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Hi all,

I've had a recurring issue with browser sources (chat, alerts, etc) freezing up after some time. I have OBS running on a dedicated PC, which I control with Input Director from my main system.

Essentially, all browser sources will lock up after an hour or so. If left alone, they'll eventually refresh and become active for a time -- or, sometimes, an alert will trigger the refresh. If I switch my mouse over and click anywhere on the chat/activity feeds, it will refresh.

This happens regardless of hardware acceleration being on or off. I've been using Chatterino to get around it, but i'm still left with half functioning alerts/activity feed.

Startup log attached below; I'm not sure what other info to include, so if you have an idea I'll try to provide what I can.
Edit: I thought of something that might be important - I use x264 to stream, and record a ~2gb replay buffer with NVENC. Neither my GPU or CPU are at 100% load, though.

Thanks in advance


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sorry to bump an old thread but this has been happening to me as well, also with websocket plug in browsers that just dc. i have to refresh them in the middle of my stream :(