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  1. G

    A plugin that docks a Browser Source "Properties" screen?

    I have a stream where I have to regularly and on the fly change the url on a browser source. Has anyone created a plugin that can dock the properties tab of the selected source to prevent having to constantly right clicking and opening it manually. It's proving to be a difficult thing to google...
  2. raiden

    i cant see the browser source

    basically i cant see the browser source. i dont know what to do plz help just saying that this is
  3. M

    Browser sources freezing after some time

    Hi all, I've had a recurring issue with browser sources (chat, alerts, etc) freezing up after some time. I have OBS running on a dedicated PC, which I control with Input Director from my main system. Essentially, all browser sources will lock up after an hour or so. If left alone, they'll...
  4. B

    Docked Browser Sources no longer refreshing while in game

    Hi All, First time Post, I've been looking for an answer to this for about a week but have failed so thought I'd ask the community for ideas! For some reason I noticed about 1 or 2 weeks ago that the browser dock in my OBS for both twitch chat and the activity feed weren't refreshing in real...
  5. wimpy

    Free Redirect YouTube Live Chat 0.1.0

    Redirect YouTube Live Chat A simple Python server that redirects to a YouTube channel's most recent live chat. This script is primarily intended to run as a local server that can be embedded as multiple browser sources or Browser Docks in OBS Studio. The server will redirect to the most recent...
  6. J

    Does "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" reduce bandwidth when pulling multiple sources from OBS Ninja?

    I have 10+ scenes on OBS Studio, each pulling a different video source via OBS Ninja for a live conference scenario. I would like to know whether ticking "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" will help to reduce bandwidth during the conference. When a scene is inactive, does it stop...
  7. freakrho

    OBS Python Random browser source url rotation 1.0

    Have a browser source rotate its url taken randomly from a text file
  8. K

    Window capture in mac os mojave bug

    Hi! When I use "window capture" in obs, the window appears in good quality but there are black bars wich sometimes appear ( approximately all 10sec ). It's like image jump but there only black bars wich cut the image. Do you know how could I fix this issue? I use "windows capture" because...
  9. mr_joe

    Browser Element (Using StreamElements) Causes Memory Leak Mac Os 10.15.7

    Firstly, I'm aware OBS does NOT work on Big Sur, this error occurs on Catalina. It's very easy to reproduce. Simply create a browser elements with some stream elements theme. Then watch your memory usage go up, refer to my screenshot to use activity viewer on the memory section. You don't...
  10. HetIsJoey

    Free NowPlaying Widget [Spotify/StreamElements]

    Website: Discord:
  11. J

    Responsive Browser Source

    Hey, maybe it would be a great feature to have the option to resize the browser source responsively instead of just stretching it. The idea behind that is that someone can create an overlay with html / css / js that behaves responsive to the size of the webcam etc.
  12. A

    Browser Source Crashes OBS On Startup (Windows 10)

    Hi everyone. Whenever there is an active browser source in one of my scenes, OBS crashes, meaning that whenever I launch OBS while the browser source is there, the program crashes on startup. Most of the threads I've come across with this in are for Mac OSs, so I'm not sure what to do myself. I...
  13. Vaesive

    OBS cannot access local files from local HTML JavaScript

    I cannot for the life of me get OBS to show a simple HTML file with some JavaScript that reads from a local txt file in the same directory that the html file lives. Everything works fine with Firefox and Chrome with no console or JS errors. Things I've tried: Adding...
  14. M

    Browser Source audio and video not synced

    Hello, I'm helping run a tournament that is rebroadcasting 8 Twitch streams through OBS and letting OBS control the audio as well. The broadcast PC is getting roughly ~250ms of audio delay on each browser source, but not having any other issues. However, when I load 8 browser sources on my own...
  15. Z

    Free Zyphen's Now Playing overlay 2.1

    This is a quick Now Playing overlay I created, inspired by the awesome widget created by Aiden Wallis. Video demo available here. Video tutorial available here. GitHub repo available here. JPN installation guide available here. (thanks to Why use this? If you ever tried...
  16. B

    Application Not Responding

    I am using a brand new Macbook Pro. When I open a browser source the application freezes and stops responding. This leaves me with the only option to force quit. Please help me.
  17. kallemback


    Create web browser source and configure, 1920x 1080, url Is very simple, soon features > Create your template > save content > change logo in pre models
  18. Z

    Non-OBS Script Now Playing Widget 2.2

    I wanted to have a local solution that does not rely on an external server uptime, so here we go ! Here is a simple html file that uses the text and cover generated by Tuna to show an animated "Now Playing" Widget. Requirement Tuna : How to...
  19. M

    Bug Report Browser Source Canvas Text Not Rendering

    Hi, I'm trying to display an animation I created in HTML that uses some HTML5 features such as the canvas element. I am drawing planets orbiting stars and putting text on them. This works perfectly fine when I load them normally in both Firefox and Chrome but when I use the "Browser" source in...
  20. AerobaticDemon

    Question / Help Browser Interaction Stops working

    Hi there, I am currently trying to use the browser source to display a webpage that I need to click a button on with the browser interaction to show a side pop-up. The issue I am facing is where once clicking the button once on the browser interact, the button reacts and then the webpage...