tech support

  1. Grane1234

    Recording being lower quality and frame rate than what the settings says

    For some reason whenever I finish recording and view the video that was made, it looks like it's 720p 30fps instead of what I have it set to, being 1080p 60fps. What's even weirder is that it only started doing this recently, my past videos I made in OBS were fine and played how I wanted them...
  2. T

    Left shift and left control keybind issues.

    so. how do i unbind a key that says it's not bound but when you check it in the hotkeys it says its bound to every single action in the program? its the left shift and left control on my keyboard. whenever I hit them it turns off all my sources and sends me to a random scene.
  3. D

    My 3 Hour Long Video Only Has 58 Minutes Of Footage Saved, How Can I get It Back?

    Hello, exactly as the tittle says, I was recording a TTRPG session with one of my friends, in order to post it on yotube, however out of our nearly 3 hour long video, only 1 hour of it got recorded. Is it passible to recover the last 2 hours? And how do I stop this problem from happening again...
  4. IssacI69

    "Recording remuxed, but the file may be incomplete" PCM 32 Bit Float audio codec

    I've been testing out new settings for recording in OBS, and I want to use the "FFmpeg PCM (32-bit float)" audio codec in the recording, but I'm having this weird thing where when I remux the .mkv file to .mp4 in obs, I get a popup that says "Recording remuxed, but the file may be incomplete"...
  5. S

    SLOBS/OBS Problem, maybe the problem is the game(?)

    i started streaming not too long ago and for the first few livestreams it all went good, but then i had this problem that the game capure of obs/slobs just freezes and the program shows me that i'm live but in reality on Twitch the stream ended randomly, maybe it's the game that i'm...
  6. NickA

    Dropped frames. Whats wrong with PC?

    I've narrowed the issues down to the PC, but I'm not sure what part of it or what needs to be fixed/ replaced. Streaming off my laptop with the same ethernet has 0 dropped frames. So something is wrong with this desktop. Recently built this with all new parts
  7. NanoBunTV

    OBS "Not Responding" (and 32GB ram usage) when interacting with ANY button.

    Windows 10, OBS 29.0.2 Here is what happens: Launch OBS. It shows in Task Manager as a "Background Process", during this time it will skyrocket to using all 32GB of ram. After about 3 minutes, the ram usage slowly decreases to about 700MB, then actually launches (moves from a background process...
  8. B

    Webcam not showing in OBS only

    So, I have the damndest issue right now. I have a Razer Kiyo Pro that I've been using with no issue until now. In OBS, my webcam shows as "USB Device" and when it's supposed to be "active", it turns on the webcam (indicated by a light on the front of said webcam) but nothing actually displays...
  9. ddflink

    Scenes not changing on Zoom

    Since the version after 27.2.4, when changing scenes in OBS, the screen on Zoom goes blank. I then need to restart the virtual camera for the selected scene to appear on Zoom. Any suggestions, other than going back to 27.2.4?
  10. I

    FPS Probleme bei Aufnahme, Hohe GPU-Auslastung

    Hallo, im Vorfeld muss gesagt werden, dass ich kein Technikprofi bin. :) Nun zu meinem Problem: Ich habe massive Probleme mit meinem PC zu streamen, da die GPU Auslastung mega nach oben geht. Mein PC: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X RTX 3060 32 GB DDR4 Ram Ich weiß, dass...
  11. A

    Microphone audio randomly desyncs from everything else on stream?

    Hello everyone, I've been recently having an issue where my microphone audio is randomly getting desynced from everything else on stream. Like my gameplay footage, my webcam, and my desktop audio when I'm in a discord call. I have tried: Setting all audio devices and OBS to be 48HZ disabling...
  12. DokiDoki

    Audio Help! No Game Capture Audio in OBS. Able to hear through Mixamp but no sign from OBS.

    See image for a diagram of my current setup to see how i have everything hooked up. I can hear my stream alerts and game through my Astro Mixamp but OBS isn't capturing the game audio of my PS5? (no issues with seeing the game just no audio being captured) I'm using: OBS Studio; Astro Mixamp...
  13. G

    webcam suddenly not showing, OBS crashes when I try to select camera properties

    I have never had an issue with my webcam on OBS. I have OBS version 27.2.3 I just recently upgraded to 32 gb of ram from 8, and also updated windows 10 to windows 11. The only add-on I have is StreamFX Im not sure if either of these could be the cause but getting very frustrated as I can't even...
  14. K


    Hi, I’ve been using obs for a while now and I noticed that about 15-20 minutes into my stream I noticed that the obs previous screen and my game on my screen are not matching up, like there is a delay. Dual pc setup btw. Only FiD I’ve had is restarting my stream which is very annoying.
  15. P

    OBS and Elgato HD60 Pro Video lag

    Okay, Everyone wants to talk Audio lag NO. I have no ide what happened, within the last week My OBS no has at least a one second or more delay from input to Visualization; I say visualization because it's happening on my PlayStation or Xbox I'm just not seeing it or hearing it. This is off...
  16. Z

    GXT 232 Mantis USB Streaming Microphone not working with OBS tries to look around the settings but could not find any way for the audio to be picked up using this device, microphone works when looking at the decibles and audio monitoring, but not exporting with a recording. does anyone know a way around this
  17. M

    Tascam Series 208i Works In Any DAW (Audacity, etc.) AND Discord But No Audio Meter or Any Audio In Recordings/Stream

    I am not the only one with this, as it seems to have persisted for a few other users. Windows detects the audio input, Discord and other Digital Audio Workstation software (Audacity) recognize the device input just fine. Ideally I would like to get this device working for multi-person podcasts...
  18. D

    Bitrate goes to 0. Specific to main twitch account. Works for test account. (log) ive been having a major problem the past couple days with Twitch, which has left me unable to stream, which is frustrating me because I am so close to my goals and i have to dissapoint my viewers by canceling my streams. I have 35 mbs upload...
  19. S

    Desktop Audio 1 no where to be found, desktop audio 2 working fine

    Hello, today I installed twitch sountrack and when I opened OBS back up, desktop audio 1 was gone. It was set to disabled in settings so I enabled it and applied it assuming twitch sountrack did something during set up. It still did not work, so I uninstalled sountrack and deleted the plug in...
  20. S

    Duel PC setup with GOXLR

    So i been streaming for a few days now with no issues with this new Duel PC setup i have with my GOXLR i go to start streaming today and No audio is coming through obs from my gaming PC no idea why i checked everything deleted the Capture and re did that i can hear fine on the stream PC so the...