Dropped frames due to missing definition possibly


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I have been having major problems with dropped frames. I have gone through every step on the suggestions. I have upgraded my internet to business class, bought my own router, got a dedicated gaming pc, allowed OBS in firewall and opened the port as suggested. I have used both CPU and GPU encoding. I have tried everything including using variable bitrate to no avail as that just equates to a buffering stream. I have tried so many things that it's hard to list them all. I have had my isp come to check my internet twice. I have 600mbps down and 35mbps up. I am streaming 1080p 60 frames using 6000kbps. I have a dedicated stream pc with a 2080ti and an i9 9900k using x264 encoding on the very fast preset.

I have started looking at my log and I think the issue might be the following error that is getting spammed in the log. I do not have a browser source called emote, I think I might have at one point but I do not anymore. I am unable to figure out how to fix this issue.

[time stamp]: obs-browser: missing emote definition (source: https://streamelements.com/overlay/scripts/app.js:306)

Please see the log. If you note any other reason for dropped frames that I might have missed in my log, please let me know. I am reaching a point of desperation here and any assistance will be HUGELY appreciated.


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Did you ever find a solution for this?

This error appears in my logs too - seems to be linked to the usage of my emotes or other custom ones.