Amuse - Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget

Free (With Signup) Amuse - Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 32-bit
  2. 64-bit
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux

Introducing Amuse by 6K Labs ✨


Stand out from the crowd of streamers by incorporating Amuse, the Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget. Let your creativity flourish and maintain a consistent aesthetic across your scenes. Discover Amuse today, and elevate your streams!

  • Modern Designs: Modern and carefully designed players give your music a very special aestetic.
  • Style it Up: Amuse gives you a lot of customizability options while keeping a consistent and beautiful look.
  • Canvas Video: Music videos play alongside your music.
  • Zero Delay: Your music is being displayed in real time. No delays between song switches.
  • Compatibility: Amuse can be integrated in every streaming software that has the ability for browser sources including OBS Studio, Streamlabs Desktop, XSplit, Twitch Studio and TikTok LIVE Studio.
  • Availability: No annoying downloads, setups or keys required. With one URL you can integrate Amuse in any streaming software, anywhere, anytime.

Enhance your streams by integrating Amuse today!

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Support for other platforms is planned.
6K Labs
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Last update
4.61 star(s) 23 ratings

Latest updates

  1. [Amuse v1.2.1] YouTube Music

    New Features: YouTube Music Support You can now select YouTube Music as your music service...
  2. [Amuse v1.2] Profiles, Hide On Pause, Only Show On Song Switch & more!

    New Features: Profiles With Profiles, you can create different versions of the Amuse widget...
  3. [Amuse v1.1] Usability and initial setup enhancements

    This update includes enhancements in usability and the initial setup process. Updates...

Latest reviews

The most reactive one i tried so far ! Work really well and fast, a lot of customisation and easy to setup. 10/10
This works almost too well xD
Like only 3 steps and you have a working good looking overlay for spotify
Easy to set up. My connection on the browser never showed connected but added the browser source anyway and it works perfectly.
Love it
I searched the internet for a widget like this and 6K Labs delivered perfection. It's not only responsive, it looks fantastic and comes in a variety of styles. Regular updates add even more functionality. I can't think of any other widget that comes close. Well done! Much love to the creator!
today is not visible the widget in my channel, updates?
Looks and feels awesome, nice design choices and great tutorial!