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  1. Tomaae

    Free WooferBot v1.2

    WooferBot is fully customizable interactive mascot for streamers, designed to be used as Browser Source within broadcasting software. Multiple mascots are available immediately, or you can draw and create your own mascot. Animated mascots are fully supported. Light effects for alerts are also...
  2. N

    Question / Help Browser Interaction on refresh.

    I am looking for a way to add to the following that ON PAGE LOAD the script in HTML file runs and simulates a left mouse click to bypass need for interact every single time.. I have the following but not able to add the necessary code.. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script...
  3. FreeXenon

    Question / Help Browser Source NOT Reloading when Entering Scene

    So, I have a scene which loads a browser source which is a vertical scrolling credits screen and it is not reloading each time I enter the scene. I have both of those options at the bottom selected and have tested it with them off and on and it still does not work. This is the last part of my...
  4. N

    Question / Help Switching scenes with my Elgato stream deck crashes OBS

    I have an issue when using my Elgato stream deck. Everytime I switch scenes using the stream deck, my OBS crashes. I have uploaded logs here: Now, what you are going to say is that there is a problem with one of my Browser sources because at least 4...
  5. CamModelTools

    Non-Free CamModelTools TipTicker

    Don't wait any longer and start to improve your income as a webcam model! Get more Money for your precious work! Add TipTicker as a browser source to OBS ... Test your settings offline within OBS ... To see it work watch our YouTube video: Get more money from your guests The...
  6. OpenBayou

    Question / Help Lock broswer and still scroll in interact?

    Is there a way to lock the browser but be able to scroll through the web page in interact? I want to create a rundown on the right side the screen and be able to advance with a click of the button. I'm thinking of creating a div that fixed and then have the advance links so I can scroll and...
  7. D

    Question / Help Can I Remove This Website's Background In Browser Source?

    I've been looking for a timer that could synchronize between multiple separate OBS setups on different PC's over the internet. After some searching I think the only website that can pull this off is: It does the job just fine, the only issue is I need to remove the...
  8. C

    Question / Help Allow popup browsersource

    Hi, so I want to stream from a website but I need to log in my account to acces some thing, the problem is that I use google to connect to my account so when I try to log in there normally is a popup showing so I can log with google, but with OBS the popup is not showing. Is there any way to let...
  9. F

    Question / Help VLC source vs Browser (VLC use to much CPU in my opinion)

    Hey there, I ran into a problem lately where i had to clean up some scenes to save more cpu. First of all the Comparison i do is without streaming. Just an open OBS with a scene. Specs: - Intel i7 6700k in Boost mode from Motherboard - MSI ATI geforce 1080 - 32GB Ram DDR4 OBS 64Bit: -...
  10. T

    Bug Report Browser Source Freezes During Stream

    Hi, so I have a computer to run a stream 24/7. However, at random times, all my browser sources freeze. I have a countdown timer (using a website), and a sub-counter. If there is a way to fix it please let me know. Thanks! Latest Log File:
  11. X

    Question / Help BROWSER - SOURCE

    alguien sabe porque no funciona o me ayudan a como solucionarlo por favor???
  12. A

    Question / Help Browser Source - no audio control, retransmision form YouTube

    Hello, I'm sorry this is my first post on the forum, please understand :) This is the situation: there are 3 places that I would like to give a picture of, places are very far apart from each other, so NDI other solutions in the lan network are dropped: /. I came up with a phone that transmits...
  13. D

    Question / Help How do i capture browser source audio

    I had a smart idea for twitch streaming with overlays and stuff on console basically i stream to mixer then i take browser source and then i stream to twitch now don't say i can't do that if i become a partner and stuff i already know plus by then ill actually have money to get the proper...
  14. Q

    Question / Help Streamlabs Chatbox Browser Source disappeared (with logs)

    Hi, yesterday I was streaming for about 7 hours. After some time I noticed the Chatbox to be missing. The logs say at 02:24 (which seems to be the time the Chatbox went missing): 02:24:14.509: obs-browser: Failed to load...
  15. C

    Question / Help [SOLVED] OBS 22.0.2 Browser Source not functioning (grey/blank screen)

    Hello! Been pounding my head against this one for a few hours. I cannot seem to get the browser source to display any content, not even with the default settings when creating a new source- just a grey/blank screen. Wiped OBS and downloaded the latest version, tried triggering the hardware...
  16. theclumsygeek

    Bug Report OBS 22.0.2 Crash (+ obs-browser-page.exe persisting in the background)

    Attaching log and crash files. After this crash, I reopened OBS and was able to stream fine for the next ~3 hours. Also, even after I closed OBS after my stream, I noticed that obs-browser-page.exe was still running eating up a lot of my CPU: I'm not sure if it remained open during my crash...
  17. P

    Bug Report BrowserSource Not Always Seeing StreamLabels Chat

    StreamLabels Chat (added via Browser) seems to not show up when switching scenes in OBS using v22.0.1 on MacOS 10.13.6 It either shows up incorrectly or not at all switching scenes. Can be fixed by opening and closing source, but adding and re-adding scenes does not fix the problem perm. URL...
  18. A

    Question / Help Typing broken when "interacting" with browser source

    I'm running OBS 21.1.1 on a MacBook Pro 10.13.6 I add a browser source, leaving all options defaulted, and right-click 'Interact' Regardless of the site I visit, I cannot type in any field. For example, if I visit Google, I cannot type in the search field. If I visit Facebook, I cannot login...
  19. HenrikoMagnifico

    Automatically Refresh Browser Source After X Minutes

    I've been looking everywhere for a solution to this problem I've been having but no one seems to have completely solved it in a good way. The issue is that my view count on YouTube through Stream-labs Browser Source View Count Widget does not update after ~60 minutes and simply freezes until I...
  20. S

    Question / Help Does OBS handle cookies for 'browser' source logins?

    Im asking this because I am trying to use twitch chat live in OBS in a smaller window in dark mode. But every single time OBS is started up it starts in normal white BG 'bright' mode. People say that dark mode isnt even possible well it is... according to twitch staff but that doesnt work for...