24/7 stream monitoring / auto-restart


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I'm currently working on a 24/7 stream running via OBS. The stream itself just consists of a browser source linked to the streamed website (mostly videos).
To ensure that the stream is running permanently without major hiccups, I need to check if the browser source is freezing or if OBS crashes completely.

I wrote a Python script, which polls a timestamp from the streamed website to ensure it's active - if the timestamp is too old, the browser source will be refreshed. Additionally I made a batch script, which polls a timestamp from the Python script, to restart OBS if it crashes.

When OBS crashes, a crash dialog appears asking if the log should be copied to the clipboard, which prevents the application from closing completely and my batch script from performing the restart.

The issues / questions I'm having right now are as follows:
  • Is there a way to monitor the state of the browser source via obspython?
In my tests, I crashed OBS by crashing the browser source via monitoring devtools and even when the browser source is frozen while the crash dialog is active, the website itself still updates the timestamp sent to the Python script.​
  • Is there a way to skip the crash dialog or automatically close it in case OBS crashes?
The Python script running within OBS still runs in the background while the crash dialog is open, so the timestamp will never be outdated.
I found the respective code for the dialog window in the obs-app source code, but I don' want to recompile every time an OBS update is released.​
Any easy way to monitor such a behavior or suggestions on how this could be done?


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I stream to youtube 24/7. None of this software was made to stream this long.
I ignore all this shit and preemptively kill OBS, and restart it every 12 hours.
Task scheduler, logmon, and some creativity goes a long way :)

Surely, though, by now... you've found a work around.