Music on stream - A web based current song / now playing overlay

Free Music on stream - A web based current song / now playing overlay

This Chrome extension lets you display a now-playing overlay on your stream from sources such as Spotify, YouTube, YouTube music, and many more.


The installation is straightforward and is detailed here


Why use it?

- The extension supports both YouTube chapters and video description playlists as input for song titles.
- Easy customization, the extension comes with a built-in theme editor and the overlay can be further customized using CSS
- Nightbot integration, you can create a custom command that will send in chat the current song URL (customizable)
- Supports: YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify (Web and desktop), Soundcloud, Deezer, pretzel, and Epidemic Sound.
- No prerequisites and a quick installation

Overlay features

- The overlay will be automatically hidden if the music is paused
- The overlay background color changes with the music's thumbnail (customizable)
- The overlay can be synced between different devices
- The overlay automatically starts scrolling the song's title if it's too long

An issue? A request? A feedback?

I am always looking for suggestions and feedback, please create an issue here and I will reply as fast as possible.

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  1. V2.2.1.2 - Minor fixes

    Fixed some issues with scanners and added better error handling...