1. B

    Where is obspython installed? (so my IDE can see it)

    It seems OBS doesn't install the obspython module like a normal python module which means my IDE (VSCode) can't see it. Where can I point my IDE so it recognizes the obspython module and its contents? Anybody else use VSCode for writing OBS Python scripts?
  2. ItzDragon

    Changing image source's image using python scripting

    I'm currently trying to create a obs script using python, and i'm blocked, i cant find a function in the documentation which enable me to change the image of an image source thank you for your answers
  3. M

    [Question] Manual property widgets refresh

    Hi, I'm working on Win 10 and trying to write a python script for OBS. I had a lot of problems. For me it seems impossible to use set_modified_callback() inside of script_properties() without OBS crashes after restart. I overcame this by using a timer which registers the modified callback after...
  4. K

    24/7 stream monitoring / auto-restart

    Hello, I'm currently working on a 24/7 stream running via OBS. The stream itself just consists of a browser source linked to the streamed website (mostly videos). To ensure that the stream is running permanently without major hiccups, I need to check if the browser source is freezing or if OBS...
  5. F

    How to install obspython module?

    Hello everyone, I apologize in advance if this question seems redundant or stupid. I've been struggling to find a proper way to install obspython, if that's even the name of the OBS Python API. I've downloaded python 3.6.x (x86-64), and am using obs 64 bit. I've attempted using the pip...
  6. R

    OBS Python Restart Streaming 1.0

    This is a very simple script to check if stream is running and restart it automatically if not.
  7. U

    OBS Studio mouse cursor skin

    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: OBS Studio cursor skin - Change cursor to image or video source. Read more about this resource...