1. J

    How to use Docks?

    I am trying to get Docks on my OBS screen. Currently, I have the preview of my gameplay and nothing else other than sources and whatnot below it. I am connected to my Twitch. I would like to, at the very least, add a chat and activity feed, and stream information onto my OBS screen. The problem...
  2. MimaSweets

    OBS twitch docks theme-light mode

    hello! For some undisclosed reason the twitch docks on OBS studio are hard-coded to theme-dark. If this could be disabled so that other themes could be enabled either by the ui or by the use of BTTV and similar alternatives it would go along way on the accessibility of the software. I...
  3. D

    Is there an Twitch Alert plugin option one can use for streaminf in OBS

    Hi All, I am new to OBS. I have my streaming configuration setup and i noticed there isn't any add-on option to configure alerts when you are streaming for Twitch, YouTube etc. Is there a plugin for this? I did some research and the videos I see and recommending using other application like...
  4. R

    [Solution for In-App video switcher] Multiview for SOURCES

    Feature Name: Advanced Source Switcher & Source Multiview (dockable/window/fullscreen) Caution: Bad English grammar ahead. Abstract Multiview for multiple scenes is already great, I know. But it's inefficient if you plan to use 1 scene per camera and it looks unorganized and intimidating if I...
  5. E

    Countdown/Timer Dock Anzeige

    Hi zusammen, gibt es eine Möglichkeit sich ein Dock oder irgendwas (nicht im Stream sondern nur für mich) mit einer ablaufenden Zeit anzeigen zu lassen? Quasi die ablaufende Zeit einer Quelle. Wenn man die Quelle ausgewählt hat sieht man ja diese ablaufende Zeit (Bild), aber kann man die sich...
  6. B

    Docked Browser Sources no longer refreshing while in game

    Hi All, First time Post, I've been looking for an answer to this for about a week but have failed so thought I'd ask the community for ideas! For some reason I noticed about 1 or 2 weeks ago that the browser dock in my OBS for both twitch chat and the activity feed weren't refreshing in real...
  7. P

    Shortcuts / hotkeys for online web docks

    Hi, I've developed a dynamic lower third consisting of a control panel to be used as a dock and a "receiver page" to be used as a browser source / overlay. The two communicate via Broadcast Channels in javascript. I've also implemented basic hotkey functionalities in javascript in the control...
  8. P

    Custom dock disappeared

    I was trying to add custom dock when i figured out that the button custom browser decks disappeared... I don't know why, maybe it's because of plugin i added. Does anyone know a way to get this feature back ? Thank you in advance
  9. rensdebee

    Lua script to change Custom dock url

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to change the url of a browser dock with a variable in a lua script. I'm writing a script because I need to change the op address in some urls of a browser source because these ip are changing. I can change the browser source but also wanted tot change...
  10. blitzkraft_

    Twitch dock is not available on version 25.0.8

    My platform is linux (sabayon, gentoo based binary distro). I am only able to stream using the stream key. Login using the password option does not even appear in my settings. Was that removed? I just wish to edit stream title and description from within obs. OBS is version 25.0.8.
  11. A

    Need Help fixing this dock

    So I tried to add YouTube chat as a dock, and I did pop out the chat for its separate url, but when I paste the url and apply it said 'Live Chat is Unavailable'. I did to restart my stream and restart my obs, but nothing work. I also recopy and pates the chat url, and still doesn't work. Any...
  12. A

    Using OpenLP Interface for Lyrics

    Hello, in this guide I'll explain how to use the OBS-OpenLP Interface tool to display text from songs that you are presenting on OpenLP as subtitles in your stream. Setting up OpenLP Set up the tool First, in OpenLP, go to Settings -> Manage Plugins and make sure to enable the Remote plugin...
  13. SMERKIN_5000

    Question / Help Send text to Twitch Chat Dock via API

    Is there a way to send text to the twitch chat dock through OBS studio using an API?
  14. J

    Question / Help Drag docks does not work most of the time

    Hi I am trying to drag my docks around on the OBS interface on my Mac. I can grab the top of each dock and remove it from the interface, but then it gets stuck out as seperate window and I can not get it to drop back into the interface again. Sometimes it will work (1 out of 25 times), but...
  15. RobertZen

    Free OBS Dock Controller 1

    The community on here has been amazing, and I felt like it was time to give back. I am by no means a developer, but this is my attempt to give something back. While streaming, I wanted an easy way to show or hide different elements in my OBS Dock without having to go to the OBS menu to do it...