StreamElements Forum is apparently inactive, so I'm posting here (Issues with Browser Source and Item Redemptions)


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When redeemed in chat with !redeem or a custom chat command (using $(redeem {name}), the Item Redemption (image/sound) will not trigger only the specified item, but instead it will display any and all Browser Source layers I have active in OBS that are linked to my StreamElements Overlay page.

For example, if I were to type "!redeem doh" in chat, OBS will display/play all Item Redemption overlays /store items/Stream perks I have saved to my StreamElements, even though it's only calling on one specific one.

I tried messing with settings, cooldowns, etc., but nothing seems to be working. Does it have to be this complicated, or am I making it complicated and overlooking something very simple? This breaks everything I'm trying to do.

Assistance appreciated.


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For example, if I were to type "!redeem doh" in chat, OBS will display/play it inside all of the active Browser Sources, even though each Browser Source is reserved for its own redeemable item (they all have different urls provided by StreamElements).

I wanted to clarify something but the forum wouldn't let me edit my post. I just highlighted the part above.


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We cannot provide support here for StreamElements' products. You will need to contact SE for assistance. Even if it's dead in their forums, here is not the appropriate place; it's third-party software, and out-of-scope for OBS Studio support.