OBS-Clapper: Automated File Renaming for Filmmakers​

Easily manage your OBS recordings with Scene, Shot, and Take metadata.


OBS-Clapper is an OBS script tailored for filmmakers and video content creators. Its inception roots in the challenges I faced in managing shot lists during video creation. By automating the renaming of files to include Scene, Shot, and Take numbers, this script drastically simplifies the post-production workflow. this script can also Integration with tools like Stream Deck using HTTP endpoints for improved ease of use.

Core Features​

  • Organized Filenames with Scene, Shot, and Take: No more confusion when sorting through multiple clips from a single shooting session.
  • Intuitive HTTP Endpoints: Set up custom buttons on tools like Stream Deck to control your shot details via simple HTTP requests.
  • Automatic Take Increment: Whenever you're ready for the next take, OBS-Clapper has got you covered. The Take number auto-increments, allowing you to focus on the content.
  • Seamless Integration with Stream Deck: The endpoints' design guarantees an enhanced user experience for Stream Deck users.

Github Page with Instructions and more information:
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