Docked Browser Sources no longer refreshing while in game

Hi All,

First time Post, I've been looking for an answer to this for about a week but have failed so thought I'd ask the community for ideas!

For some reason I noticed about 1 or 2 weeks ago that the browser dock in my OBS for both twitch chat and the activity feed weren't refreshing in real time and that if I tabbed out of the game that I was playing a whole bunch of chat would load which I had missed!

I first noticed this when playing the new hitman game, then it has also happened while playing little nightmares 2 and the spyro trilogy.

For the time being I've had to resort to using stream labs chat bot to monitor chat as that stays up to date but it doesn't include the activity feed or let you know when channel points have been redeemed..

Does anyone know why this might be happening all of a sudden?

As a bit of extra information, OBS is running in admin mode and the option to use hardware acceleration for browser sources is also selected :)