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  1. A

    Spotify on OBS

    So it didnt always used to be this way but now it is. When i try to stream using OBS and have spotify playing it stops after every song. When a song ends i have to go back into the spotify Source and go to properties and reselect it because its displaying the next song name. Is there a...
  2. 6K Labs

    Free (With Signup) Amuse - Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget

    Introducing Amuse by 6K Labs ✨ Stand out from the crowd of streamers by incorporating Amuse, the Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget. Let your creativity flourish and maintain a consistent aesthetic across your scenes. Discover Amuse today, and elevate your streams! Features: Modern...
  3. DichterNebel

    Free STICLI v0.9.x

    Store information about your currently played Spotify track for further use. This .Net Core console app gathers information from Spotify API and stores them into text and image files that can then be used e.g. within OBS. You might see this as an alternative to OBS Tuna or SNIP when using...
  4. D

    Free JASTG - Just Another Song Title Grabber

    For more information on JASTG, read the GitLab repository. This provides more in-depth detail about the program and even has fixes to common errors. It is recommended to view the repository on GitLab so you can download the latest release of JASTG. JASTG or Just Another Song Title Grabber is a...
  5. NulledNoah

    Free SpotiText - A very fast tool to save your current song to a text-file.

    SpotiText is built in C# and provides a simple-to-use graphical-user-interface and provides a fast way to save your currently playing Spotify song to any text-file you provide. Very simple to use and once configured correctly, on next start-up, will prompt you to a tutorial on the working in's...