browser dock

  1. polymathical

    OBS Browser Source Docks Go into Not Responding and Crash OBS

    I assume it could be that I am on version 28 and some of the plugins I updated are still in beta state, but I am trying to use browser docks primarily in OBS and if one of them crashes I have to shut down OBS entirely and if I'm streaming that clearly is a hassle. Either I give up using them for...
  2. S

    Run .exe as a personalized dock

    Hi there! I was wondering if it's there any way to run an .exe file as a dock, as a panel integrated in OBS Studio. My intention is having integrated Lioranboard 2 Stream Deck in the same window of the OBS, instead of having it in a different window which I have to switch to every time I need...
  3. dcmouser

    Custom css for browser docks like browser sources

    OBS has an incredibly useful feature in allowing us to provide custom css for browser SOURCES shown in scenes. And OBS has an incredibly useful feature in allowing us to create browser based docks in the UI. But it seems that OBS has no way of allowing us to provide custom css to be used for...
  4. A

    Sending hotkeys to browser dock

    Hi all, I'm looking for a method to send keypresses to a browser dock when it's not focused. I have an HTTP interface in a browser dock which I would like to control with keyboard shortcuts even when the dock isn't focused. Ideally this would all be done from a Python script, but it looks like...
  5. EricE549

    delete browser dock

    how do i delete a browser dock i created?
  6. B

    Docked Browser Sources no longer refreshing while in game

    Hi All, First time Post, I've been looking for an answer to this for about a week but have failed so thought I'd ask the community for ideas! For some reason I noticed about 1 or 2 weeks ago that the browser dock in my OBS for both twitch chat and the activity feed weren't refreshing in real...