browser source

  1. Xaymar

    Browser Sources and Docks randomly trigger at-exit crash or freeze since 28.1.x

    Starting with OBS Studio 28.1.x, having a Dock or Browser Source active will occasionally crash or freeze OBS Studio on exit. The easiest way to reproduce this problem with with the StreamElements overlays, and it happens more frequently when "Use custom frame rate" or "Control audio via OBS" is...
  2. polymathical

    OBS Browser Source Docks Go into Not Responding and Crash OBS

    I assume it could be that I am on version 28 and some of the plugins I updated are still in beta state, but I am trying to use browser docks primarily in OBS and if one of them crashes I have to shut down OBS entirely and if I'm streaming that clearly is a hassle. Either I give up using them for...
  3. A

    OBS Browser Source Freezing

    There are likely better methods, but I use Brower source to capture live feed/video from various sources (, youtube) however I've seen case wheres the chat will freeze up or video suddely minimizes while full screen. For context, I am using a second PC for recording so this is a...
  4. AnonymousN_A

    OBS crashes after adding a browser source

    Whenever I try to add a browser source OBS will crash and not reopen. I figured out the fix is to go to /Users/<current-user>/Application Support/obs-studio/basic/scenes and delete the scene u were working on. But just a heads up dev that happens.
  5. EnzoCast

    Browser Source Reloading?

    Whenever I switch back to the scene which contains this Browser Source it keeps reloading? As you can see Refresh browser isn't selected. Anyone having this same issue, or a solution for it? (I removed the url for the sake of the post)
  6. DichterNebel

    Free Voice Channel Grabber

    If you are a streamer using OBS and Discord StreamKit Overlay and you are using different voice channels when streaming you will want this thing for synchronizing your OBS Browser Source automagically. Demo: Due to limitations of the used technology I am currently not able to publish this as...
  7. K

    Compiling obs-studio-browser o artix-linux

    I need OBS with browser sources on my Artix linux system. For some reason basic arch's 'obs-studio' package does not provide browser sources. There's package in AUR called 'obs-studio-browser' that does provide such function. But I cannot build it because whenever I try to run 'makepkg' it fails...
  8. X

    No Browser source available | OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 | OBS 27.1.3

    Greetings and salutations! Running OpenSuSE Leap 15.2, OBS 27.1.3 via Packman repository. I have no Browser source option under Sources. I do not have a Sources box under Settings -> Advanced, either. I've refreshed the Packman repository, I've removed and installed OBS several times via YaST...
  9. StreamerEdu

    Free Customizable text animations from a browser source

    Hey OBS-ers, I've created a customizable text animation tool that allows you to have animated text overlays in OBS Studio using a browser source. It's easily configured by filling out an online form and putting the generated URL into a browser source. Just some of the options you can configure...
  10. E

    Browser Source is blurry

    Hi guys, I have an HTML page I load from Browser Source but the result of output is blurry ,i don't really do any kind of scaling, and i am maximizing the browser to the full screen size when i import the html, but still not working and its blurring and when i open the html by the firefox or...
  11. T

    Browser source crackle/stutter on monitor audio

    I've had this problem for a while where alerts, media share and browser source with audio alerts crackle or stutter when played. The funny thing is that it's only on monitor only and not on the actual output. My stream is set up this way: All browser sources is set to monitor (mute output) My...
  12. Krusty4President

    Newer browser source

    Hi. While using the browser source several pages do not work. Especially those with login popups. Would it be possible to crete a browser source based on a later version och Chromium since to one in 27.1.3 still uses Chromium 75.x
  13. K

    24/7 stream monitoring / auto-restart

    Hello, I'm currently working on a 24/7 stream running via OBS. The stream itself just consists of a browser source linked to the streamed website (mostly videos). To ensure that the stream is running permanently without major hiccups, I need to check if the browser source is freezing or if OBS...
  14. D

    Full access to OBS via Browser Source

    Hello Where can I find documentation on how this function works? Thanks.
  15. S

    Please help. bit rate drops by half and browser sources bug out

    I posted a while back with no responses but I am hopeful that I will have better luck this time. I really need help. I have reached a point of desperation. I am having issues with browser sources getting super buggy so I turned off hardware acceleration, but then if the browser source is a...
  16. T

    Media Share stutter on Mac OSX - OBS 27.0.1

    Just updated to the newest version of obs with browser docks and everything. Browser sources is very laggy even with hardware acceleration on (or off for that matter) Streamlabs media share is not working in this update. Videos that play in that browser source is fine for a couple of hours...
  17. S

    Dropped frames due to missing definition possibly

    Hi, I have been having major problems with dropped frames. I have gone through every step on the suggestions. I have upgraded my internet to business class, bought my own router, got a dedicated gaming pc, allowed OBS in firewall and opened the port as suggested. I have used both CPU and GPU...
  18. A

    StreamElements Forum is apparently inactive, so I'm posting here (Issues with Browser Source and Item Redemptions)

    Hello. When redeemed in chat with !redeem or a custom chat command (using $(redeem {name}), the Item Redemption (image/sound) will not trigger only the specified item, but instead it will display any and all Browser Source layers I have active in OBS that are linked to my StreamElements Overlay...
  19. D

    Bug Report?: Issue with SM and Browser Source Audio

    Last Log: Current Log: Honestly never done one of these before, but I wanted to put this here in case either someone else has the same problem, or maybe it can actually help. I use the StreamElements...
  20. terenc3

    Free Browser Timer 1.0.0

    Timer which can be integrated as browser source Features Preset timer via URL (15 minutes) Auto start timer when source becomes visible Usage Add browser source Use Interact to control timer Enter desired time via...