1. O

    Multicam streaming from speakers on Zoom

    Hi everyone, I have been using OBS for a short time and I have questions about remote video streaming. My speakers will intervene on Zoom directly from their homes and will not have to perform any complicated manipulation. So there are several speakers and several webcams. And we need to get...
  2. T

    Overlay not fitting in full Twitch window when I stream

    So I have had this issue for about a week now where for some reason my overlay isn't fitting on Twitch when I go live. It looks like a widescreen movie at best. It's kind of frustrating and I don't understand how it got this way. Settings for all of my scenes are 1920/1080 and the canvas is the...
  3. jmwho

    Overlay Amarelo OBS

    Como posso desativar o overlay amarelo que o OBS cria quando começo a capturar uma tela?
  4. Tim Elliott

    Free PED Scoreboard 0.6.0

    This is Windows scoreboard software that works in 2 ways: It creates and maintains the small text files that OBS reads to automatically update text sources. It creates a Scoreboard window that can be added as a source to your scenes. Baseball is first, with inning progress (TOP 1, MID 1, BOT...
  5. A

    Overlays interfere OBS from Game Capture RPCS3 emulator (How to Fix)

    I was having this issue where I couldn't use "Game Capture" to capture the game I was playing on RPSC3. I found the problem to be the overlays running on my computer that were interfering with OBS being able to 'hook' the game. I went to Registry Editor and into this directory...
  6. DX_30

    Free DXPoints Notification - Overlay notifications for Twitch channel points v1

    DXPoints Notification This is a simple overlay that shows notifications for Twitch channel points rewards. It will automatically receive any rewards name, image and color, and display a notification when it's redeemed on your livestream. How to use 1. Log into this page with your twitch...
  7. Kenshin9977

    Free Discord Overlay v1.00

    A DirectX 11 window for Windows to host Discord's Overlay in order to capture and display it with OBS. Based on the idea of Discord Overlay Host I made an updated version as it wasn't updated in 5 years and accumulated a lot of issues. Setup Run the .exe Within Discord go to user settings ►...
  8. D

    Will this software ever have an overlay? PLEASE

    Every single recording capture program can draw an overlay over your exclusive fullscreen game (even early fraps had a fps display) But OBS just cant.. Imagine having the chat overlayed in your game, or your current song. All would be possible if the program would finally support a damn overlay...
  9. T

    Free Hype Train Overlay - for Twitch

    Hype Train Overlay for Twitch - Syncs and appears w/ Twitch Hype Train - Donations add viewers to the Train - Viewers can change their emotes while on the train - Train Whistle sound when it appears. Customization allows you to change the color, and Emote of the Conductor of the train...
  10. enzomtp

    Capture layered windows ?

    Hello i have a friend that created an overlay software for Windows but its on layered windows, i need to capture layered windows in obs for my twitch live Here is a preview :
  11. P

    Free Universal Scoreboard - Windows Only 1.0

    The application has one control window and one viewing window. In the streaming application you just create an overlay and capture the viewing window and you are good to go. The viewing window is managed by the control window or by setting up keyboard shortcuts. In the control window you can...
  12. I

    Comment insérer un overlay dans streamlabs OBS ?

    Salut, j'ai un overlay que je vous partage çi-joint et je n'arrive pas a l'inserer dans streamlabs OBS pour que tous s'emboite. J'aurais besoin d'aide. Merci d'avance.
  13. Woodryda

    Free HypeRate.io - Embed your Heart Rate with Apple Watch HypeRate APP Version 1.0 (40)

    HypeRate (Open Beta) helps you to embed your live heart rate to OBS directly from your Apple Watch. Super easy setup; no additional hardware, just install, copy your individual link and add it to OBS - you're all set up in 2 mins. How it works: Accept the Testflight Beta invite here...
  14. H

    Beginner greenscreen question

    I'm at the beginning of my webcam and green-screen journey, and before I go and buy a greenscreen, I have the following question: My set up space is at the end of a narrow hallway, so even if I have the widest greenscreen I can fit behind me, the webcam will still capture the walls either side...
  15. G

    Livestream Comments via OBS?

    Hey there! I was wondering if there's any way of being able to display comments/questions submitted on a Discord channel via OBS? My friends and I use Jitsi (kind of like Zoom). It doesn't have to be super fancy just functional and readable. Since we stream to both Youtube and Facebook at the...
  16. H

    Bring spotlighted zoom videos into OBS

    I have zoom and OBS working nicely together, with my own video shown in zoom with whatever scenes I've created in OBS. I am hosting a game show for a non profit and would like to have a way to include spotlighted, or certain pinned videos in zoom, on my OBS virtual cam (in other words, my own...
  17. T

    How to diagonal split screen

    Hi OBS masters, I am streaming with my girlfriend using NDI. I am trying to make overlay with diagonal cut (for example like streamer Nmplol, picture below). I am trying to set overlay similar like this. Do you know, how it works? For sure - its not about NDI, I cant figure it out even with...
  18. EricE549

    youtube chat overlay

    how do i add a youtube chat overlay? i've tried visiting chatv2.septapus.com but it appears to be dead. thanks, eric
  19. StreamerOne

    is it possible to have different overlays over different streaming channels?

    Hello guys! I am looking for some information and support. Is there a way to have one specific overlay for Twitch.tv (tip cup, follows, subs, raids, etc.) but that those won't be appearing on Facebook or elsewhere? I have my own multichannel streaming solution so this is bugging me a lot.
  20. Stromno

    Non-Free Stromno - Heart Rate Streaming app for Apple Watch 1.0.0

    Stromno is a service to easily add your heart rate on screen while streaming to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook. Use your Apple Watch to read heart rate data and customise widget in personal Dashboard. You can get overlay URL on the website and use it in OBS (Streamlabs OBS, Twitch Studio, XSplit).