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  1. M

    Free Now playing title auto updater with next up at xx:xx:xx

    This i a powershell script that will update OBS titles to display what video is playing now and what time and video will play next. It requires tuna plugin.
  2. F

    Free OBSCompanion - Spotify and Amazon Music Song Detection

    One of the limitations of a lot of Spotify "now playing" apps is that they rely on Spotify to not be minimized into the system tray. If it is, most of these apps are unable to read the window title and parse the artist and song name. This app tries to work around that issue. It also has support...
  3. C

    OBS Python Now Playing 0.3.1

    GitHub repository: Original project: This is a "remake version". Add NetEase Cloud Music (网易云音乐), AIMP, etc. support. So, this is support list: Spotify VLC YouTube for Firefox YouTube for...
  4. Z

    Free Zyphen's Now Playing overlay 2.1

    This is a quick Now Playing overlay I created, inspired by the awesome widget created by Aiden Wallis. Video demo available here. Video tutorial available here. Why use this? If you ever tried using Aiden Wallis's widget, you might know that it has a pretty slow refresh rate, and if the...
  5. Z

    Non-OBS Script Now Playing Widget 2.2

    I wanted to have a local solution that does not rely on an external server uptime, so here we go ! Here is a simple html file that uses the text and cover generated by Tuna to show an animated "Now Playing" Widget. Requirement Tuna : How to...
  6. Xaymar

    Free Now Playing Display (via Last.FM) 2020-02-04

    Upgrade your stream quality with a stylish and modern "Now Playing" display! With this you can replace your text based "Now Playing" display with a slightly more styled up text based "Now Playing" display - and for free with just standard OBS Studio. All you need is a Last.FM account and a...