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    Question / Help HTML Local File Not Displaying Image in Container

    Hey everyone I have a HTML file that I created for OBS to display and image periodically, but the image doesn't seem to display. It works fine on Chrome, but just not in OBS. I have attached what shows up in OBS. BTW, I am not a developer and have limited knowledge in HTML, so please don't...
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    Browser Source: What info is available to the page?

    Does OBS inject any JS variables or make any information known to the page it's displaying (or not displaying)? I tried to use the on focus/on blur functions in JS to detect this, but the Chromium built into OBS seems to always have the page "unfocused". Is there a way to detect the Browser...
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    Non-OBS Script Death Counter Browser Source 1.0

    Trying to find a great death counter for Twitch is hard at times. Usually, what's available out there is really shoddy and does the job in a half-assed way. So I went ahead and coded my own version that acts like a bot as well. This will store all the variables locally to the browser source in...
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    Question / Help OBS Browser plugin (bazukas)

    I installed the newest version of OBS, and then followed the instructions for the newest version of this browser plugin to a "T" and it returns with a could not find file or directory error. I tried creating the tar file with just xfvz command and it said that the file wasn't in gzip format. So...
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    Question / Help Crash browsersource

    Hey I have crashes when switching scenes or even when doing nothing with studio mode opened. I have different browser sources for every scene. Win7 64bit
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    Question / Help Display Capture, crop filter 480x640 but output video is cropped incorrect

    I'm trying to use OBStudio to capture footage of a webgame which is exactly 480 x 640 in size. It's running in Chrome and I want to capture it as a 480 x 640 video. I tried the following: add Display Capture add filter, change margin settings so it's 480 x 640 in Settings -> Video, set "Base...
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    Question / Help Browser Interaction - With Video Capture > Chroma Key Filter

    Hello, The problem I have is I cannot use the browser links while also using the green screen filter overlay on a separate video capture source. This picture below tries to make it more understandable but this short video demonstrates the problem very clearly...