browser source

  1. D

    Full access to OBS via Browser Source

    Hello Where can I find documentation on how this function works? Thanks.
  2. S

    Please help. bit rate drops by half and browser sources bug out

    I posted a while back with no responses but I am hopeful that I will have better luck this time. I really need help. I have reached a point of desperation. I am having issues with browser sources getting super buggy so I turned off hardware acceleration, but then if the browser source is a...
  3. StephanWithPH

    Free Spotify NowPlaying Widget (Easy to use in OBS)

    Our website does easily make it possible for streamers to show their currently playing song on their Twitch or Youtube streams. Setup: 1. Login with Spotify on our website ( 2. Go to the widgets page 3. Click on the view button next to "Default OBS widget" 4. Copy the url...
  4. T

    Media Share stutter on Mac OSX - OBS 27.0.1

    Just updated to the newest version of obs with browser docks and everything. Browser sources is very laggy even with hardware acceleration on (or off for that matter) Streamlabs media share is not working in this update. Videos that play in that browser source is fine for a couple of hours...
  5. S

    Dropped frames due to missing definition possibly

    Hi, I have been having major problems with dropped frames. I have gone through every step on the suggestions. I have upgraded my internet to business class, bought my own router, got a dedicated gaming pc, allowed OBS in firewall and opened the port as suggested. I have used both CPU and GPU...
  6. A

    StreamElements Forum is apparently inactive, so I'm posting here (Issues with Browser Source and Item Redemptions)

    Hello. When redeemed in chat with !redeem or a custom chat command (using $(redeem {name}), the Item Redemption (image/sound) will not trigger only the specified item, but instead it will display any and all Browser Source layers I have active in OBS that are linked to my StreamElements Overlay...
  7. D

    Bug Report?: Issue with SM and Browser Source Audio

    Last Log: Current Log: Honestly never done one of these before, but I wanted to put this here in case either someone else has the same problem, or maybe it can actually help. I use the StreamElements...
  8. terenc3

    Free Browser Timer 1.0.0

    Timer which can be integrated as browser source Features Preset timer via URL (15 minutes) Auto start timer when source becomes visible Usage Add browser source Use Interact to control timer Enter desired time via...
  9. M

    Sources activate simultaneously

    Hi. I'm trying to implement a browser source to instant replay kills, my desire here is to make a media source activate whenever the browser source activates with the instant replay. I don't know if this is even possible, but I'm being hopeful :D I hope someone can help me.
  10. docBeee

    Can't Link Provider When Using Browser Source

    I prefer using browser source rather than display source when making long recordings so I can continue to use the PC's second display while recording without inadvertently causing something to appear on the display being recorded and ruining the recording. Problem is that on some websites...
  11. G

    A plugin that docks a Browser Source "Properties" screen?

    I have a stream where I have to regularly and on the fly change the url on a browser source. Has anyone created a plugin that can dock the properties tab of the selected source to prevent having to constantly right clicking and opening it manually. It's proving to be a difficult thing to google...
  12. raiden

    i cant see the browser source

    basically i cant see the browser source. i dont know what to do plz help just saying that this is
  13. M

    Browser sources freezing after some time

    Hi all, I've had a recurring issue with browser sources (chat, alerts, etc) freezing up after some time. I have OBS running on a dedicated PC, which I control with Input Director from my main system. Essentially, all browser sources will lock up after an hour or so. If left alone, they'll...
  14. B

    Docked Browser Sources no longer refreshing while in game

    Hi All, First time Post, I've been looking for an answer to this for about a week but have failed so thought I'd ask the community for ideas! For some reason I noticed about 1 or 2 weeks ago that the browser dock in my OBS for both twitch chat and the activity feed weren't refreshing in real...
  15. wimpy

    Free Redirect YouTube Live Chat 0.1.0

    Redirect YouTube Live Chat A simple Python server that redirects to a YouTube channel's most recent live chat. This script is primarily intended to run as a local server that can be embedded as multiple browser sources or Browser Docks in OBS Studio. The server will redirect to the most recent...
  16. J

    Does "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" reduce bandwidth when pulling multiple sources from OBS Ninja?

    I have 10+ scenes on OBS Studio, each pulling a different video source via OBS Ninja for a live conference scenario. I would like to know whether ticking "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" will help to reduce bandwidth during the conference. When a scene is inactive, does it stop...
  17. freakrho

    OBS Python Random browser source url rotation 1.0

    Have a browser source rotate its url taken randomly from a text file
  18. K

    Window capture in mac os mojave bug

    Hi! When I use "window capture" in obs, the window appears in good quality but there are black bars wich sometimes appear ( approximately all 10sec ). It's like image jump but there only black bars wich cut the image. Do you know how could I fix this issue? I use "windows capture" because...
  19. mr_joe

    Browser Element (Using StreamElements) Causes Memory Leak Mac Os 10.15.7

    Firstly, I'm aware OBS does NOT work on Big Sur, this error occurs on Catalina. It's very easy to reproduce. Simply create a browser elements with some stream elements theme. Then watch your memory usage go up, refer to my screenshot to use activity viewer on the memory section. You don't...
  20. HetIsJoey

    Free NowPlaying Widget [Spotify/StreamElements]

    This application allows users to show the playing song without worrying too much about the setup. Setup: 1. Register on the website: 2. Verify your account with the link send to your registered email! 3. Login in! 4. Connect your Spotify or StreamElements. 5. Add the...