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  1. ThrottleLP

    Question / Help Browser Source: transform: scale() not working

    I'm using a Browser source for my overlay in my streams. I've got an animated logo with different animations triggered by javascript. Everything works... except for animations with "transform: scale()". Is this a bug in OBS/CEF or is the person in front of my keyboard responsible? (My animation...
  2. P

    Question / Help Browser Source's Problem

    I don't know what happened to my system but it's kind of silly to be honest I add a browser which shows my donation the problem is when someone donate me it only shows me the first frame of video ( like a picture) but when i Interact it ( By right click on the browser) & moving mouse cursor it...
  3. S

    Question / Help how does the browser source in my obs automatically refresh ?

    Hi! I need to refresh my browser source constantly to update the information correctly, do you know how to make it automatically refresh in obs? I need 1 refresh every 1 minute thank you very much
  4. macharborguy

    Bug Report Weird glitchy audio from Browser Source when using "Control Audio via OBS"

    Ive been noticing an odd glitch in a Browse Sources output when using the "Control Audio via OBS" option. Its almost like the very start of the sound, maybe the first 10 - 50ms worth) is repeating itself for a short period of time before playing the audio. I first encountered this when the...
  5. Yaranaika_san

    Free Simple Weather Overlay

    Simple Weather Overlay (SWO) allows you to show on stream the weather conditions of any city on Earth. The data is recovered from OpenWeather's free API (you must provide your own API key) You can use it by visiting Features: Select between showing a simple or a...
  6. J

    Question / Help Muddy Audio from Desktop Source

    Hi, Hoping you can help me out with this recurring issue. My mic and my game audio sounds fine, but muddy when the sound comes through a browser or music player such as iTunes or Spotify. I've tried searching the forums for this topic, which led me to the guide about installing AAC. Even after...
  7. Xaymar

    Free Now Playing Display (via Last.FM) 2020-02-04

    Upgrade your stream quality with a stylish and modern "Now Playing" display! With this you can replace your text based "Now Playing" display with a slightly more styled up text based "Now Playing" display - and for free with just standard OBS Studio. All you need is a Last.FM account and a...
  8. N

    Question / Help How can i port forward remotedebugging for access from external adress

    Thats it, i get in to remotedebbuging using: localhost:PORT but i need to access from external, what i need to do?
  9. Tomaae

    Free WooferBot v1.3.2

    WooferBot is fully customizable interactive mascot for streamers, designed to be used as Browser Source within broadcasting software. Multiple mascots are available immediately, or you can draw and create your own mascot. Animated mascots are fully supported. Light effects for alerts are also...
  10. decay59

    OBS Lua Browser Image Slideshow v1.2

    A local browser source that plays images in random or alphabetical order. Displays each image exactly once per loop. Useful for slideshows that may exceed OBS's slideshow's current 250mb uncompressed limit. Works offline. (previously named...
  11. N

    Question / Help Browser Interaction on refresh.

    I am looking for a way to add to the following that ON PAGE LOAD the script in HTML file runs and simulates a left mouse click to bypass need for interact every single time.. I have the following but not able to add the necessary code.. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script...
  12. FreeXenon

    Question / Help Browser Source NOT Reloading when Entering Scene

    So, I have a scene which loads a browser source which is a vertical scrolling credits screen and it is not reloading each time I enter the scene. I have both of those options at the bottom selected and have tested it with them off and on and it still does not work. This is the last part of my...
  13. D

    Question / Help Switching scenes with my Elgato stream deck crashes OBS

    I have an issue when using my Elgato stream deck. Everytime I switch scenes using the stream deck, my OBS crashes. I have uploaded logs here: Now, what you are going to say is that there is a problem with one of my Browser sources because at least 4...
  14. CamModelTools

    Non-Free CamModelTools TipTicker 2020-06-01

    Don't wait any longer and start to improve your income as a webcam model! Get more Money for your precious work! Add TipTicker as a browser source to OBS ... Test your settings offline within OBS ... To see it work watch our YouTube video: Get more money from your guests The...
  15. OpenBayou

    Question / Help Lock broswer and still scroll in interact?

    Is there a way to lock the browser but be able to scroll through the web page in interact? I want to create a rundown on the right side the screen and be able to advance with a click of the button. I'm thinking of creating a div that fixed and then have the advance links so I can scroll and...
  16. D

    Question / Help Can I Remove This Website's Background In Browser Source?

    I've been looking for a timer that could synchronize between multiple separate OBS setups on different PC's over the internet. After some searching I think the only website that can pull this off is: It does the job just fine, the only issue is I need to remove the...
  17. C

    Question / Help Allow popup browsersource

    Hi, so I want to stream from a website but I need to log in my account to acces some thing, the problem is that I use google to connect to my account so when I try to log in there normally is a popup showing so I can log with google, but with OBS the popup is not showing. Is there any way to let...
  18. F

    Question / Help VLC source vs Browser (VLC use to much CPU in my opinion)

    Hey there, I ran into a problem lately where i had to clean up some scenes to save more cpu. First of all the Comparison i do is without streaming. Just an open OBS with a scene. Specs: - Intel i7 6700k in Boost mode from Motherboard - MSI ATI geforce 1080 - 32GB Ram DDR4 OBS 64Bit: -...
  19. T

    Bug Report Browser Source Freezes During Stream

    Hi, so I have a computer to run a stream 24/7. However, at random times, all my browser sources freeze. I have a countdown timer (using a website), and a sub-counter. If there is a way to fix it please let me know. Thanks! Latest Log File:
  20. X

    Question / Help BROWSER - SOURCE

    alguien sabe porque no funciona o me ayudan a como solucionarlo por favor???