ways We want to bridge the gap between remote and in person content creation. Try It Out can be used to send video feeds directly into OBS Studio as a browser source. You can send one video feed with "Send Video" or create a room to pull in multiple video feeds for...
  19. AnonymousN_A

    OBS crashes after adding a browser source

    Whenever I try to add a browser source OBS will crash and not reopen. I figured out the fix is to go to /Users/<current-user>/Application Support/obs-studio/basic/scenes and delete the scene u were working on. But just a heads up dev that happens.
  20. EnzoCast

    Browser Source Reloading?

    Whenever I switch back to the scene which contains this Browser Source it keeps reloading? As you can see Refresh browser isn't selected. Anyone having this same issue, or a solution for it? (I removed the url for the sake of the post)